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Female | 41 - 45 | Countries > India > west bengal > kolkata
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Female, 42, Married

kolkata, west bengal, India
I'm simple, and down to earth person... I like reading
story books, watch movies and love to cook.I have a
wonderful family but no friends.
"A great and exciting site"
Here is a the most trusted and reliable site where you meet nice genuine friends to share your love, understand, different ideas and experiences in real life situation. I have many great friends who i will always remember and cherish thanks to this site.
Female, 41, Gambia
Review date: 26 Jan 2016
"Cultural Exchange"
I met a pen pal from Czech in this site,we exchanged lots of different ideas of our culture. It's pretty cool ya know
Female, 14, China
Review date: 08 Jan 2016
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