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 Campbellford, Canada
Female, 24

Hi there, so if you are wanting to know about me I love art and drawing especially comic book characters and cartoons, it's funny my art would get frustrated with me in high school because that's all I would draw and paint. Not only that but it's a g...

Languages: English

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 Westmount, Canada
Male, 55

Just curious about other people in more than 90 characters witch is quite a bit really, like by now i would have thought i would be at 90characters

Languages: English, French

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 Redbridge, Canada
Female, 32

Hi. I'm 32 years old. I live in a wonderful old country house in a small town with my daughter and boyfriend. I know my fair share of ups and downs and I never stop growing and learning. I enjoy nature and anything that it involves. I don't want to g...

Languages: English

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 Redbridge, Canada
Female, 8

My name is Rylee and I like animals and pets. I have blue eyes and really long blonde hair. I am 8 years old and in grade 3. I like swimming kind of past my head. I also like dancing for fun. I really like meeting lots of different kids.

Languages: English

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 Calgary, Canada
Male, 54

I am certainly interested to communicate with friends internationally, to learn about cultures, places of interest, business environments that can be of mutual benefits.

Languages: English

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 Daysland, Canada
Female, 11

HI! My name is Pearl. I live in Daysland, Canada. I am 11 years old and am in 6th grade. I live with my parents and older sister. I love reading, baking, travelling, listening to music, spending time with friends and volleyball. I am in piano lessons...

Languages: English, Spanish, French

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 Quebec, Canada
Male, 45

It's always a bit awkward to describe yourself, but here I go ! I'm a friendly, caring and sincere canadian guy. Proud father of 2 daughters, been married for 20 years. I'm a social worker/teacher and I go to work with enthusiasm and gratitude every ...

Languages: English, French

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 Hussar, Canada
Female, 12

Hello my name is Gabrielle and i am 12. im shy but im going to tell you about me. I don't have good grammer or spelling. Im homeschooled ( not by my parents i have a school except i work at home). I love pigs and cats. i have an obsession with youtub...

Languages: English

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 London, Canada
Female, 29

I am a librarian, a cross-stitcher, a reader, an amateur gardener, mother and wife. I'm a fairly shy person in person so I have trouble making connections with people face to face. Once I get to know somebody, I have no trouble opening up! I love boa...

Languages: English

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 Toronto, Canada
Female, 45

I'm a stay at home mom.devoted to my own family.i work from home with my own business .we are a multi cultural family.i love working with children.i do child day care.i have lot's of hobbies and open minded,friendly and calm person.i lik...

Languages: English, Dutch, Hebrew

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"Snail Mail Penpals"
I think it's a great way to find penpals around the world! You can see if you have similar interests or if you want to broaden your views and learn new things!
Female, 48, Sweden
Review date: 16 Jul 2016
"Incredible site for pen pals"
I have made some wonderful people who I consider wonderful friends who I hope to keep for a lifetime.
Female, 40, Canada
Review date: 06 Feb 2017
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