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 Montreal, Canada
Female, 19

Hi! I'm Cactus ^-^ I'm a small cosplayer from Canada ! I love spending time with pets ,cooking and painting during most of my free time but I do a lot of sports whenever I can as well.I have many hobbies so it's a bit hard to talk about all of the...

Languages: English, French, Japanese, Korean

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 Campbell River, Canada
Female, 15

Hi! My name is Tatum, and I am from Canada. I live with my mom, sister, and my pets. Ive been playing hockey since I was 9, and play the French horn + Trumpet. I want to meet people from all over the world and send eachother letters, and postcards. ...

Languages: English

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 Burnaby, Canada
Male, 58

I am very friendly and forward with strangers but have few close friends or family. Altruistic, yet moody, I spend heaps of time in abstract thought. Being a bit of a renaissance man, music is a consistent passion. My parents have both passed on, an...

Languages: English

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 Prince Edward Island, Canada
Male, 55

I am male, widow easy to be and live with, I live alone in my apartment. I an environmentalist. I have worked and traveled to so many countries. I am here to make friends with people from any part of the globe so feel free to drop me a line message, ...

Languages: English, Swedish

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 Toronto, Canada
Female, 17

I enjoy reading books and poetry. I'm usually out and about exploring the city and trying out new cafs and restaurants with friends. I'm also told that I'm quite witty at times. Lastly, I do love to write and have someone to bounce ideas off of.

Languages: English, Spanish

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 Victoria, Canada
Female, 59

I love traveling to cold and far away places. I love adventure, kayaking, sailing, music, playing my guitar, swimming, cooking. Etc. I enjoy meeting people from all countries and learning from people and places.

Languages: English, Spanish, German, French

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black beauty 1

 ottawa, Canada
Female, 46

Am black beauty, happily married, so am not looking for husband, i am looking for 1 good friend from this world. I like reading, my family is very special to me, and I love my work too.

Languages: Afrikaans, English

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 Toronto, Canada
Female, 18

I'm curious about meeting new people from different parts of the world to learn and broaden my appreciation for the diversity of culture, lifestyle, and community. I'm a very hard working, determined, ambitious, friendly, optimistic, and curious pers...

Languages: English, French, Spanish

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 Toronto, Canada
Female, 39

Hi! I was an avid pen paller throughout my youth, and continue to be in touch with a few of my pen pals from years gone by. Now that my children are somewhat older (ie - more independent :)), I am interested in friendship through letters once more. I...

Languages: English

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 Toronto, Canada
Female, 11

Hi Im Bri and I live in Toronto Canada! I live with my older sister, my mom, dad and my dog! I love photography, dancing, acting, drawing and the colour blue! Everyone I know says Im fun, funny, kind, generous and intelligent. I hope to meet a new ...

Languages: English

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"Best Penpal Site, Ever!"
Global Penfriends is run extremely well, Its very easy to navigate, & there are lots of lovely, genuine people on here. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for new friends. One of my favourite aspects of the site - modifications are made by a "real" person. The rules are good, & fair for everyone.
Female, 59, Australia
Review date: 10 Jan 2017
"very helpful"
Thank you for Global Penfriends for connecting people , i hope i can find lots of good and sincere people here.
Female, 49, Philippines
Review date: 18 Oct 2017
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