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"The best site ever"
Female, 13,
United States of America
I have made 2 friends from Global Penfriends and love it. I checked it every day and me and my pen friends talk everyday
21 Jan 2019
"Great for Foreign Friends"
Female, 17,
United States of America
This website feels safe for meeting people across the world! I've met some great people and have learned about their different cultures. Very great experience!
21 Jan 2019
"Love Global Penfriends"
Female, 20,
Germany is an amazing website to get in contact with people. I gained 4 new friends from different countries.
20 Jan 2019
"Awesome way to learn"
Male, 36,
United States of America
Its been exciting to learn more about people outside of the United States and get a better idea of what their culture and life is like in real life rather than just what the biased media here in the US likes to portray.
18 Jan 2019
"Good friends, recommended"
Female, 23,
United Kingdom
Great site perfect to find a pen friend. Really appreciate it Would recommend it to anyone. Made some good friends and brilliant letters
17 Jan 2019
"It's cool"
Female, 23,
It's kinda cool. Not only coolish, but like cool enough to be cool. Just the right amout of coolness. Cool!
16 Jan 2019

"enjoyment all round"
I found this site honest and enjoyable, and have recommended it to friends. looking forward to the new year and new pen friends
Female, 64, Australia
Review date: 17 Dec 2017
"Awesome Global Penfriends"
i really like the site, i have met a lot of great people through this medium, with whom i chat quite often. if you want friends from all around the world, i would definitely recommend this site!
Female, 17, Netherlands
Review date: 19 Apr 2018
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