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 Augsburg near Munich, Germany
Female, 38

I'm a workaholic, most of the time... BUT my biggest love is my dog :) , being outside, enjoying nature an spending time with friends, holding all kind of conversations, laughing, discuss sth., enjoying silence (together), reading (fantasy, crime / t...

Languages: German, English


 ., Germany
Male, 15

I do like nearly all kinds of sport but mainly I go to the gym or play basketball wit my friends. Sometimes I also train boxing at home. Besides sports I realy like to travel. In my hollidays I often travel thru Germany or Europ with my friends. I lo...

Languages: German, English


 Düsseldorf, Germany
Male, 26

Hey Guys! My name is Maurice and I'm interested in making new friends. It would be great to meet some japanese people to help me improve my japanese but I'd also love to meet people from all over the world, so please don't hesitate to message me! I l...

Languages: German, English


 Osnabrück, Germany
Female, 22

Hi! I study German and English at a German uni to become a teacher. Therefore, I enjoy activities which are rather on the calmer spectrum like reading, playing video games or spending time with my little dog. I'm currently enrolled in a Japanese cour...

Languages: German, English, Russian


 Hamburg, Germany
Female, 20

Hi, my name is Louisa! I am a rather open and adventurous person, who loves to travel the world and meet new people. I absolutely love reading and I've been trying to write some stories myself. Lately I've rediscovered my obsession for Harry Potter. ...

Languages: German, English


 Heidgraben, Germany
Male, 21

Hello there, I'm an introverted person but when I get to know people better I can be quite communicative. So despite being a little bit quiet in the beginning my friends would say I'm reliable, friendly and smart. But sometimes I make jokes that not ...

Languages: German, English, Spanish, French


 Nürnberg, Germany
Female, 47

I would describe myself as a cheerful person, open to all peace-loving and positive people. I really like nature with all its wonders. It is always a good place to recover, relax and it gives me strength. I am as happy as I can be and would love to ...

Languages: German, English, French, Spanish


 Frankfurt, Germany
Female, 15

Hi everyone!I'm Juli and from Germany,currently living in China.I would like to improve my English.I enjoy reading older books and love literature of different countries.I'm interested in philosophy and Christianity,though I don't know a lot about i...

Languages: German, English, Mandarin


 Siegen, Germany
Male, 22

Hello everybody ! I'm from Germany and want to get in touch with people around the world ! I enjoy writing letters and postcards and I'm also up to swap candy packages(i have a big sweet tooth haha)!I am a student at university and my major subjects ...

Languages: German, English, French


 Heilbronn, Germany
Female, 27

Hi,my name is Lisa. I am 27 years old and from Germany.I work as a preschool teacher at a preschool. If I described me I would describe me as as a relaxed and open minded person and a loyal friend. I am a Christian and my faith means a lot to me in m...

Languages: English, German, Spanish, Polish

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i’ve met so many wonderful people here!:) i’m so glad i joined this and cant wait to meet more people
Female, 16, United States of America
Review date: 22 May 2022
"Great site!"
It’s a great way to meet people around the world! I recommend it to anyone who wants to travel and know people or just learn more
Female, 20, United States of America
Review date: 24 Jun 2022