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Female, 23, Single
Kinshasa, -, Congo, Democratic Republic of the

Hi im nicole from drc i want to make friends in the world,im christian
and i like to sing ,music,horror film,true story...

Languages: Afrikaans, French, English

"Shared tears and joys"
I joined the GP few years back after my daughter came from school and asked if I ever had penfriends. I had when I was a teenager, but then, I guess, college, boyfriends.... other priorities took over... So I joined the GP. I have few snail penfriends all over the Globe. We share our love for books, we share recipes and everyday's clouds, rain and rainbows with suns :) I recently was jumping with joy after reading that my penfriend from France is getting married, I cried my eyes out after reading about the loss of my American penfriend's dad. I never met the ladies, -I hope I will one day, - but those ladies became very dear friends of mine.I wish the same to everyone who joins the GP!
Female, 39, Ireland
Review date: 04 Mar 2015
"The BEST site on the internet!"
Simply an outstanding site for people who are genuinely interested and looking for friends all around the world! I've been a member for many years and have found some true friends, that I know I will keep for life!!! So I want to say a BIG HUGE THANK YOU Global Penfriends, as you have helped my passion for wanting to know more about the world we all share and live in!
Male, 49, United Kingdom
Review date: 26 Feb 2015
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