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 Dunkerque, France
Male, 46

I like to hang out with friends for restaurants, walks, trips,concerts, play bowling. I like cycling, and watching a lot of sports on tv like football and athletics. tv, internet, listening music, cinema.

Languages: French, English

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Gustave B

 France, France
Male, 17

Hi everyone ! I just created my account to find a good pen pal friend from other countries ! And it would be really good for me if it can improve my english. I'm form France and I love art, drawing, piano, music and gaming. I'm actually a student in ...

Languages: French, English

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Louis Youmbi

 Paris, France
Male, 17

Hello, I'm Louis 16 and I live in Paris France, I'm quite shy and I spend a lot of time on my computer or my xbox to Watch movies listen to music or just play but it don't stop me to hang out with friends and to have a walk and discover Paris every...

Languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian

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Enzo Mollon

 Nancy, France
Male, 16

( Don't mind the picture, I was acting out a prostitute in a play ). Hey ! I'm Enzo ! I live in France, Nancy. I am in my second year of "lycee" ( high school ). I have a lot of different interests, but the lack of of free time ( 8-6h school everyd...

Languages: French, English, German, Spanish

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 Strasbourg, France
Male, 33

Well, that's the difficult part! :-) I'm 28, working as researcher in a chemistry R&D department and interested by...well, almost everything! I love travelling, hiking, cooking, going out with friends, reading, concerts, politics...big interest for h...

Languages: French, English, German

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 Amiens, France
Female, 18

Hey, My name is Pauline, I'm 18 years old and I live in France. Actually I'm in high school and in September I enter in University. I love sing and Asian world.

Languages: French, English, Korean, Japanese

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 Toulouse, France
Female, 15

Hello, my name is Nathalie. I'm a Vietnamese. Do not hesitate to come talk to me ! Send me a message

Languages: French, English, Spanish, Vietnamese

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 Paris, France
Male, 55

I consider myself as an open-minded man, curious, tolerant, well-educated and always interested to discover different cultures, ways of living, traditions, and people of course... I'm still dreaming to be given the fantastic opportunity to make, eve...

Languages: French, English, Serbian, Spanish

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 Tours, France
Male, 64

I am a Frenchman, 64 years old, living in Tours, easygoing and interested in a wide range of subjects among which history, literature, architecture, world cultures, travels, spirituality. I am happily married and only interested in friendship and ...

Languages: French, English, German

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Laetitia Papillon

Female, 37

Hello, I'm married and a happy mother of 2 girls (7 & 3 years old). I'm a working woman in Marketing. I live in France near Paris and Disney Park. I like meeting new people and talking about various subjects. I love my country and I would be happy...

Languages: French, English, German

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"Sharing experiences"
I have met at least one great friend through this site. I hope to meet more friends from a range of countries to exchange ideas.
Female, 54, Sri Lanka
Review date: 11 Sep 2015
"friends near & far"
What a wonderful way to meet people you'd never usually have the chance to. I look for people in places I would love to travel to one day.
Female, 58, Australia
Review date: 26 Mar 2016
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