Penpals from France


 Cluses, France
Female, 14

Hi I'm French and I'm really interested by foreign languages especially English.I love cinema, I love reading, writing stories, I love to draw and I LOVE pets. I love dancing and cooking.I'm huge fan of Harry Potter (especially by the writer JK ROWLI...

Languages: French, English, German


 Lyon, France
Female, 50

Hi ! I am happily engaged and I have two sons. I live in the south east of France in the suburb of Lyon at the bottom of the French Alps. I enjoy discovering new cultures and travelling is my passion so I'll be very happy to exchange with you about y...

Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese


 Montpellier, France
Female, 23

I’m a positive person trying to smile everyday! I like movies (from horror to suspense including Christmas ones) , I love spending time with my friends and family. Also I’m kind of a bookworm. And the most important music represent my life! I wou...

Languages: French, English


 Château-Thierry, France
Male, 50

I love my family and I am a passionate french musician. I play the guitar. I love performing with my band, recording songs and posting videos.I play mostly country, blues, jazz, rock, bluegrass, southern rock, rockabilly and also pop.I like languages...

Languages: French, German, English, Spanish


 Boisseron, France
Male, 31

Hi there !I'm a simple and friendly guy.My family is very important for me.My favourite thing hanging out with my friends and cooking for them.I'm a baker so I can share some nice recipes ;)My next adventure will be to go work in Ireland so my Englis...

Languages: French, German, English


 Offemont, France
Male, 14

Personality:Impulsive, excited, joyful, open-minded, somewhat clumsy, and outgoing.My hobbies and interests:Video game, walking, procrastinating and photography. But I can adapt.

Languages: English, French


 Cluses, France
Female, 13

I love languages, especially English. I love the American culture and I would like to go there. I learn Italian at school and Japanese during my free time. During my free time, I like reading (my favourite book is Harry Potter, but I also like Hunger...

Languages: French, English, Italian, Japanese


 Ici où là, France
Female, 59

Bubbly , calm, quiet i have been married to the same one for 33 years, i am a mother of two,and a grand-mother of baby boy. I don’t work but look everyday on my grandson.I live in a small village in the countryside, with hubby and 2 dogs, some tor...

Languages: French, English, Amharic


 Somewhere, France
Male, 16

I'm just someone who's interested in a lot of things. These things can be cinema, theater, literature, the problems of the world...I'd like to meet people with whom I could have really long discussions on all kinds of subjects.

Languages: French, English, Spanish

Jim cracker

 St Remy de Provence, France
Male, 60

Friendly and reserved at the same time love to bicycle and be out in the fresh air and see new places

Languages: English, French