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 Whitby, Canada
Female, 43

I love gardening, card making, and photography. I also enjoy reading (and listening to audiobooks), going to movies and concerts, and travelling with my husband. We have adopted an amazing Bernese Mountain Dog and I love to spend time with him. I e...

Languages: French, English

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 Moncton, Canada
Female, 14

Hello! My name is Mel and I love art, my cats, music, and many other things. For hobbies I like to hang out with my friends, go for walks and sleep. I would love to travel more but so far I have been to Florida, Cuba and New Hampshire. I would like t...

Languages: English, French

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I am Ila

 Toronto, Canada
Female, 46

Some times if you don't write things down you forget, like wise if you don't share your thoughts you forget them quickly. Ila reads a lot, write sometimes, love mother nature; so as she Ila is connected to everything but disconnected from everything...

Languages: English, French, Tamil, Hindi

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 Miramichi, Canada
Female, 24

Hi my name is Kelsey, I'm looking for a traditional snail mail pen pal. I got the idea from a book that I recently finished reading, which is a huge hobby of mine. My other hobbies are playing hockey (ice hockey), hiking, and going to classic rock co...

Languages: English, French

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 St-Hubert, Canada
Female, 30

We can talk about various topics! Can be fun to receive something more than bills in the mail box! ** Please note - Not searching for a husband :) Some of my hobbies: Cooking, receiving families and friends Sports (gym ,cycling, running, swim...

Languages: French, English

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 Vancouver, Canada
Male, 16

Im a half japanese half canadian I like helping out others and also immersing myself in the japanese culture. If you want to do snail mail, just make sure to let me know first!

Languages: English, Japanese

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 Nanaimo, Canada
Male, 70

I am a 70 year old man who would like to know what life is like in a different country. I am a retired Correctional Officer,and have lived in several areas of Canada, I have enjoyed hunting,fishing shooting, and working with people. I have 1 son liv...

Languages: English

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Sara Emilie

 Montral, Canada
Female, 12

Hi there whoever you are, wherever you are! My name is Sara and i'm almost thirteen, starting grade 7 in 2 weeks (I WANT MORE VACATION PLEASE!). When boredom hits me, which happens quite often since i'm kind of a really active person and I hate doin...

Languages: English, French

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 Toronto, Canada
Male, 52

I live a busy urban life with my partner in midtown Toronto, Canada. I'm a voice actor and educator - I help run an educational company that trains voice actors, and I teach part-time at a local university. I'm curious and thoughtful about my worl...

Languages: English

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 Hagersville, Canada
Male, 19

I am Native American of the Mohawk nation of the Iroquois. I am fairly introverted, usually pretty quiet, and may come off as serious, but I'm really just a very sarcastic person and I like to have fun. I'm pretty nerdy because I love science and h...

Languages: English

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Female, 12, United Kingdom
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Female, 64, Australia
Review date: 28 Apr 2016
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