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 Melbourne, Australia
Female, 17

Hey! My name is Charlotte I’m 17 from Victoria Australia. Im in year 12 in high school. My hobbies are ballroom dancing, speed cubing, crafting, singing, pc gaming, math and fitness. I also really love tea, vintage stuff and nature. I love to Play ...

Languages: English

Hannah Mae

 Albion Park, Australia
Female, 15

Hello, my name is Hannah and I am thirteen years old. I live on a rural property in Australia and I have lots of pets. I love collecting buttons and stamps, bike riding, hiking, photography, astronomy, basketball, horse riding, cooking, swimming in m...

Languages: English, German


 Brisbane, Australia
Female, 16

Hello, my name is Charlotte and I am from Australia. My friends would describe me as a kind hearted person who is very outgoing and generous. My interests is singing, dancing and acting and all things musical and musical theatre. My hobbies are singi...

Languages: English

Will A6

 Melbourne, Australia
Male, 15

Hi,I'm Will and my hobbies are science, watching sport, and sometimes gaming. I am 15 years and I live in Australia. I would describe myself as a introvert, kind, and sometimes funny.

Languages: English


 Wollongong, Australia
Female, 15

hello, I am looking for a pen pal. I would like to know about life in other countries and very interested in getting to know new people. My common interests are any type of sport but I play basketball and rugby but I also like trying out new sports. ...

Languages: English

mongolian lamb

 Coffs Harbour, Australia
Male, 25

Hello, my name is Jordan! I like reading and I love art/drawing, nature. When I am not busy working I am usually studying (really into Chinese history and language at the moment) or chatting with friends, swimming, or trying to dance (badly, haha).I ...

Languages: English, Mandarin, Vietnamese

Cultural Keepsake: Central Australia


 Melbourne, Australia
Male, 72

I am a retired engineer, having worked in several European countries, as well as Australia and the Pacific Islands. I enjoy travel, discovering new places, cultures and people, exploring the local museums, art galleries, and churches, archaeological ...

Languages: English, French, Italian


 Brisbane, Australia
Male, 38

I have an open mind and always trying to learn from every experience and culture. I am friendly and like to meet new people. I value family, friends, honesty and being the best that we can. I like cooking, beach, reading, fishing and exercise. I’m ...

Languages: English


 SA, Australia
Female, 63

I am a mother or four (two sons, two daughters) and grandmother of five. I enjoy reading, gardening, cooking, line dancing and travelling. I have been married 38yrs. I love learning new things and discovering new places. I have worked with children ...

Languages: English

Victoria Suzanne

 Melbourne, Australia
Female, 17

hi i'm vic and i'm 17, my pronouns are she/her. i'm from Melbourne (same city as rosé and chris Hemsworth ;) ), while i love australia it's always been my dream to live in europe because all of my extended family live in france, croatia, germany and...

Languages: English, French

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"My life has changed."
This summer I wanted a penpal for fun: didn't know I would end up here with 6 of them. Finding my friends was easy with help from GPF - thank you. <3
Female, 20, Sweden
Review date: 22 Feb 2021
"It's Amazing!! and LEGIT"
I came on here because I mailed my friends letters and I thought it would be fun but they would just text me and say ''omg thank you" and I kind of wanted to receive one back and just... communicate that way. I did research on penpal sites and they all seemed super sketchy until I saw this one. Let me just say... IT'S LEGIT. I have a few snail mail buddies and they're super cool and I'm reallyy glad this website provided me with such cool friends. One of them is even helping me improve my Dutch!
Female, 16, United States of America
Review date: 05 Feb 2021