Global Penfriends is a registered Australian Business since 1995 with its main office in Perth, Western Australia. We have attempted to create a self explanatory website, so hopefully most questions are answered here in our FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Queries and questions that are not found in our FAQs can be sent via the email address below. Feedback of any kind is welcomed by our club. We pride our club on being built by our members, so please send across any comments or suggestions you may have regarding our website.

Below is our primary postal address. Please ONLY send mail to this address if you are sending your Premium membership fee by post.

97 Dyson St,
Perth, WA 6151,


All queries and comments should otherwise be sent via email to



Stuart Bourn
Manager: Global Penfriends.

"SUPER Site!!!"
I think that Global Penfriend is a very good internet page. I like it very very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Female, 12, Czech Republic
Review date: 02 Oct 2016
It's a good site very enjoyable I really like it. People are friendly and very responsive. Like the views of others it's very thought provoking.
Female, 47, Jamaica
Review date: 05 Nov 2016
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