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lino :)

 Paderborn, Germany
Female, 20

Hey there! :) I'm currently studying linguistics at university in Germany. Personally, I love the idea of actually writing old-school letters to someone and making new friends from all over the world! I would describe myself as pretty shy at first, b...

Languages: German, English, Japanese

Cultural Keepsake: Asta University Festival

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 Bautzen, Germany
Female, 19

Hi, I’m very communicative. I love meeting new people and cultures. Furthermore I’m obsessed with languages and especially with music. I love singing and dancing but also volleyball and other kinds of sports. I have a lovely family and boyfriend ...

Languages: Bulgarian, German, English, Spanish

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 Königs Wusterhausen, Germany
Male, 24

Well...who am I?I am a dancer/writer and magician from mother is from Belarus and my father from Lithuania so I am a mixed breed, I assume?I am still a student fighting with my master thesis so yeah...that is my life right now. I am free...

Languages: German, English, Russian

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 Bonn, Germany
Female, 24

Helloo :)I am a person full of contradictions , but I am most definitely honest and full of kindness. I love to read and write , and I also like to endlessly talk about these things. Really though, I could talk hours about books.I am a student, I stu...

Languages: German, Turkish, English, Greek

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 B., Germany
Female, 20

Hi~ I'm a German Medicine student with a passion for artistic hobbies.I'm looking for snail mail pen pals that I can share some colourful and cute letters with.I like silly jokes and puns, to play different kinds of video games, to travel and to draw...

Languages: German, English, Spanish, Japanese

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 -, Germany
Female, 63

I am now retired and enjoy my newly won freedom. Before I worked as a teacher at a Primary school and loved my job a lot. I never thought before that I will manage without but I do :-). Now there is more time for my hobbies and interests: reading, ...

Languages: German, English, French, Russian

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 Berlin, Germany
Female, 47

Hello from Germany :-) name is Dani and in times of daily rush I like to return to a way of communication which gives you the possibility to have a break from the busy daily routine. My life is busy but it was my choice and I would never want t...

Languages: German, English, French

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 Erfurt, Germany
Female, 13

hey there! I´m Vanessa, a 13-year-old german girl. My English isn´t the best, but I hope that we can communicate without any problems. I think it would be nice when we become good friends! :) ~when your life is still shining, keep smiling~

Languages: German, English

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 Riedering, Germany
Male, 44

I am an openminded person who likes good talks. I love antique furniture und antiquities. Moreover I am into nordic walking and swimming. The Christian religion is important to me. Another basic interest is Scandinavia.

Languages: German, English, Swedish

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 Köln, Germany
Male, 17

Hey! I'd describe myself as an introverted extrovert I guess. I like irony and sarcasm so beware haha!I do a lot of sports like fitness and soccer. I'm pretty bad at describing myself, I think that's something that should be experienced rather than e...

Languages: German, English

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Female, 20, Greece
Review date: 24 Aug 2017
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Female, 14, United States of America
Review date: 22 Jan 2018
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