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Cultural Keepsakes

A cultural keepsake is a short insight into your culture so that other penpals can learn more about your way of life or where you come from. The keepsake could be a simple thing you do, like going for a walk around a particular park, it could be a religious event, a family celebration or a traditional event celebrated by the whole country. If a keepsake is approved - a link will be added to your penpal profile for other to see.

Keepsakes are invaluable to our understanding of the world and we encourage all our members to share, comment and rate other peoples keepsakes. Many of the things you do are completely foreign to someone from another country and culture. Help others understand and share your insights. To get the ball rolling we will be giving away free upgrades to members that submit the best rated keepsakes.

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United States of America White Rapids Dam KimberlyDahlberg
United States of America Luciafest- Scandinavian holiday celebration Seattle Sage
Indonesia Nastar or pineapple jam filled cookie pinewood
Indonesia Kebaya, Indonesia's National Costume pinewood
United States of America Prom ArtsySoul
United States of America High school graduation Trip ArtsySoul
Philippines Chocolate Hills in Bohol. Johana maine
New Zealand Game of footy Hamish Clark
United States of America Pendleton Round-Up Phoenyx
Italy Pasquino, the talking statues of Rome Maybetomorrow




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"Excellent, Have Fun and learn"
It's amazing, I got to know a lot of new people here. :) It helps me to improve my English and have fun at the same time!
Female, 18, Hungary
Review date: 25 Apr 2016
"Epals, snail mail penpals"
I have only good experiences here. I got many friendly penfriends around all the world. This page is great for anyone who wants to improve foreign language.
Female, 46, Slovakia
Review date: 29 Jun 2016
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