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 Ontario, Canada
Female, 52

Greetings from Canada! I am a genuine person, a teacher, a dog-lover; I have had the privilege of being able to travel to different parts of the world. It is always a pleasure to meet new people and learn about different cultures and ways of life...

Languages: English

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 Valleyview, Canada
Male, 27

I am a unique person who, when I'm not at work likes to spend time with friends and family. I like to go to the movies alot, I like to write, go to concerts (usually classic rock) I like antique cars and driving around, I like video and board games, ...

Languages: English

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pete park

 toronto, Canada
Male, 34

I'm a young adult who is at a bit of a stand-still in life, but who has an interesting and varied past... I have traveled, seen performance shows, and just generally done some fairly cool things. I am probably most comfortable watching a sporting ev...

Languages: English

Cultural Keepsake: Canada at 150

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 Toronto, Canada
Male, 50

Male, 49, interests include music, both classical and pop, books, fiction and nonfiction, film, geography, history, other cultures, languages, curiosities. Reliable, open-minded and well-meaning. Trying to see and learn about more than just one's o...

Languages: English, Polish

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 Mytown, Canada
Female, 56

Looking for a friend. Not romance. Someone halfway intelligent who can write decently. To my dismay, I'm becoming a bit anti-social as I age and I'm not liking that. I'll blame the heart surgery. 56 going on 57 but I'm not that old in my mind....

Languages: English

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 Calgary, Canada
Female, 20

I am a caring, sometimes shy but friendly person. I am currently attending university too get my bachelor in Child and Youth care while working for a group home here in Calgary. I love my program and what I do for work. Im pretty easy going, I love c...

Languages: English

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 Cochrane, Canada
Female, 24

Hi there! In the summer I enjoy camping and spending time in the outdoors. In the winter I enjoy snowshoeing. I enjoy singing and was once a competitive singer when I was younger... now I do it just to have fun. I do have my grade 8 certificate for v...

Languages: English

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 Laval, Canada
Female, 66

Im involved in the field of law. I enjoy my profession, still at it although passed the age of retirement, having too much fun! Will not quit until I die (or being pushed out! 😊). Love classical music and opera, but am also a fan of big band...

Languages: English, French, German

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 Vancouver, Canada
Female, 15

Hey thanks for stopping by my profile! I'm 15 and live in Canada. I just fed my polar bears and moose and am now safe in my igloo drinking maple syrup, watching hockey... Kidding! But I love athletics, from working out to sports, and I'm always open ...

Languages: English, French, German

Cultural Keepsake: Spontaneous adventures

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 Toronto, Canada
Female, 56

Hello, I am a vibrant 56 year old woman who enjoys being active. Long walks, hiking, cycling, gardening, reading a good book, or just enjoying a meal with friends are activities that turn a good day into a great day! Although friends describe me as ...

Languages: English, French

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"Amazing! Safe and it works"
I have met so many great people, and I feel safe knowing all the profiles are checked by a person! My day brightens when I get a smile or new mail!
Female, 18, United States of America
Review date: 04 Dec 2017
"Whole new world - love GPF!"
Excellent site to meet new people. People here are genuinely looking for friends and culture exchange. Love, love this site.
Female, 43, India
Review date: 31 May 2017
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