Penpals from Germany


 Hannover, Germany
Female, 18

Hey I'm Josefine and I am a student from Germany. I spent most of time reading, writing and creating art. I love literary fiction and (some) classics. I am also interested in philosophy, particularly Existentialism and Absurdism, even though my knowl...

Languages: German, English, French, Mandarin


 Tirschenreuth, Germany
Female, 18

Hello, I’m Maria :) i would describe myself as friendly, polite and humorous. Sometimes I do tell jokes which are funny for me but aren’t for otherones.I like hanging out with my friends, or watching a series. I am also a Chelsea fan and love to ...

Languages: German, English

Cultural Keepsake: foot pilgrimage


 Würzburg, Germany
Female, 15

Hi! I am a (hopefully) nice, extrovert and happy girl. I love reading books and I watch Netflix a lot. My hobbies are dancing and playing the piano. I like to hang out with friends and I have a bullet journal. I also have a dog. Feel free to contact ...

Languages: German, English, Spanish

Cultural Keepsake: Little Garden Lusam


 somewhere, Germany
Female, 18

Hiya! The most important fact first: I‘m a total cat person and would love to own one someday! In my free time I like to read, write and listen to music. Gaming has become something I enjoy as well lately, only story games though. I bought a guitar...

Languages: German, English, French, Turkish


 Neu ulm, Germany
Female, 20

Heyyy, I am a student from Germany trying to make friends (or maybe one day, travel companions) from other countries. I’d also love to do candy swaps! If you‘re interested, don’t hesitate to text me :)

Languages: German, English, Russian, French

Cultural Keepsake: Collecting magnets for the fridge


 Hamburg, Germany
Male, 23

i would describe myself as an interested young man. i like to do sports and meet friends, i would also like to learn more about certain cultures

Languages: German, English


 Near Hamburg, Germany
Female, 44

My wish: a camper van on my doorstep, so that whenever I feel like it, I can just go somewhere nice. Since I don't have one yet and my family still needs me at home, I have to travel with words for now...therefore I'm looking for nice people at poten...

Languages: German, English, French, Norwegian


 Berlin, Germany
Female, 19

I’m a chill and laid back person. Mostly introverted but really talkative about topics I like or if I’m alone with someone. In case someone wants to know, my personality type ist intj. I love reading and enjoy every second I spent with my friends...

Languages: German, English, Turkish, French


 Teisendorf, Germany
Female, 56

Hello, I'm from Bavaria/Germany. I live in the countryside with all my animals. I love the nature. I also enjoys spending time with friends and family. I would be happy if someone could help me with my English. My English is okay but not perfect. I w...

Languages: German, English


 Werl, Germany
Female, 15

Hello, at the beginning I am often a reserved person but in the process of getting to know each other I become more open minded. I don't have a lot of hobbies haha, but I hope that it wouldn't be a problem and we can also talk about our daily life's...

Languages: German, Russian, Spanish, English