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 Dublin, Ireland
Male, 18

Hi, my name's David and I come from Ireland. I'm 18 and currently in my last year of school before I head off to college. I'm not sure what I'll study as of yet but I might do law or business. In terms of my hobbies, I like hiking and walking. I've b...

Languages: English, Irish (Gaelic), French

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 Dublin, Ireland
Female, 16

Hi! I'm currently in high school, I live in Ireland and trying to learn Korean and French but we can talk in english if you want🤷🏾‍♀️

Languages: English

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 Portrush, Ireland
Male, 54

I am a fit and healthy Irishman,53yrs old,i am an irish music tutor and part time musician,I have my own home ,hair and teeth,I suppose i am your typical Irish man,I have not travelled much as i have been pre-occupied with playing/teaching music and ...

Languages: English, Irish (Gaelic)

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Ana lee

 Enniskillen, Ireland
Female, 18

My name is Cora, I'm half Irish half Chinese and living in Ireland. I love to cycle, read books, watch movies including 80s movies. Whilst travelling I love going to coffee shops as I love cakes and visiting museums. I'd really like to travel to Amst...

Languages: English

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 Clondalkin, Ireland
Female, 16

Hey! I'm a music lover of all kinds especially k-pop 😂 I also sing 🎤 If you're on instagram ask for my name😂 I love food my favourite being Italian and Thai 🍴 ❤ I'd love to travel the world and experience differ...

Languages: English, Irish (Gaelic)

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 Strabane, Ireland
Male, 28

Young Engineering Irish Musican. By day I design subsea control systems, by night I love reading, relaxing, shopping and crafts. Love antiques, old and vintage. Currently living in Ireland, normally live in Bristol UK. Anime, Townes Van Zandt, a ...

Languages: English

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 Sligo, Ireland
Male, 57

I would consider myself to be open-minded and understanding. I am easy going and like to take time to smell the roses 💮🌺. I believe that friendship etc is like a flower, and it needs to be nurtured along so that it can blossom and g...

Languages: English, German

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 Ennis, Ireland
Male, 17

I'm James from Ireland. I'm very talkative and friendly when you get to know me so don't be shy with me! I can speak English, Irish and a bit of French. I would love to learn Spanish. I'm 17, and I'm finishing school this year, hoping to go to coll...

Languages: English, Irish (Gaelic), French

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 Ballyhaise, Ireland
Female, 34

Hi! Im originally from the UK but Im now living in Ireland with my husband. Im a primary teacher but I work with Special Needs children...very challenging but a lot of fun! I love creative arts like embroidery and knitting and Im just getting int...

Languages: English, Irish (Gaelic)

Cultural Keepsake: National Trust

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 Clontarf, Ireland
Female, 15

I'm athletic and enjoy scouts and karate. I try to fine the time to read or listen to music. I love backing and science I have one brother and really want a pet. I love travelling and meeting new people and experiencing new cultures

Languages: English, Irish (Gaelic), German

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"Totally awesome!"
Very good site for meeting new persons from all around the world. I knew persons from USA, England, India and Israel! Good job!
Female, 13, Italy
Review date: 26 Aug 2017
"So Many Letters"
This site has been truly amazing to find new and wonderful people to write. I have been enjoying finding new people to talk to from all over the world.
Female, 44, United States of America
Review date: 06 Nov 2017
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