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 Chambery, France
Female, 49

I am quite shy. I'm found of music and love hiking, travelling and discover new horizons. I love reading and history.I have a lot of hobbies.I like to discover new stuffs and learn.

Languages: French, English, Spanish


 Angers, France
Female, 27

I am Migi, i live in Angers in France. I am student at the University of Angers. I am going back to school,and i hope to enter a degree in humanities and social sciences next year. I need to improve my english skill for passing this year. But i'm not...

Languages: French


 Auch, France
Female, 47

I am a fun-loving, life-loving, with a quirky sense of humor, an avid reader, music soothes my soul, I used to love travelling, did part of it hitch-hiking, making new exciting encounters and experiences at every turn. I am curious by nature, everyth...

Languages: French, English, German, Italian


 Saint-denis, France
Male, 45

Hello it a privilege to be part of this great platform for language leaning and many more, I am From France single and never married, not looking for a relationship here just want to meet new people and know more about different cultures and countrie...

Languages: French, English


 clermont ferrand, France
Female, 20

HI! I'm an 19 years old girl and i'm living in France. I enjoy traveling and taking photos, I study Law in university. Want to get to know people from around the world who share similar interests or want to show me new ones.Feel free to contact me!

Languages: French, English


 Paris, France
Female, 18

Hello, my name is samarra and I am 17 years old. I'm here to get to know new people and cultures. I'm trying to learn English and I think it could help me. I like watching movies and series, I like basketball and painting. I listen to a little bit of...

Languages: French, English, Spanish


 Paris, France
Male, 19

Hi all the human beings, which are brave enough to decide visiting my personal page. So I think it’s time to introduce myself, I’m the god but you can call me Vasiliy, I’m good with this name, even if it’s hard to pronounce without google tra...

Languages: Russian, English, French


 Provence, France
Female, 46

I'm a high school teacher. I'm outgoing, open-minded and passionate that's why I love my job because I like sharing with the others. I'm very interested in History and cultures. I really like reading and I had to admit that sometimes good books are m...

Languages: French, English, German, Spanish


 Paris, France
Male, 18

Hello, I'm Yanis from Paris, I am very friendly, I am interesting in a lot of domains, I truly love travelling, I visited a lot of European country and I went one time in the United States. I like hanging with my friends, like talking about serious s...

Languages: French, English, German, Japanese


 Lille, France
Female, 28

Hello everyone ! I am here to meet new friends and i am Very happy ...So let’s talk about me just a little :) I am a girl who love cooking ( eating too ) ah ah . Reading books in a coffee . Travelling , series like : gossip girl and vampires diari...

Languages: French, English, Spanish

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"pretty good"
I met one pen friend through here who was really nice! I plan to find another person to share my experiences and art with!
Female, 13, Canada
Review date: 02 Aug 2021
"Great place to meet new friend"
Global Penfriends has helped me learn so much about other cultures. I have so many online friends now and I feel like I've seen what the world is like. Thank you Global Penfriends!
Female, 12, United States of America
Review date: 26 Feb 2021