In 2011 we added functionality that allows our members to contact penpals via post through our website. This new service called "My Post" is a world first for an international penpal club. Members can now create letters and postcards with pictures through our online wizards and when completed - the items are printed, stamped and delivered by post by Global Penfriends. Not only will this help you keep in touch with penpals but it can also be a fun way to attend to all your postal activities including sending invitations, travel postcards, birthday cards, greeting cards, business letters. You are only limited by your imagination.

The Postcard and Letter wizards are not just limited to sending real postcards and letters through the post (snailmail) to other Global Penfriend members.. You can send your custom postcards and letters to anyone.. family, friends, contacts and businesses. Simply add a contacts snailmail address to your address book and you are ready to start sending postcards and letters to your new contact.

Create a Postcard

Creating a Postcard is really fun with our easy to follow postcard generator. You will be guided through the process of creating a real postcard step by step. Click here to get started making your own custom postcard.

1) Upload your postcard image from your PC.
2) Edit your uploaded image by cropping and rotating.
3) Add a title to the front of your postcard
4) Add a border or theme to your postcard (birthday, anniversary, christmas etc).
5) Insert you message on the back of the postcard
6) Send your postcard

Once you click to send your postcard the card will be printed and delivered the next working day to the US postal service for delivery almost anywhere around the world..

To make your postal life easier we have developed a neat page called "My Post". On this page Global Penfriend users can see all items they have sent and waiting to be sent. You can even create templates that can be used for future mailings. After items are sent, you can track the postcard progress from "My Post" page. The status will tell you when the letter is in the Postal system.

One of the best features of our Letter and Postcard sending wizards is that users can send to multiple recipients. You can select penpals from your Global Penfriend account or you can insert your own contacts, including friends and family. By creating mail lists you are then able to send the same letter or postcard to as many different people as you want at the same time.. You don't have to worry about changing names and resending - our wizard can handle mail merge at the click of a button.. so all your letters and postcards will be personalised to Dear Johnny or Dear Wendy.

Create a Letter

Creating a Letter is also really easy with our letter generator. You will be guided through the process of creating a real letter which can include up to 3 pictures if you like. Click here to start creating your own custom letter.

1) Select your recipient/s
2) Write and format your letter
3) Upload upto 3 pictures which are added to end of your letter
4) Send your Letter

Once you click to send your Letter, it will be printed and delivered the next working day to the US postal service for delivery almost anywhere around the world..

Letters can also be tracked in the "My Post" page which will also indicate a letters status as described for postcards.

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"Wonderful site!"
Its magic and a wow! keeping people from many destinations connected!. I am from Bhutan and within few days of signing up to Global Penfriend site I was able to make many friends globally.
Female, 42, Bhutan
Review date: 09 Feb 2019
"True friendship starts at GPF"
I've met my penpal 4 months ago and we've became true friend even if he lives far away. It's unbelievable and it's really working actually !
Female, 20, France
Review date: 30 May 2018
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