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"Highly recommended"
Female, 16,
United States of America
I love this website so much. I have found amazing friends on this website whether it be online friends or penpals. It’s so lovely having friends all over the world. 100% safe and 100% reliable. HIGHLY recommend!
18 Jan 2020
"GPF is a fantastic club"
Male, 16,
United States of America
This is a very good web site to belong too. Having made so many new and exciting friends of the months.
18 Jan 2020
"Brilliant site"
Female, 17,
United Kingdom
Global Penfriends is very easy to use and encourages being safe online. It's a great way to meet new people especially those who share your interests. 10/10 would Global Penfriend again :)
18 Jan 2020
"It's a very fun, and safe site"
Female, 14,
United States of America
I've met some really great penpals, and email pals. I've met my bestfriend on here and can't wait to meet her:)
17 Jan 2020
"Fun place to meet new friends"
Female, 21,
I found this website a couple years back and it still is an amazing way for me to find new friends. People here are friendly to everyone they meet.
17 Jan 2020
"Great pen pal website!"
Female, 11,
United States of America
This website was very helpful for me and I found many pen pals. It's great for finding all sorts of friends! :)
17 Jan 2020

"Wonderful frienships"
I joined a few months ago and I have found a few really good penfriends. It's wonderful to put pen to paper again, and such a thrill when a new letter arrives. Members here are lovely and I feel very safe. I love writing and receiving letters and look forward to doing more of it! The reason I gave 4 stars and not 5 is that some profiles are restricted to free members.
Female, 40, Ireland
Review date: 15 Oct 2019
"Great site."
The website is a great place for many to talk to like minded people. Sometimes for me it lags, but only very little. Other than that, I absolutely love this site.
Female, 21, United States of America
Review date: 14 Jun 2019
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