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"This website is great!!"
^^Anna <3
Female, 12,
United Kingdom
I think this is very safe. When I was making a profile i didn't know what to do, because it was glitched, but other then that its great!!
01 Dec 2020
"It's been great"
Female, 57,
New Zealand
One of the first people I met through here is becoming a great email friend. We exchange snail mail, although that has been extremely slow, so we also started exchanging long newsy emails once a week. Really enjoying it :)
01 Dec 2020
"You'll like it :)"
Little kitten
Female, 14,
I am using this website nearly for 6 years. First I used it for improving my knowledge of English. But now I improve the level of my second foreign language: German. I received many paper letters from my nice friends from here. This site is much better than any other one. You will necessarily like it, I promise you!!!!
01 Dec 2020
"New PenFriends"
Chuckie P
Male, 76,
United States of America
Met a number of interesting people so far, mainly from the US, Canada and the UK. Some have become snail mail pals, but most are still at the email stage. It has been eye opening, the opinions other people have of our elections.
01 Dec 2020
Female, 17,
United States of America
I love this website! It's super safe to use and you can meet all different kinds of people. I've met some amazing friends on here and would totally recommend it!
30 Nov 2020
"amazing and trustworthy"
Female, 13,
i have made a few great friends, Global Penfriends is very trustworthy! i love that i can feel safe while messaging people and i love that a real person checks all of the accounts.
30 Nov 2020

"Nice Experience with Global's"
My intention was getting to know people from different parts of the world and improving my language skills. I found a bunch of friendly and interesting people here. I am fully content.
Female, 19, Germany
Review date: 20 Oct 2019
"Great to meet ppl from afar"
Its great making friends from so far! It's so much fun to hear about their lives and countries! I can't wait to make more friends and speak more to them!
Female, 21, United Kingdom
Review date: 19 Sep 2019
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