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Female, 61

Soon retired. My children are now away from home. Living with a boy-friend and a cat. Spending time studying languages, cooking, gardening, knitting, crafts, walking in the nature. I play the flute and practise the gymnastique. I'm interested in many...

Languages: German, English, Spanish, Russian

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 Paris, France
Female, 44

Hi, I hope you're doing great because I like to enjoy life in good company! I'm a school teacher fond of language learning, asian ones especially like chinese, japanese and recently tamil. I need you to help me discover your country way of life and s...

Languages: French, English, Italian, Japanese

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 Les Pavillons-sous-Bois, France
Female, 26

Salam, Shalom, Salut! I'm Karen,a young primary teacher in France, actually in Paris's suburb. I would like to progress in english langage (yes... even if i'm French haha!) this is one reason among others i'm there because i would like to be a ...

Languages: French, English, Spanish, Hindi

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 Carcassonne, France
Female, 66

I am an English woman, married to an American and have two adult children. We were living in England until May 2010 when my husband and I moved to a small village not far from Carcassonne in France. We love animals and have a dog (Irish Water Spani...

Languages: English, French

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 Strasbourg, France
Male, 34

Well, that's the difficult part! :-) I'm 28, working as researcher in a chemistry R&D department and interested by...well, almost everything! I love travelling, hiking, cooking, going out with friends, reading, concerts, politics...big interest for h...

Languages: French, English, German

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 Marseille, France
Female, 18

I'm 18 and I want to improve my english skills by meeting new people because I believe that it's the best way to learn a language. I'm available almost everyday and during all holidays. I love movies, running and reading. I'm open-minded, curious and...

Languages: French, English

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Vincent TARDY

 Bordeaux, France
Male, 20

I'm a student in engineering school (in computing), I love new technologies, gaming and manga (especially One Piece). I'm quite rationnal but I am open minded too and I never decline a good debate (about politics, philosophy...). I'm also interested ...

Languages: French, English, Spanish

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 Evreux, France
Female, 23

Hi People ! I'm Camille, 23, living in this small but beautiful country called France ! I live in Normandy, a rainy french region not so far from Paris. I'm student , looking for new foreign friends ! I can talk almost fluently English, and I'm lea...

Languages: French, English, Spanish

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 Grenoble, France
Male, 26

hey i'm ned i'm an exchange student in france living the adventure of studying abroad, i'm a part time teacher and next year i'll be doing research in the field i like the most. i'm an easy going person who likes to help others and takes life a littl...

Languages: French, English, German

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Floriane from France

Female, 48

My name's Flo. I'm single (and proud of it lol!), I'm a rather shy type of girl, although my letters usually are very chatty ones! I love nature, collecting a few things as well (anything Christmas and Disney for example), travelling, cardmaki...

Languages: English, German, Dutch

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