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"Love this site"
Female, 47,
United Kingdom
I have met through letters, many good people, learned about their different ways of life, culture and beliefs. In return, I can share what is great about Great Britain, and living in one of the most vibrant and diverse capital cities in the world! Fabulous!
21 Aug 2017
"So amazing"
Female, 12,
United States of America
I met SO SO many cool people when I started my global penfriends account , most of which still talk to me on a daily to weekly basis , this website is really fun and brings people from so many cultures and ethnic groups together to become great friends! I also love that I have Epals and mail penpals , cause it's really fun to do both!
21 Aug 2017
"Seal of Approval"
Caius Petronius
Male, 23,
This site proved to be more than helpful, it accidentally granted me one of the most emotional adventures of my life, and a lasting friendship. It is very good. God bless it.
21 Aug 2017
"So exciting"
Male, 39,
I am new here and feeling too excited to have some amazing pen pals from here. People says this world becomes too small but in reality we are feeling so remote and unreal in our present surrounding. This is the reason I have chosen this way to make new friends. Good Luck to everyone.
20 Aug 2017
"Safe, Reliable, and fun!"
Female, 15,
United States of America
I've met two fantasic penpals on this site about 4 months ago and still talk to them consistently now. This website is a safe way to interact with potential friends from all over the world and make lasting connections. I can't thank GlobPenFriends enough!
19 Aug 2017
"Nice people"
Male, 30,
The people I've met on this site have all so far been pleasant. Its free content is also more generous than on other such sites.
19 Aug 2017

This website brought me many new friends and I am really happy with this. Great work guys.I would be very glad if there is an application.and for me i didnt get any spam. Great work.!
Female, 22, Sri Lanka
Review date: 01 Sep 2016
"Excellent side"
Very good side for meeting global friends it's a privilege to be here. I had some personal problems and great to get friends here.
Female, 42, United Kingdom
Review date: 06 Jan 2017
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