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"Great site to find new friends"
Female, 20,
I’ve met a lot of new friends thanks to Globalpenfriends. It is save and easy to use! I still write my friends every month.
20 Feb 2020
"Glad, I found that site"
Female, 57,
Being a teen of the 70th I am glad that this site offers the chance to revive my hobby of pen paling. It is safe and due to its structure easy to find appropriate penfriends.. I got to know so nice people and hope, this will be longlasting friendships.
20 Feb 2020
"Made two friends already"
Female, 15,
So far, I have made two friends, one two who I have written to. I love it so much and hope to have more pen pals in the future.
19 Feb 2020
"Very good site"
Female, 39,
I did find quite a few pen pals from almost all the countries I preferred. It's great that there is no spam. So far I have only seen serious profiles. And I wish there was a way to save my "search" so that I don't have to put everything in again (I will always be female for example, and my requested age range won't change that much either). But I am a fan of globalpenfriends and have already recommended it to 2 friends of mine who then signed up as well.
19 Feb 2020
"Best Website!!! It works"
Female, 16,
I really enjoy using this website, everyone i met so far are is super nice and amazing. Before i used to have a hard time finding penpal friends but since i joined here, not anymore! This website is the best!!!
19 Feb 2020
"Such a good website"
Male, 15,
Finally I found a friend by this site,I really recomend this site for anyone who looking for a friend abroad.
19 Feb 2020

"met my best friend!!!"
Im an American student studying French in school and i found someone on here who lives in France and started talking to him. We started talking more every day, and now, months later, we talk all day every day and are best friends!! Im truly blessed to have been on this website, or else i wouldn't have met so many awesome friends including my best friend!!
Female, 17, United States of America
Review date: 20 Nov 2019
"Nice people to chat"
I am happy that I joined Global Penfriends. I found (as well I think I still find) great, nice people to chat to, to write letters, to learn from.
Female, 38, Germany
Review date: 10 Feb 2020
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