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Members can select penpals based on common interests such as, international friendship, snail mail exchange, language partner, travel friends, candy swaps, mail art, parcel exchange, postcard exchange.

What our members say

Thanks to Global Penfriends because I found a lot of new friends in all the world! I can learn better a new language, I know how people lives in different countries, and my stamps collection grows at each letter.

Penpal Sabryc1969

54 (Female)

This website is really great. It feels very safe and secure, and I have found many snail mail pen pals through it. It is so easy to find other people who have similar interests, and to get in touch with them. If anyone wants to find a pen pal then I highly recommend using this website!

Penpal beth march_2468

16 (Female)

Excellent website for safe friendships. I am very satisfied for having met a lot of friends worldwide.

Penpal Nicole78

45 (Female)

I recently just rejoined this site after a year of not using, but from what I remember it was very fun!!

Penpal Becca777

12 (Female)

This site gives me the opportunity to write snail mail, to so many different places in the world. I am very appreciative it is here.

Penpal cyclistNWO

69 (Female)

i could find many friends arround the world, some longer some just short acquaintanceship, Looking forward to my forever friends.

Penpal Tienette11

50 (Female)

I really like Global Penfriends. It's free and doesn't require any purchases to operate which I love. It's helped me meet new people that I would never have known if it hadn't been for this. I highly recommend Global Penfriends to anyone wanting to communicate with people all over the world

Penpal Wooly-Bagpiper

15 (Female)

Thanks for setting this idea into a website. Well thought about and lots of experience is shining through possibilities, features and text to help getting along. Thank you Global Penfriends Team!

Penpal s82u10n5

53 (Female)

Great app! Lovely people- wish i could send pics or stickers or smth tho. Great for friends and language learning!

Penpal Kat the hippie

16 (Female)

Its nice to meet new friends all over the see many smile and laugh together.. thank you!

Penpal Annastiina

62 (Female)