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"Safe and reliable"
Female, 30,
As an introvert, I feel this site is safe to make great friends with people from different countries
13 Nov 2019
"Very Good"
Female, 15,
Global Penfriends is a good and efficient way to find some interesting people from all over the world and to learn about their cultures.
12 Nov 2019
"Very pleased with GPF"
Female, 70,
United Kingdom
It is an enjoyable exercise locating possible penpals on the site and there is lots of choice. I have several now but it takes a while to find the right ones.
11 Nov 2019
"Safe and pleasant!"
Female, 64,
GPF is the ideale place to make global penfriends, and to keep them, which is rare... at least in my experience!
11 Nov 2019
"Thank you GPF"
Male, 66,
What does one do when one is home all day and there is not a great deal to do? Search for an interesting person to correspond with of course. An Epal. And learn about life & culture in another country too, perhaps brush up on a near forgotten language too. Thanks Global Penfriends for the wonderful people that you are
10 Nov 2019
"Best of the bests"
Male, 20,
I'm making very good friends. I'm learning other languages while I'm talking with my friends. This site is very good
10 Nov 2019

"Amazing Amazing Site!"
I think its a great way to socialize, learn new cultures and it's very easy to get to know people around the world!
Female, 21, Turkey
Review date: 25 Aug 2019
"Really enjoyed Globals"
I made nice friends I love browsing and meeting friends all over the world it will relieve you of the loneliness in life
Female, 61, India
Review date: 06 Jun 2019
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