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Female | 41 - 45 | Countries > India > west bengal > kolkata
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life's journey
Female, 45, Divorced

kolkata, west bengal, India
I am a single mother having 2kids.I spend my leizure
time by doing little bit of gardening,listening to
music,cooking special dishes for my kids.Sometimes when
i feel very lonely just try talking to god.I grew up in
Female, 42, Married

kolkata, west bengal, India
I'm simple, and down to earth person... I like reading
story books, watch movies and love to cook.I have a
wonderful family but no friends.
"Fairly good"
I've managed to get a nice penfriend frm Utah, USA - whom I share experiences with in a friendly way.
Male, 47, Spain
Review date: 27 Aug 2015
"Making penpals"
This site is ok for making penpals. It gives you a chance to make friends across the world. You can potentially learn things about other cultures if you are willing and have an open mind.I have made friends in a few countries.
Female, 39, United States of America
Review date: 03 Aug 2015
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