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 Amorbach, Germany
Male, 46

I am a really calm and kind person who looks for similar penpals. I spending time in nature, drawing, riding a bicycle and playing piano. I am also interested in spirituality.

Languages: German, English

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 Hamburg, Germany
Female, 28

Hiya, I am Marina from Hamburg, a antifascist hobby writer who loves to read and learn languages. I am a passionate cook and I am always happy to try new recipes. I love to spend my free time with my family or in my novel fantasy worlds. When I can a...

Languages: English, German, Italian, Arabic

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 Hamburg, Germany
Female, 17

Hi! I´m a 16 year old female from Germany. My friends would describe me as an open-minded, loyal and friendly person with a sense of humour. I´m interested in different things like making music (piano, recorder and playing in a band), being in the ...

Languages: German, English, Spanish

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 Asendorf, Germany
Female, 13

I`m 13 years old,I'am a sporty girl and I'am vegetarian. My hobbies are vaulting, horseriding, taking photos, drawing comics, reading books, gymnastics and meeting with friends.I have a few animals I will tell you more about them maybe later ;-) When...

Languages: German, English, French, Spanish

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 Wuerzburg, Germany
Female, 47

As a quite introvert kind of person I enjoy staying at home with my pets, reading, knitting, watching series, writing letters, learning to play the ukulele and doing yoga. I also love being in nature with my dog and do some gardening. I work as a yog...

Languages: German, English, Spanish

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 Holzkirchen, Germany
Male, 24

I'm 23 years old and I'm currently studying computer science. Prior to that, I've been studying physics and philosophy for a year.My hobbies include, amongst others, playing tennis, photography, playing on the pipe organ (Bach is the greatest!), read...

Languages: German, English, Italian, Japanese

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 Hamburg, Germany
Male, 57

Open mind, like to learn new things, like the life, I think respect must leads the relationship between us and the other.Let us begin with the adventure for new horizons.

Languages: German, Greek, English

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 Aachen, Germany
Male, 45

Write about myself is not a very easy task. I like speacially reading. Differents issues interest me as for example history of african, latinamerican and european countries. I also practise regularly languages as English, French and Castellano (Spani...

Languages: English, French, Spanish, German

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 Niedersachsen, Germany
Female, 20

Hey,my name is Johanna, I live in the north of Germany. My hobbies are travelling, watching films, reading, photography and spending time with my family and friends. My newest hobby is snail mailing. Im looking for a long lasting friendship. So feel ...

Languages: German, English, Norwegian

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 Hamburg, Germany
Male, 40

Life is like a puff of smoke, a wonderful seductive fragile illusion, we should remind ourselfes to cherish every single moment. And Life is strange and unpredictable, that's the beautiful and exciting thing about it and the scary thing that we never...

Languages: German, English, Cantonese

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"Great way to connect!"
I've met some pretty amazing people and learned quite a bit from different people in different cultures! Happy I found Global Pen Friends!
Female, 30, United States of America
Review date: 04 Oct 2018
"Great Friend Finder."
Safe site for meeting new friends from all around the world. Have two steady writers and always happy to meet new ones!
Female, 69, United Kingdom
Review date: 27 Apr 2018
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