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 Hamburg, Germany
Female, 21

I am a little lost at the time, and looking for some little things to anchor me. I tend to philosophy a lot about the meaning of existence and write self endugend and probably a little arrogant memoirs. Besides being a brooding philosopher I also am ...

Languages: German, English


 Rosenheim, Germany
Male, 22

Hi! I'm an engineering student from Germany, but I'll be moving to France next year. I have too many interests for my own good, but most of them are either creativity or outdoors related. Making music, writing, reading, hiking and travelling to name ...

Languages: German, Croatian, English, French


 Bonn, Germany
Male, 20

During Corona I spend my time alongside my studies with sports workouts, play and watch darts, watch movies, read the bible, play online chess, and meet friends via zoom. I study media and communication. I'm also a Bayern Munich fan and I'm always ha...

Languages: German, English, French


 bayreuth, Germany
Male, 20

Hey there, I´m a philosophy student based in Germany. So basically i read all day :P I also enjoy any kind of sport and love making music. If i wanna change the world? definetly.. but who can do that anyway, sometimes beeing me is enoughI´m an open...

Languages: German, English


 Stuttgart, Germany
Female, 41

Hello there, I'm working and studying (currently in the last year to gain my master degree) in the environmental field. Therefore I'm very much interested in sharing ideas about other countries, cultures and especially the people living there. I'm al...

Languages: German, English, French, Spanish


 Augsburg, Germany
Female, 34

The world is so fast moving and childhood memories are fading.Emails, Whats App and Social Media forget the handwritten word.Because of this, I want to let my childhood blossom again and therefore look for nice contacts / penpals worldwide.My interes...

Languages: German, English


 Bingen am Rhein, Germany
Female, 53

Hello, I'm a 49 year old mum of two daughters, married to a Portuguese man and living in the Rhineland in the centre of Germany. I'm looking for snail mail friends because it is sad when the mailox remans empty. I love reading novels, rollerblading/...

Languages: English, Italian, Portuguese, French


 somewhere, Germany
Female, 17

Hey, my name is Viktoria, I'm from Germany and I'am searching new friends all around the world :) I'am a creative person who like, for example, to crochet. I read a lot, and sometimes I also write. I do a lot of sports (weightlifting) in my freetime ...

Languages: German, English, French


 Hamburg, Germany
Female, 43

I am 38 years old - oh my god how happened that- happily married and have a daughter who is almost 7 years old. I love traveling around the world and getting to know new people, great nature and culture. No matter which country I am in I always have ...

Languages: German, English


 Mülheim, Germany
Female, 55

Well, let me try to describe myself. Love meeting people, talking, listening and laughing, I also like reading, walking, cycling, spending a lot of time outdoors and I really, really love to travel. And sometimes I just like to sit and watch a butter...

Languages: German, English

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