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 brive, France
Female, 55

i live in the countryside and i am mediteranean from CORSICA and like sunny country where people are sincerely kind.i am an oil painter who like dance, sewing,natural health with herbs..... flea market and vintage furnishing. i have already tra...

Languages: French, English, Italian

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Yan Hick

 Marseille, France
Male, 30

30 years old French guy working in tourism customer service who love travelling! Nect trip will be japan and south korea i really hope find nice people here to join me during my trip and create real friendship

Languages: French, English

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 France, France
Male, 10

My name is Joshua. I am 10. I am half Dutch / half French and I live in France. I like music, reading and writing. I like history and geography and I love travelling. So far, I've travelled in Holland, Belgium, England, Switzerland and Denmark.

Languages: French, English

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jp Niaulon

 la saulce, France
Male, 44

I am a teacher and a yoga professor I wrote books about meditation and relaxation I espacially love Indian and Eastern civilizations and people ( India, Jpan, Korea, China...) I live in southern France, where I grow my two children Love and peac...

Languages: French, English

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I love Snail Mails

 Nantes, France
Female, 48

Hello ! I would like to get in touch with women around my age from all over the world... It is very interesting to discover new cultures and ways of living... I really prefer snail mails... It's more exciting to get a letter in the mail box than a...

Languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian

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Enzo Mollon

 Nancy, France
Male, 16

( Don't mind the picture, I was acting out a prostitute in a play ). Hey ! I'm Enzo ! I live in France, Nancy. I am in my second year of "lycee" ( high school ). I have a lot of different interests, but the lack of of free time ( 8-6h school everyd...

Languages: French, English, German, Spanish

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Female, 40

Am a very open minded and curious lady. Sporty, loyal, loveable, a single mother with 3 kids (14, 13, 5). I am a teacher. Busy with sport (fitness , running, swimming, trekking), kids and work, I am also back on the track of traveling which i missed ...

Languages: French, English, Spanish

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 Carcassonne, France
Female, 65

I am an English woman, married to an American and have two adult children. We were living in England until May 2010 when my husband and I moved to a small village not far from Carcassonne in France. We love animals and have a dog (Irish Water Spani...

Languages: English, French

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 Toulouse, France
Male, 54

Hi I'm Yann and live in South West town in France. I'm looking to people for exchange, discussion, sharing cultural expriences between various countries. I like travelling, reading books and painting.

Languages: French, English

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 Ajaccio, France
Female, 20

Hello ! I'm Anna. I love simple things in life. I enjoy quiet moments, with my cats, my husband, some tea and light of the sun ! I work as a trainee accountant. I would like to be a good listener. I think i'm interested in many thing, and i love to...

Languages: French, English, Spanish

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"I found wonderful pen friends"
Of course not every contact provides a wonderful friendship but if you are open minded and have patience you will make inspiring experiences.
Female, 41, Germany
Review date: 08 Jan 2016
"Fab connections :)"
This is a wonderful way to keep in touch with people all around the world. Thanks Global Penfriends ;)
Female, 22, Italy
Review date: 01 Jun 2016
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