"Found a wonderful friend"
I didn't join to learn a language -- I am proficient in French -- but to practice my informal written French. However, the woman I found had listed on her profile she wanted to correspond w/ a man and someone 40-70. I was a bit over 70 (she turns out to be 2 years older than I) and I am a woman! If you find the profile really attractive -- we seemed to have a fair amount in common -- I recommend you follow up w/ an e-mail to inquire whether even though you don't meet the stated criteria, the person might be interest in corresponding w/ you. When I did so, I found out the woman's profile had been sitting there for 5 years and she didn't even remember having asked for a man. We have now been corresponding, mainly in French tho she is perfect in English, since Sept. 2017. We have met twice in the US, and I have spent a week w/ her in the small village in the south of France where she retired. An excellent experience.
Female, 75, United States of America
Review date: 06 Feb 2019
"wonderful place to connect!!!"
Greetings. Global Penfriends is a wonderful place to connect!!! Thank you Global Penfriends. I hope to hear from more penpals soon!!!
Female, 60, Canada
Review date: 13 Jan 2020
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