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 Worpswede, Germany
Female, 23

I am Malin and I`m 22 years old. I live in a small village in northern Germany but spend the last years as Au Pair in Finland. I think when I would describe myself, it would be such a long text and some things would be still missing. My big hobby ...

Languages: German, English

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 Bad Pyrmont, Germany
Female, 41

Hello, I am from Germany. I am 41 years old and married with 2 children. I am looking for female penfriends to write with me. I would like to write snail mails because I think it's more personal then e-mails and it make me smile when I find a letter ...

Languages: German, English, French

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 Polenz, Germany
Female, 18

Im a 18year old girl, going to 12th class. If Im not in school, I meet friends, listen to music (techno, drum n bass). I also like beiing in nature and playing teamsports like unihockey or volleyball. In general I like music: I can play the guitarre ...

Languages: German, English, Spanish

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 Marburg, Germany
Female, 26

Hi! This is a open minded, courious girl heere. I loove reading, creative writing and many sorts of music. Also I’m really interested in travelling and seeing different parts of the world. Unfortunately, I hardly ever get to do that. Being somewhat...

Languages: German, English, French

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 Krensheim, Germany
Female, 23

I'm 23 years old and I live in Germany. At the moment I make an apprenticeship as a farmer. Before I finished my apprenticeship as a confectioner. Actually, I like baking, but after finishing my apprenticeship, I wanted to do something different. ...

Languages: German, English, French

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Justin Houston

 Hannover, Germany
Male, 16

Hey I am from Germany :) I live in a small town next to Hannover and Hamburg. In my freetime I hang out with friends, I draw, so sports like running or volleyball. I am also really interested in languages and other countries. I really like the United...

Languages: German, English, French

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 Bonn, Germany
Female, 44

I'm just a normal girl (in my 40ies) living a normal life filled with work, music and a lot of running and hiking trips. I like travelling (the world, but mostly I'm going to places nearby in Europe), taking pictures, telling stories, sitting in cafe...

Languages: German, English, Italian

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 Klein Lengden, Germany
Female, 15

Hey Guys😃❤️ I’m here on this site, to find friends all around the world!☺️ I like riding, football, music and doing stuff with my friends. I’m very crazy, but you know, in a good way😂 I’d love to learn about new cultures and cou...

Languages: English, German

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 Saalfeld, Germany
Female, 16

Hey :) I'm a 16y/o girl from Germany I like drawing, listening to music and, apparently, I am a huge movie and series nerd xD I'm also into reading and writing, and I love astronomy, but if you're not into any of these, no problem, since I'm here to...

Languages: German, English, French

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Tante Tin

 Ahaus, Germany
Female, 31

Married, dog mommy, cat mommy, sewing beginner, knitting, reader of books, positive, German native speaker, sport bow archer. I live with my husband our 3 dogs and 6 cats in a small town in the west of Germany near the Netherlands.

Languages: German, English

Cultural Keepsake: Ahauser Wasserschloss

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"Awesome website :)"
I have already found great friends from all around the world. I am so grateful for finding them here.
Female, 18, Latvia
Review date: 20 Jan 2017
"Best site for penpals"
Global penfriends is the best site I have found on the internet that helps finding e-pals. They respect your privacy. I've never got any spam or asking-for-money e-mails. They search also works well.
Female, 66, Germany
Review date: 26 Feb 2018
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