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"interesting experience"
Male, 50,
United Kingdom
I did connect with some interesting people on here. There is quite a variety here from all walks of life. Enjoyable in that it isn’t a dating site - the emphasis is very much on friendship
21 Jul 2019
"It's Really Cool."
Female, 11,
United States of America
I was just hoping to chat with some people on this site, but I actually started writing a story with someone. So ya, it's really easy to use and fun to talk with someone out of the state.
21 Jul 2019
"Amazing Global pen friends!"
Female, 9,
United States of America
I'm so glad I joyed Global pen friends! I've made so many good friends here. If you want to make some new friends you should join.
21 Jul 2019
"I met lots of nice people:)"
Female, 43,
I joined this site at the begining of this year, and I've already met some wonderful penpals here. I'm greatful to GPF. Thank you very much for giving me such a great opportunity!!
19 Jul 2019
"Amazingly Safe and convenient"
Female, 16,
It's safe and convinient. Globals is the best penpal site I've used. I found some people I love talking to and I hope I find more since some people stop responding... but you can find exactly what you're looking for here.
18 Jul 2019
"Great people, great friends."
Female, 35,
Cape Verde
I´m really enjoying speaking with people who live on other continents. it is amazing. I love Global Penfriends.
18 Jul 2019

"My old dream came true!"
I am really happy that I found Global Penfriends, because I have been dreaming about having an epal for a long time. And now I have few friends from different countries!
Female, 16, Russian Federation
Review date: 04 Dec 2018
"Absolutely Fabulous Site"
My passion for the written word has been revitalized. I have met articulate, entertaining and fascinating women from across the globe.
Female, 59, New Zealand
Review date: 27 Sep 2018
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