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"People should start penpalling"
Female, 16,
United States of America
Global Penfriends is a great site, i hope more people start using it and make penpals a normal thing nowadays!!!!
10 Aug 2020
"Great site"
Female, 40,
South Africa
I love it, easy to make epals and safe to do so as long as you don't divulge personal details and information
10 Aug 2020
"Super Duper Site"
Joe Lo
Male, 63,
United Kingdom
Hard to fault it in anyway as it does want it says on the tin and much much more. Thank you Global Penfriends.
10 Aug 2020
"Love Global Penfriends!"
Female, 15,
I absolutely love it! I met so many new people and with them their culture. It is always so fun to chat with them and learn new things :)
10 Aug 2020
"I like GPF"
Female, 13,
I like global penfriends it's really good for making friends but i think that people should be allowed to send more messages other than that it's really good.
10 Aug 2020
"Mostly Great Site"
Female, 13,
United States of America
I met some cool people on here and we started pen paling which was pretty fun. I like how this site maintains a safe environment and there aren't any weird people around. However, it's sometimes hard to find people to talk to.
09 Aug 2020

"Good chats"
I've been browsing through everyone on the site and had some good chats, although have not found someone I was specifically wondering my type of snail mail pen pal mix up.
Female, 18, United States of America
Review date: 09 Jun 2020
"Cool site - so fun!"
I really had good friends by using Globalpenfriends. It's so fun to meet with new people ! Thank you Globals!
Female, 16, Turkey
Review date: 08 May 2020
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