Darina Ťukalová
Prague,  Czech Republic,  Czech Republic  
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Born in:
Czech Republic 
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Czech (Fluent)
English (Minimal)
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"My dream come true!!"
When I was in the 6th grade our class got penpals from China. Suddenly I found a part of my life that had been missing. We wrote them one letter and then it didn't work for them to continue corresponding. I was devastated. Since then, I went on rather a wild goose chase looking for a penpal. I contacted the local Rotary Club; and though it really wasn't something they did, a nice lady there helped me to find one. One wasn't enough. I wanted MORE. I stumbled onto Global Penfriends and haven't looked back. I have met wonderful people on here, some of my best friends. Talking with them has made me want to travel and see how other people live. Sending letters across the world has helped me see how real other people are, and that many of them are like us. Before; I knew other people existed in the world, but didn't fully believe it. Thank you Global Penfriends!!
Female, 22, Canada
Review date: 19 Nov 2019
"Wonderful worldwide pals !"
I have made some wonderful friends and would recommend GPF to anybody ! I also get a chance to try out my rusty language skills and help others too ! :-)
Female, 49, United Kingdom
Review date: 26 Jan 2020
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