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azy griffindor
Female, 12,
Sri Lanka
The best website ever visited , Found good and trusted friends here , trying this is the best thing I ever did LOVE IT.
20 Jun 2021
"I found my best friend here!"
Female, 15,
Czech Republic
I just wanted somebody to help me with english, but I have met a guy here and he’s my best friend now, I have never expected that!
20 Jun 2021
"I love this site"
Male, 25,
United States of America
This site is great for finding people you want to talk to of all.locations and it's a good place to start sensing postcards or gifts. I highly recommend it to anyone
20 Jun 2021
"Great Site!"
Male, 33,
United States of America
Great opportunity to learn about new people and eliminate barriers between cultures and peoples! I've met lots of new people and learned much more about other cultures than I could have without these friendships.
19 Jun 2021
"Nice authentic people"
Male, 64,
United States of America
Everyone I've written to seems nice. Good conversations and a diverse group of cool people. I've learned about news from people that are actually there, for instance, my friend in Australia during the fires, gave me the real news on the ground, not the network news.
19 Jun 2021
"i love this app"
Female, 17,
South Africa
I’ve met so many kind people on this app??I 100% recommended it if you want to meet new people all over the word. It’s extremely safe too:)
19 Jun 2021

"Global Pen Friends!"
This is such a great website to meet so many amazing people! GPF helped me find my passion for penpalling! I fully recommend this to anyone who wants a new hobby or to make friends!
Female, 16, United States of America
Review date: 20 May 2020
"Excellent site, secure"
It helps you connect to global friends and is secured platform. I found genuine friends across world.
Female, 51, India
Review date: 11 Mar 2020