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"GPF is Just Aewsome"
Male, 11,
United States of America
I just really wanted a penpal, and, with global pen-friends, I can! also, i can learn more about poland, which is awesome/
21 May 2018
"great way 2 meet ppl worldwide"
Female, 19,
United States of America
This site has introduced me to great friends I may have never met otherwise. I’ve really enjoyed seeing people’s different ways of life and unique qualities they have! 10/10 would recommend Global Penfriends (:
21 May 2018
"the best of tool"
Female, 20,
It is very nice tool!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like it because it is very easy for me to find new friends. I made some friends here at Globals.
20 May 2018
"Best site for real friends"
Faith 88
Female, 30,
Sri Lanka
So easy to find friends best suit you at Global Penfriends...five stars..i found many friend all around the world...its really worth..great site..
20 May 2018
"learning languages at GPF"
Female, 57,
Global Penfriends is a very good site for find penfriends or learning language partner. I found good penfriends. Language is not just word, it's sometime give me sadness & joy, and as an important tool for knowing culture of person in my interesting countries. When I take a trip, I try to say "Good morning" in local language. Because I feel good, when tourists from abroad talk to me "Konnichiwa". I want to learn more unknown languages.
20 May 2018
"Easy to navigate"
Male, 60,
New Zealand
Really great place, friendly helpful... Easy to navigate lots of things to look at...lots of people to choose from.
19 May 2018

"perfect for snailmail people!"
Heaven for snailmail people! It’s so easy to find like-minded friends to exchange real letters with from this website.
Female, 33, New Zealand
Review date: 27 Apr 2018
"Good place to make friends"
I've found pen friends, learned about other countries and cultures. It's a great site, which helps to make new friends.
Female, 45, Lithuania
Review date: 02 Feb 2017
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