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Green elf

 Rishon LeZion, Israel
Female, 16

Hey! I am Alice, she/they, infp. I’m an open minded person, creative and caring. I love art, reading, music, and nature. I have a weird hobby of collecting random things I find pretty or interesting :) I have a cute cat, and (not enough) houseplant...

Languages: English, Hebrew, Russian, Japanese


 Herzlyia, Israel
Female, 20

Hi! i'm Lior. I love talking to new people and and i'm always curious to hear about what it's like living in other countries and parts of the world, and learning about the politics/culture/history of different places. I'm also curious to hear what pe...

Languages: Hebrew, English, Spanish

Daisy Katia

 Jerusalem, Israel
Female, 26

Hello! My name is Katia, I am a 25 year old animation student from Israel.I love drawing, animating, designing characters and creating. I love cinema, cartoons, anime, manga, comics and books.I also bullet journal and scrapbook a bit, so it would be ...

Languages: English, Russian, Hebrew, Japanese


 Ofarim, Israel
Male, 26

Hi there people of the world. Spent 15 months in downtown Vancouver, now I'm back in Israel. Cars and motorcycles getting to be a real passion of mine. Books, video games, TV shows, and movies are a great way for me to spend time. I play guitar as a ...

Languages: English, Hebrew

libi s'

 Hod Hasharon, Israel
Female, 14

Hello!! :) I'm 14 yr old,who loves to Read books and watch movies,I love Harry Potter, Marvel.when i grow up I want to be a Actor or doctor.My hobbies areAerial acrobatics, reading, and more. virgo:))

Languages: Hebrew, English, Russian


 Mishmeret, Israel
Female, 14

Hi! I'm Yahli (she/her)! I'm 15 and I live in Israel. I'm ISTJ-T if you're interested :) My hobbies are reading, listening to podcasts, watching anime and learning Japanese. Even if you don't have the same interests as I have please reach out to me! ...

Languages: Hebrew, English, Japanese

Cultural Keepsake: Family Firday Dinners

belly- button

 pardes hana, Israel
Female, 11

Hi, my hobbies are dancing doing gymnastics, and also like cooking and I love animals and swimming and my favorite TV series is my hero academia and I also really like SpongeBob, I love many types of series and movies and i like to talk about them (b...

Languages: Hebrew, English


 Tel Aviv, Israel
Female, 14

Hi ;) my name is Noga. I really want to meet people from all over the world. My hobbies are tumbling ,journaling and scrapbooking ,watching Netflix ,cooking ,learning new languages and I really like travelling. I’m still learning English so maybe I...

Languages: Hebrew, English, Spanish

silly- goose

 isreal, Israel
Female, 12

Hi! i like drawing, reading books and comics,i like books like hunger games,ink heart,artemis foul and more!i like to listen to musicals when i draw,my favoriy musicals are:hamilton,dear evan hansen and i like starkid musicals.i’m trying to learn ...

Languages: English, Hebrew

Cultural Keepsake: about Isreal


Female, 78

I am a retired nurse. I love reading all kinds of books,I love listening to music. exchanging PowerPoint and YouTube presentations. I like hearing about different cultures and folklore .I also like to hear other peoples opinions.

Languages: English, German, Hebrew

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"I love it!"
GPF is great when you wanna find penpals around the world, it is so safe and trusting I've made many friends here, I love this website :)
Female, 19, Sri Lanka
Review date: 25 Dec 2020
"I love it!"
I love this website sooo much because it has helped me make heaps of new friends and it is easy for me to use.
Female, 11, Australia
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