Penpals from Germany

Stephanie M.

 Stuttgart, Germany
Female, 34

I'm a 30 something year old woman from Germany. I grew up in Stuttgart, where I'm still living. I like to travel; seeing other countries, enjoying nature.. I love hiking.. been on some long distance hiking trips, which I loved! I enjoy spending time ...

Languages: German, English, Swedish


 Karlsruhe, Germany
Female, 46

Hello , I´m a women with a lot of interestings. I like food and cooking from different cultures. Dancing and music is what i Love. In my freetime i visit concerts, cinemas, music festivals or gardening in my little own paradise. I would like to find...

Languages: English, German


 Marl, Germany
Female, 51

I love handwritten letters, perhaps you do prefer them too :)? But I don´t mind writing Emails also - or a mix of both.Apart from the things above I am also interested in photography and creative work (painting, layout etc). I LOVE music very much a...

Languages: German, English


 Koblenz, Germany
Male, 21

I love doing sports, especially running and cycling.But also other sports like bouldering or playing basketball...In addition, I play the piano and I love reading.Ah, and I play chess. :)I try to enhance my language skills, by practicing daily a litt...

Languages: German, French, English


 Hinterweidenthal, Germany
Female, 43

Hello there,I'm looking for snail mail penpals from all over the world.I like learning about different cultures and just talking about our daily lives. My Hobbies include reading, painting, playing board games and nature. I also love travelling and l...

Languages: German, English


 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Female, 16

Hi, I like to create bead jewelry, i love the color pink, i love fashion, play trumpet, i like to read and like lady gaga as well as girli and Troye Sivan

Languages: English, German, Spanish, Japanese


 Berlin, Germany
Female, 40

Hello to everyone!I'm a married woman and a mother (and step-mother) of three boys. I enjoy the pleasures of my every day life, being surrounded by my family and cats, taking my time, playing the piano, reading true crime stories, going to the theatr...

Languages: German, English, French

Persona X

 Somewhere, Germany
Male, 32

Hello! Where do I start? I'm someone who enjoys the mix between active and relaxing activities. For instance I like to do sports. I enjoy running and doing workouts. But I also enjoy comfortable things like reading or gaming. Regarding literature it ...

Languages: English, Turkish, German, Japanese


 Forest, Germany
Female, 22

Hey there!I am looking for penpals, especially from the UK/Ireland and Iceland, but do not be shy to contact me from wherever you are living and who you are! I visited London last year and plan to come to Ireland and Iceland next year, because I thin...

Languages: German, English, French, Icelandic


 Stuttgart, Germany
Male, 35

I do like reading (novels and non-fiction alike), music and going to the movies. Also I try to travel as much as possible (come find me in the mountains) and getting to know interesting people. I'm looking forward to sharing any missing details with ...

Languages: German, English, French