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Female, 23, Single
Kinshasa, -, Congo, Democratic Republic of the

Hi im nicole from drc i want to make friends in the world,im christian
and i like to sing ,music,horror film,true story...

Languages: Afrikaans, French, English

"I love you!"
Dear Globalpenfriends! Thank you! Thank you for enabling me to make new friends from all over the world! I have met some really cool guys and I wouldn't want to miss them.
Female, 16, Germany
Review date: 15 Mar 2015
Because of this site I have found true friends who also opened my eyes to a lot of things like how different and great cultures are. Also, it's great when you have a real skype conversation or maybe meet your friends later in person. And by mailing, you won't notice how quick your English is improving. ;)
Male, 15, Hungary
Review date: 10 May 2015
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