14, Female

Birmingham,  England,  United Kingdom  

Hi! I spend most of my free time reading. I love romance, fantasy, literature (almost anything with a good plot) I’m always have my earphones in, blasting music. I listen to a very wide variety of music including phonk (at the gym), alternative E.g deftones, pixies, drum and bass and “wavy” music as I like to call it eg. Cigarettes after sex. Im quite socially anxious so I come across shy when I first meet people however I have a totally crazy and chaotic personality and I have a very much broken humour so I laugh way too much at things that aren’t funny. Not much else to me ha
About Me
BornUnited Kingdom
Religion-Not Telling-
LanguagesEnglish (Fluent)
German (Minimal)
Looking forE-Pal (Email or Internet)
Snail Mail Pal (Postal penpal)
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