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 Heilbronn, Germany
Female, 16

Hey,im 16 and im a very interested in meeting new people. Im very bad in telling something about myself but in my free time i love to go shopping, go to the cinema and many other stuff. I also love animals very much ,thats Reason why i have three cat...

Languages: German, English

Marcel Wyl

 Düsseldorf, Germany
Male, 18

Hi there! I'm Marcel, 18, living in Germany.I have a lot of interests that i enjoy doing.Learning new things or getting to know new people is always fun^^

Languages: German, English, French, Italian


 Rossleben, Germany
Female, 54

I am a 54 years old woman from Germany. I am divorced and mother of a wonderful matured son and live by myself. I am living in the middle of Germany. I am interested in many things culture in whole, gardening, music travelling etc etc just all the ni...

Languages: English, German


 Stuttgart, Germany
Female, 18

Truth is, I always struggled with describing myself to others, fearing that I will probably come off as either boring or annoying, but I will try my best.I enjoy painting and readig and playing the violin. I am the kind of person that will message yo...

Languages: Greek, English, German

Lars the German

 Worms, Germany
Male, 21

Hello, my name is Lars. I am from the southwest of Germany. I am interested in penfriends from Scandinavian countries, Japan, USA or Canada. Maybe I can teach you some German. I have different hobbies and interests. Maybe there is something that inte...

Languages: German, English, Danish


 Langenau, Germany
Female, 17

I love to learn new things and I'm open-minded. I'm in love with Asian culture and music . I love to write/ read or watch movies/ animes . I can speak English, German , Turkish (my parents are from Turkey ) and I try to learn Chinese . I love to play...

Languages: German, English, Turkish, Mandarin


 Berlin, Germany
Female, 21

Hello! I’m new to this site and I’m looking for some new friends (preferably someone I can send letters to!) I used to have a pen pal in elementary school and remembered how fun it was so I’d like to do it again and get to know new people. I am...

Languages: German, English, French


 Nagold, Germany
Female, 40

I'm a friendly and funny 40 years old woman. I'm interested in meeting other people from all over the world. I want to learn about their culture, habits, daily life, hobbies and interests. I love reading, playing the piano, meeting my friends, going ...

Languages: German, English

London Phoenix

 Bielefeld, Germany
Female, 16

I'm a teenager who loves to learn new things and meet new people. I have language learning hobby along with procrastination, history and politics. I also write stories when I'm bored. I hope to meet new people from all kinds of places. P.S. People sa...

Languages: Arabic, English, German, French


 Neuenkirchen, Germany
Female, 44

i'am very easy going.Like going for walks ,going to the gym and doing garden work Love spending time with my son and the cat.I like chating and texting.And meeting my friends for a catch up.More in a email!:-)

Languages: German, English

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"Kind people, safe site"
I love Global Penfriends! I have met a lot of kind people here, and didn't get weird messages. I'm really glad I've found this site. I recommend it to anyone who's looking for lifelong friends. It's awesome!
Female, 19, Poland
Review date: 05 May 2019
"GPF is great for languages"
Thank you for this site, it's the best opportunity to practise any foreign language with natives! Just what I've been looking for so long.
Female, 37, Russian Federation
Review date: 06 Nov 2018
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