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Female | 46 - 50 | Countries > India > Kerala > Trivandrum
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Female, 49, Divorced

Trivandrum, Kerala, India
I am an independent woman with intense love for
nature and animals. Travel and meet new culture are my
"A very nice way to make friend"
I am living in Chennai city India. I have friends all around the world. Special for Global Pen friends and enjoy my time and sharing my experiences. Like to learn new languages and hope to meet friends in Israel and visit historical places.
Male, 51, India
Review date: 10 Oct 2015
"Extremely satsfied!!"
I have made some very enjoyable friends on this site. I am surprised when a few contacts have suddenly stopped writing and I wonder why some women that I have contacted have not responded to me. I am curious, but quickly forget about those experiences and concentrate on communicating with my good and constant friends. Thank you for providing this site!
Female, 68, United States of America
Review date: 08 Oct 2015
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