Madison Kuriger
Richmond,  VA,  United States of America  
Personal Details
Caucasian (European) 
Born in:
United States of America 
German (Minimal)
French (Some)
Spanish (Fluent)
Looking For
E-Pal (Email or Internet)
Language Learning
Mail-Art Pal
Pocket Letter Pal
Postcard Pal
Snail Mail Pal (Postal penpal)
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"A Good Way to Share Joys!"
I am still new here, just under 2 weeks as a paid member. I have just replied to my first snail mail pen pal. It is a good feeling of connection that feels much more genuine and humanizing than a lot of the internet encounters I have experienced. I've come to realize this especially benefits people who are homebound for a variety of reasons, too, among other benefits. It is a sincere act of kindness, too. I am grateful for the pen pal exchange and look forward to long-term connections for years to come!
Female, 46, United States of America
Review date: 09 Jun 2017
"A good site - Recommended"
I have been a member for some time, and I have had options to write to people. For that it is very good. I recommend it.
Female, 39, Spain
Review date: 17 Jan 2017
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