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"Fantastic Global Penfriends!"
Male, 29,
United Kingdom
I'm having a great time chatting to people from around the world and learning about different life experiences. It is proving very interesting, and I will continue to use GPF to meet new people.
16 Dec 2018
"A Perfect friend making site!"
kid danger loving emo
Female, 13,
United States of America
i made so much friends that likes the same stuff as me here on Global Penfriends. i suggest this to all people looking for friends!!!
15 Dec 2018
"It's very good I like it"
Male, 19,
It's so nice to talk to people that live far away from you and that don't share the same culture. Then you are able to exchange.
14 Dec 2018
"Incredible experience"
Female, 17,
it's amazing how it helped me to expand my English vocabulary and provided friendships from various places
13 Dec 2018
"Found a best friend"
Andrea 🌺
Female, 16,
I thought this page is not going to help me find a friend but I’ve met one of my bestest friends here on GPF.
12 Dec 2018
"Awesome site"
Male, 44,
Really, I have enjoyed using Global Penfriends. I have gained many wonderful friends from all over the world.
12 Dec 2018

"Thank you GPF! Best site"
I found many friends from different countries by this site for snail mail and friends to write e-emails too, thank you very much! It is the best site to find friends!!!
Female, 14, Greece
Review date: 23 Oct 2017
"Nice people and new friends"
Global Penfriends is a great opportunity to meet friends from all over the World and to share curiosities and experiences of different cultures. The best way to find a penfriend!
Female, 25, Italy
Review date: 09 Jun 2018
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