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 Rennes, France
Female, 16

Hello, I am 16 years old I live in France and I have always been interested in languages ​​and travel. I like to cook, do sports (I play tennis), play music, see friends, watch movies, read, take pictures and many other things. I often t...

Languages: French, English, German

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Bryd onë Brerë

 Paris, France
Male, 37

Hi! My name is Sean. I'm a down to earth Australian living in Paris who is quiet but easy to get along with. My French wife and I moved here from Australia for a cultural change and to surround ourselves with different peoples, histories, cuisines an...

Languages: English, French, German

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Alexis Mentor

 Paris, France
Male, 22

Hi, I'm Alexis and I live in France. My goal in life is to help and be a mentor for others. For those who don't know what is a mentor, it's an experienced, caring and wise advisor who is fully trusted. I like science, math, technology, video a...

Languages: French, English, Spanish

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François D

 Strasbourg, France
Male, 48

Bonjour,I'm a french guy that love to talk and meet people from other countries.I'm working in an international environment and i like it.I'm a great traveler also for sport and leisure!I love the outdoors especially running ,trekking and bicycling. ...

Languages: French, English, German

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 somewhere around Nantes, France
Female, 17

I tend to lose my words with whoever I chat but I like talking with foreigners (it seems more interesting to me, Idk why though) ~ also love drawing, reading manga ('m what you could call a fujoshi), singing utaite's songs, listening to podcasts and ...

Languages: French, English, German, Japanese

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 Villepinte, France
Female, 16

Hi everyone , my name is Célia. I'm 16 year old girl, I'm in eleventh grade (2nd year in high school). I'm really sweet and confident , i like going out with my friend. I love dancing, I dance all the time, also I like to cook (I'm a pretty great co...

Languages: French, English, Portuguese, Spanish

Cultural Keepsake: Face cake

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 Noisiel, France
Male, 16

Hey guys !! I'm Ben and I'm a 16 years high school kid living near Paris. I'm interested in everything really since I'm kinda curious. I like to consider myself like a punny person (see what I did there...soz) I'm French, English, German, Vietnamese ...

Languages: French, English, German

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 Valence, France
Female, 27

Hi there, I just found out GPH, what a pleasure to see I'm not the only ont to seek for a "postal relation" ! M'y name's Laure. I'm a french 27 years old girl. I love english culture and language. Introducing myself is more difficult than I though...

Languages: French, English, Italian

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 Brest, France
Male, 21

Hi I am a 21 years old student in Brest, France. I am i am studying in master degree of engineering. I love sport in general, windsurfing, rugby, scubadiving.. I also love history and languages. That's why I travel quite a lot and I attend to keep do...

Languages: French, English, Portuguese

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 Pontarlier, France
Male, 25

After a computer science degree, I ended up working in a bank, besides, I'm a musician, I mainly play the trombone and the guitar, and enjoy trying new instruments. I'm very curious about basically everything. I have lived in Switzerland and UK...

Languages: French, English, Italian

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"Wonderful experience!"
I have made some lifelong friends through this site. What a wonderful opportunity to learn about other people and cultures.
Female, 42, United States of America
Review date: 20 Feb 2017
"Thank you GPF! Best site"
I found many friends from different countries by this site for snail mail and friends to write e-emails too, thank you very much! It is the best site to find friends!!!
Female, 14, Greece
Review date: 23 Oct 2017
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