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"Great place to meet new friend"
Female, 68,
United Kingdom
I've been chatting online with a fair few number of people here, from many countries and all walks of life. One penpal came over to the UK from the USA last year to meet up with others and we were able to spend a few days together, which was great. This isn't always going to be the case of course...however, we had a lovely time and who knows,perhaps I'll visit her one day too. All in all, I find this site works well for me and meets my requirements.
20 Mar 2023
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"Great GPF"
Female, 44,
Global Penfriends is a great site and so many people use it and very friendly. So many countries available too. The user face is quite easy and there is a free version
20 Mar 2023
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"I met great friends!"
Female, 18,
I came here with the desire to write, send and recieve letters, something that is not common anymore but feels a lot deeper than text messages. Recieving a letter, wrote my other hands from the other side of the globe is an amazing feeling. I also learnt a lot of informations about different cultures and my love for the world grew bigger every day. I chat too, and this helped create strong frienships quickly! I'm glad for all the friends I made here <3
19 Mar 2023
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"Global Penfreinds is amazing!"
Mr Monk
Unspecified, 12,
United States of America
I made so many new friends on global Penfreinds! I learn about other cultures and people, It's fun educational!
18 Mar 2023
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"Nice platform"
Female, 38,
I meet several correspondents in different countries on this site. I find it secure,it is very important! I recommend it to anyone who wants to find good pen pals!
17 Mar 2023
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"Happines, Fun, speaking"
Female, 45,
Global Penfriends makes it so much fun to learn from others and speak with them! to find friends and write letters, its sooo cool to find a letter from far away in your letterbox... that makes me HAPPY!
16 Mar 2023
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