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 Guangzhou, China
Female, 18

I am a sunny, cheerful, warm and kind girl,currently studying at university majoring in translation. In my spare time, I like listening to music, reading books, watching movies, and writing. I think these activities can relax me. I also like travelin...

Languages: Cantonese, English, Mandarin

Cultural Keepsake: Chinese Spring Festival


 Jinan, China
Male, 58

Hello, I'm Eagle, from China. I am engaged in education management and stuff training. Presently I am focusing on editing and writing books for classics selection reading. I'm a friendly and patient person, and like to make friends with people from a...

Languages: Mandarin, English


 ShenZhen, China
Female, 9

I am nine years old. I like reading and writing most. I spent most of my time thinking of a new story and learning English by reading Harry Potter. I have many friends, and I like to travel with my family.

Languages: English, Cantonese

Chloe Blanche

 Nanjing, China
Female, 16

I am a language lover,and I have been learning French and Portuguese. I love literature and I want to devote myself to international relations.I can play the piano and currently I am composing my own songs.And yeah I am a leader of classic plays in m...

Languages: Mandarin, English, French, Portuguese


 Shenyang, China
Female, 44

Hi/SalaamsI am a British Pakistani Muslim, currently living and working in China as a primary school teacher until the world returns to normalcy and travel restrictions are removed.My background is in teaching but i have had varied work experience ha...

Languages: English, Punjabi, Urdu, Arabic


 Shanghai, China
Female, 22

Hi! Nice to meet you. Here I am, born and raised in a rural village in China mainland, went to kimchi-land as an exchange student when I was 18(안녕하세요), about to finish my masters degree in Hong Kong by next year. Hopefully can make some int...

Languages: Mandarin, English, Korean, Cantonese


 Dandong, China
Male, 46

I am kind and soft, warm hearted, intrested in cultures.I like reading proverbs and to know real life. I know learning languags is difficlut but I need only to step by step to have achievement. I love people.I like history, human behavior, psichology...

Languages: Mandarin, Russian


 TongNan, China
Female, 17

I am friendly and not grumpy. From Monday to Saturday, except eating and sleeping from morning to night, the main things are class, reading, and homework. On Sundays, I would go out to eat and go shopping with my friends, and check the latest news ...

Languages: Mandarin


 Beijing, China
Female, 74

I am a 70 year old retired history teacher. With many hobbies and interests, mostly cooking and baking, postcard collecting, reading history, historical and crime novels and many more. Am married but no children. Love cats and most animals.

Languages: French, English


 Xian, China
Female, 20

Heallo,I am a sophomore student from China. my english name is susan,My hobby is reading, listening to music and watching movies. My favorite hobby is traveling,I also like photography. I am outgoing and quiet sometimes. I like to make friends....

Languages: Mandarin, English, Japanese, Korean

Cultural Keepsake: Hanfu clothing

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