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"Exotic people - snail mail pal"
Gina Hosein
Female, 61,
United States of America
I enjoy my snail mail pals, our exchanges are refreshing and delightful. Inspirational and knowledgeable too!
17 Sep 2021
"Small planet, Endless friends"
Male, 56,
United States of America
Wish governments would get along just like people on Global Pen Friends. No wars and endless peace.
17 Sep 2021
"Pandemic Pals"
Female, 75,
United States of America
During the pandemic I needed social contacts. Having an email and snail mail pen pal has really helped.
17 Sep 2021
"GP changed my life"
Female, 16,
New Zealand
My penfriend and I have been writing back and forth for a few years now and i'd just like to say, its's one of the best things in my life. It makes my day to get an email from her.
16 Sep 2021
"Great Penpal Site"
Female, 74,
United States of America
I searched a lot of pen pal sites and I feel like this is the best and safest one. I have made a lot of good friends from all over the world.
16 Sep 2021
"Great, found penpals!"
Sergey Sh
Male, 54,
Russian Federation
I like Global Penfriends, This is a great site. I found some pen pals snail mail. I come here every day.
15 Sep 2021

"Good Site ;p"
I was quite confused when I first joined GPF but then I got used to it and I like it! I was kind of expecting the chat to be better but otherwise, its great! Highly recommend if you want to find random people!
Female, 12, Canada
Review date: 18 Apr 2021
"Only site i’d reccomend!!"
i’ve tried out so many sites to find penpals and this one is the best by far! so many of them are full of weirdos and i can say that i’ve felt the safest on this site. if you want to make connections, this is the best one! my only complaint could be that the site feels a little dated, but i think the people are more important than that. :)
Female, 20, United States of America
Review date: 20 May 2021