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"Could not be Better!"
Female, 18,
I’ve met people from all across the globe. Through them I’ve been able to learn about lots of different countries and their cultures and we’ve become really great friends.
02 Jul 2020
"Good site, Respectful"
Female, 25,
El Salvador
Global Penfriends is a good place to meet new friends around the word, and in a respectful way......... .........
02 Jul 2020
"Great Website"
Queen Bean
Female, 14,
United States of America
Global penfriends is a really great website. I like getting to meet new people from different cultures and learning about different places. (:
01 Jul 2020
"Recommended to everyone"
Female, 15,
United Kingdom
Global Penfriends is a really amazing site and I'm so happy to have found it! It's easy to find and make friends with people from all over the world- I'm happy to have found the site and I'd recommend it to anyone:)
01 Jul 2020
"Good place to meet penpals"
Female, 12,
Sri Lanka
I thik global penfriends is a really good site. it helps you mke new online friends from around the world, and most of them are really nice, ive had an amazing experience. Though it is a bit simple, so you might want to swap numbers and talk more freely.
01 Jul 2020
"After 2 years - Amazing Site"
Female, 17,
United Kingdom
I've been on Global Penfriends for a couple years now because I wanted to have a penpal to write to from another country because I thought that it would be really interesting. Now, I've got an amazing friend because of this website!
01 Jul 2020

"A Great Opportunity"
My biggest dream was to travel and study everything about the world in the way its hinabitants see it, so, when I've found this site, I was really happy! Thank's to Globalpenfriends I have improved my English and my German, found amazing people, learnned about their colture... so beautiful I'm talking to 50 countries at the moment, but I hope to talk with the whole world!
Female, 17, Italy
Review date: 25 Apr 2019
"Safe and cool!"
Through Global Penfriends I got some very cool Penpals!! This site is very safe and I absolutly recommend it:)
Female, 15, Austria
Review date: 07 Mar 2020
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