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 Fawkner, Australia
Female, 34

Hello, I live in the state of Victoria in south eastern Australia. I'm of Croatian background. My husband is Hungarian. I am honest also a bit shy. I'm interested in other countries and cultures. Now I am learning Hungarian. I love listeni...

Languages: English, Croatian, Hungarian

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 Brisbane, Australia
Male, 62

I am open minded non judgemental kind of person who loves talking to people from other countries and cultures.

Languages: English

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Mal Sanderson

 Kyogle, Australia
Male, 71

I'm a writer/painter/musician with a three acre garden and a great love for nature, culture, and the incredible beauty of life. My childhood was spent in Singapore/Malaysia, my youth in Sydney, and my maturity in the Australian countryside. I have a ...

Languages: English, Malay

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 sydney, Australia
Male, 56

hi, i am an easy going friendly person, interested in conversing with like minded people for common interests, cultures, languages, or any interest. i would be happy to listen, chat and learn from other wonderful people of our amazingly diverse and i...

Languages: English

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 Melbourne, Australia
Male, 18

Hey! My name is Ben and I love to talk with people. My interests include watching films, I'm a film nerd and listening to music. i love learning about new cultures. The world is so fascinating to me. I am currently studying film and television at Uni...

Languages: English

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 North Balwyn, Australia
Female, 47

I like making new friends around the world, I am cheeky, I like learning about indigenous culture around the world.

Languages: English

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 Adelaide, Australia
Male, 37

Greetings, my name is Jason from the beautiful city of Adelaide. I've never had a penpal before so I'm here to give it a try. I think I'm your typical down to earth aussie guy and generally keep myself busy with work and study in the engineering indu...

Languages: English

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 Gold Coast, Australia
Female, 26

Hi, I am Steph. I am 26 from Australia. Gemini I have a 2 year old son. Trance music has been a passion of mine for a long time. I like to go exploring around where i live, I love learning new things and am really good at banter. I hope to soon ...

Languages: English

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 Sydney, Australia
Male, 22

Hello! My name is Navin and I am new here... I am a 22 year old politics student with many interests, though no serious hobbies - I tend to find something new quite often. I am also inquisitive and yearn to learn something new and different every day...

Languages: English, Malay, Mandarin

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 Hobart, Australia
Male, 21

G'day, 20 year old Australian here. If you want to know anything about this place send me a message. Currently I am just working to save up money, possibly for some travelling. But I haven't decided exactly what I want to do yet.

Languages: English

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I met great friends through this site! I'm really happy I could get to know so nice people and so different places and cultures.Thanks!
Female, 34, Argentina
Review date: 09 Jan 2018
This site is simply the best. People can find friends from all over the world. They can share the same hobbies, interests and become real friends. Because friendship doesn't have boarders.
Female, 22, Ukraine
Review date: 14 Aug 2017
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