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Female | 41 - 45 | Countries > India > west bengal > kolkata
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life's journey
Female, 45, Divorced

kolkata, west bengal, India
I am a single mother having 2kids.I spend my leizure
time by doing little bit of gardening,listening to
music,cooking special dishes for my kids.Sometimes when
i feel very lonely just try talking to god.I grew up in
Female, 45, Married

kolkata, west bengal, India
i hate complications of any kind- love a good laugh! I
am entemely fond of kids- i spend most of my time with
them.My son is my closest friend!I l am an avid reader
tho' not much into non fiction and 'how to become'
books!!! My husband is a businessman and my son is 14.
Female, 41, Married

kolkata, west bengal, India
I'm simple, and down to earth person... I like reading
story books, watch movies and love to cook.I have a
wonderful family but no friends.
"Email pals"
It is interesting to chat with people from other countries and share life experiences. Variety is the spice of life.
Female, 69, United States of America
Review date: 13 Jun 2015
"Love meeting People"
I love meeting people from Global Penfriends who can help me to learn their languages cause I love them all.
Female, 21, Argentina
Review date: 16 May 2015
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