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 Winnipeg, Canada
Female, 37

Hi :) so it would be fun to have a glimpse into a completely different life but some shared interests are nice too :) i love the outdoors and going out on the boat to me is a great way to spend a day. I also love garage saling on the weekend. I have...

Languages: English

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Late Blooming Jasmin

 Winnipeg, Canada
Female, 52

Im a Canadian woman currently on medical leave from work. I have embarked on a journey of regrowth in my life. Ive taken up yoga (Dru), meditation, journaling, spirituality, and mindfulness. Im looking for a pen pal who is in to yoga and meditatio...

Languages: English, German, French

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Plain Jane

 Canyon, Canada
Female, 19

I love books and reading. I don't like weeding. I like baking, though I'm not a chef. I dislike the cleaning up that follows baking. I like writing stories and writing poems. I am not a poet. I like all colours but blue is my favorite. I like ...

Languages: English, Spanish

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Areeba Karim

 Mississauga, Canada
Female, 22

I'm a book worm, and when i'm not busy reading i'm playing video games. I love art, music, poetry and anything outdoorsy. I wanna travel the world and help out as much as I can, if you're interested in volunteering around the world hmu haha.

Languages: Urdu, English, Persian

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 Toronto, Canada
Male, 29

I'm happily living in Toronto, Canada. Some of my interests are travel, reading, movies, exercise, and BJJ. I would like to have contact with people from all over the world!

Languages: English

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 Quebec, Canada
Female, 36

Hi. I' m Cynthianne from Quebec city, a beautiful city in the french province in Canada. I would like to meet friends, to talk or eventually visit each other and travel. I love to walk in nature or near the beach. I like any kind of music too. Feel f...

Languages: French, English, Spanish

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 Comox, Canada
Male, 70

I am a retired Portrait photographer and bookseller. I retired to my current location to go sailing which I did with my partner for 5 years. My health dictated that I "come ashore". So I now I do my cruising on ships from 150 to 800 feet. I also like...

Languages: English

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 somewhere, Canada
Female, 58

58yo woman who spends much of her free time working...I have grown married children with children of their own .... just sharing my home now with furry dependants....I am a dabbler, dabbled at photography, dabbled at painting, dabble at gardening.......

Languages: English

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 Edmonton, Canada
Male, 27

I am A Canadian living in Alberta Canada. Am looking for a friendly German who maybe would like some help improving thier English and would help me with German in exchange:) I Just started learning German 2 months ago. But I am super motivated and wa...

Languages: English, German

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 Ottawa, Canada
Female, 20

Hi everyone that see and read this, I hope you have a great day. my name is keysha and I am 20 years old, currently, i lived in Ottawa which is the capital of Canada but my DNA is Indonesia 100 % I come here for study which is hospitality. I love tra...

Languages: English, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese

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"Great site"
Have been writing ti my penfriends since I knew this site. Love it so much as I have learnt more about other cultures now
Female, 12, Malaysia
Review date: 27 Jan 2017
"A window to the world"
Global Penfriends allows to speak with people from other realities and see how different and alike we all are. Thank you
Female, 46, Portugal
Review date: 03 Sep 2017
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