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Female | 41 - 45 | Countries > India > west bengal > kolkata
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Female, 42, Married

kolkata, west bengal, India
I'm simple, and down to earth person... I like reading
story books, watch movies and love to cook.I have a
wonderful family but no friends.
I have made a lot of penfriends here, with whom i can share my ups and downs in life, secrets that are buried deep down in heart, cultural knowledge and thoughts and ideas and whims that i conceive in my wildest dreams.
Male, 20, Hong Kong
Review date: 23 Oct 2015
"Awesome and Fabulous!!"
I have made over 45 friends here and even had the chance to meet 1 friend from Germany. She is so sweet. My husband and I are hoping to go over there this year. For me there's nothing like going to the mailbox and getting a letter from a friend. There is a lot of choices here from all the countries which I love. I love writing to my pals and this site has great people.Thanks
Female, 53, United States of America
Review date: 12 Nov 2015
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