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 Tel Aviv, Israel
Male, 40

I'm one of those people who doesn't like to describe himself, because it will put me in certain boxes, which I want to avoid. ...But I must write something, so I'll say that my favorite activities are writing and expressing myself, exercising, solvin...

Languages: English, Hebrew, Spanish, Mandarin

Alice :P

 Beer Sheva, Israel
Female, 16

Hi! My name is Alisa, and I am high school student in Israel. I like to draw, read, play video games and travel around the world! I want to improve my English skills and to learn about other countries and cultures!If you want to contact me, send me a...

Languages: Russian, Hebrew, English

Ori Angel

 Holon, Israel
Male, 23

want first goal of this web tis to know as much intrestting people that came from a lot of cultre and ares in the globe. i'm am curious person who like to explore the world' and learn new things everyday.i'm combine private tutor to sudents in isreal...

Languages: Hebrew, English, Arabic


 bney yehuda, Israel
Female, 59

Hello there.I'm 57 years old but look young and feel young.Had the luck to be a teen during the 70's/I'm divorced and have 2 beautifull children agen 23 and 16.I was born in Finland.M yrelatives are still there including my oldest son.I'm a swedish s...

Languages: Swedish, Hebrew, English, Italian


 tel aviv, Israel
Female, 58

I like to be on the move all the time until I get tired. And wanted to do the right and moral thing.Loves simple and unprocessed things. Loves to find meaning in everything and is curious about people and new discoveries in every field.

Languages: Hebrew, English


 Tel Aviv, Israel
Male, 28

My name is Alex, I live in Israel.I like traveling, been abroad three times this year alone. I see the world as my playground. Meeting interesting people, tasting ALL the local food, no matter how weird it is.In my free time, I like learning new rand...

Languages: English, Hebrew, Russian, French

belly- button

 pardes hana, Israel
Female, 11

Hi, my hobbies are dancing doing gymnastics, and also like cooking and I love animals and swimming and my favorite TV series is my hero academia and I also really like SpongeBob, I love many types of series and movies and i like to talk about them (b...

Languages: Hebrew, English

Garden Wolf

 Givatayim, Israel
Male, 53

Hello there any where. I'm Zeev from Israel, living in Givatayim (Hebrew meanning: two hills), a city next to Tel Aviv. I work at the Business Development unit in an Israeli pharma company. I like very much art and particulary intersted in ethnic art...

Languages: Hebrew, English, French, German

Niv Betsalel

 Kidmat zvi, Israel
Male, 24

Hello, I'm Niv. I'm twenty two years old, I have seven siblings and we are/were all homeschooled. I like traveling and hiking and finding new places to visit and stuff to do. I've been a communications technician in the army, and now I work in agricu...

Languages: English, Hebrew


 -, Israel
Female, 16

Hey there! I'm immensely curious and I love learning about the world and other countries. I have a passion for learning languages and currently learning Spanish and a bit of Romanian. I love writing thoughtful & aesthetic letters. As for hobbies, I l...

Languages: English, Hebrew, Spanish

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"Informative and interesting"
Global Penfriends is very interesting and you get to know about other countries culture and religion. Building cooperation and support.
Female, 38, Bhutan
Review date: 02 Dec 2020
"Great place to connect"
GPF is great to connect with Christians worldwide! I have met many great people and have learned about many different cultures. I look forward to meeting many more. I wish that there was an app for the ease of communicating.
Female, 22, Canada
Review date: 05 Jul 2021