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 cosenza, Italy
Female, 15

Just an italin girl looking forward to make new friends :)I'm pretty shy but I hope I'll find someone to talk with.

Languages: Italian, English, Spanish


 Cosenza, Italy
Female, 15

hi! I'm very sociale and sweet, I really like music, I've been studying violin for 5 years. I like to take pictures, spend time with my friends and watch TV series.🥰

Languages: Italian, English, French


 Bergamo, Italy
Male, 20

Hi, i'm from a little town near Bergamo (IT). I study composition at the Conservatory in Brescia and i love music! Specially songwriting and producing in my studio. In my free time i like learning different languages.

Languages: Italian, English, Croatian, Icelandic

Cultural Keepsake: Celebrations for Ferragosto


 Milan, Italy
Female, 15

Hi there! I'm Sveva and I'm 15. I really enjoy reading (mainly classics and historical fiction cause I'm a huge history nerd), nature and I love languages. I'm learning German (by myself) and Latin and Ancient Greek (at school). I also really love ar...

Languages: Italian, English, German


 Parenti, Italy
Female, 15

I’m a girl, I live in a village. I’m very stranger and complicated to describe in only 600 characters. I’m very active so I search a new activity to do. I love pets, I’ve got two fishes and a dog, I'm very attached to him and I usually spend ...

Languages: Italian, English


 Riolo Terme, Italy
Male, 21

Greetings, I'm a mild boy passionate about music, I like practically all genres,from classic to hip hop, anime/manga, video games, philosophy... I look for a durable friendship. I am going through a difficult time in my life for health and for this r...

Languages: Italian, English, Polish


 Sant'Antioco, Italy
Male, 28

Handsome, billionaire, famous, sexy, precise, extrovert, Flat Earth Society member, guitarist, freelance journalist and stage actor. I'm none of these!

Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French

Cultural Keepsake: Autumn in Sardinia


 Italy, Italy
Male, 30

Italian guy in search of the truth, I might be just behind your back or a boat ride away...quiet but sometimes my silences are loud. Don't like to write too much out about me here, best if we start talking!

Languages: Italian, French, English, Spanish


 Parma, Italy
Male, 28

Hello! I'm Ale. I currently live in Parma, the city where I'm studying. I am a sincere, enthusiastic and extremely curious person... that's why I love traveling, meeting people and cultures and sharing mine. I am obsessed with writing and art as a me...

Languages: Italian, English


 Bagheria, Italy
Female, 19

Hi, everybody! I'm Sharon,I'm 19 years old and I'm from Italy.I'm looking for a penpal for sooo long and finally I found this page. I want to improve my English and my Spanish, but most of all I wanna make new friends!"Is it better to speak or to die...

Languages: Italian, English, Spanish

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