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 Perth, Australia
Male, 54

Easy going and open minded. I like learning about new things and keeping fit. I like to form relationships with kind hearted people. I find people who are a bit mad or crazy more interesting than boring people.

Languages: English, Japanese


 Adelaide, Australia
Female, 30

Hi, I’m looking to make penpals for long term correspondence. I am interested in snail mail, photography and nature, among other things. I would describe myself as introverted and reserved. I enjoy stationery, fountain pens, photos, bookstores, caf...

Languages: English, Vietnamese


 South Coast, Australia
Female, 73

I'm an outdoors person, I love nature, bushwalking, swimming, boogie boarding etc. My background was "old school" IT and websites. I also play duplicate bridge. I like people and am non-judgemental - everyone has a story. I follow world affairs to...

Languages: English


 HOBART, Australia
Male, 56

I am a caring and easy going guy who always sees the glass half full.I enjoy a laugh and I am often involved in trying to prank my friends lol. Yes there is a serious side to me when there needs to be. I love riding my motorbike I am involved with a ...

Languages: English, Italian


 Perth, Australia
Male, 31

Hi I’m Jonathan and I’m from Australia. I graduated from university about 3-4 years ago and I am working as a mechanical engineer now. I love to go to the beach! And I love exercises such as going to the gym, martial arts, golf and skiing. I also...

Languages: English, Mandarin, German, Japanese


 Brisbane, Australia
Female, 51

Looking to meet friends across this big world. Love nature in all its forms and the simple things in life - rainy days, early morning walks and beautiful insects! Compassionately active in animal/human rights, love art in many forms, love to laugh an...

Languages: English


 not telling, Australia
Female, 14

not looking for more penpals atm hello! im myf , my mbti is intp and i use they/he/she pronouns. Im interested in fashion, psychology and philosophy. I’m currently trying to learn guitar and I listen to a bunch of artists (mostly 80s/90s stuff and...

Languages: English


 Adelaide, Australia
Male, 44

Hi, I wish to make friends from people whole over the world, I love reading, taking about world events etc

Languages: English


 Mandurah, Australia
Female, 20

Hi! I am a university student studying Screen Arts, which is super fun but challenging at the same time! I love talking to and learning from other people and I think its wild that we can talk to anyone in the world at the click of a button!! My hobbi...

Languages: English, Italian


 Sydney, Australia
Female, 17

I love animals (mainly birds), sport and drawing, I have alot of pets and I sell drawings sometimes, I am a swimmer and I really like basketball and dancing for fun. I love coffee and pizza!! And the office is the best series by far. I play the keybo...

Languages: English

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"I like GPF!"
I think this a really cool website ! I met really nice people from different countries! I really enjoy writing letters and decorating them! I also really love receiving letters in return! I hope this review is encouraging! And I hope you enjoy GPF!
Female, 15, United States of America
Review date: 20 Mar 2022
"good site, good mix"
i enjoy this site - feels safe and well managed - recommended to friends . interesting mix of people
Female, 57, United Kingdom
Review date: 03 Mar 2021