Penpals from Italy


 Lomazzo, Italy
Female, 15

Hi! I'm a girl from Italy and I'm really excited to find somebody to send letters to! I love a lot of different things, like climbing, reading anything fictional (I really love fantasy books like "All the young dudes", "Percy Jackson" and "Shadow and...

Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, German

Chiara Laura

 Martina Franca, Italy
Female, 14

HI. I am a very sociable and creative person, I love to have fun and spend time with the people I love. I like animals and I love drawing, reading, listening to music, baking and always being on the lookout for new friends and creative things to do...

Languages: Italian, English


 Bologna, Italy
Female, 40

I’m curious and I love to learn every day. I read a lot (mostly fantasy books) I watch a lots of tv series and I play tennis.I have two sons and I am looking for a friendship outside my country to open my mind

Languages: Italian, English, French


 Bergamo, Italy
Male, 26

I'm Max, I'm a funny, humble and nice (i hope) guy who would like to practice English as much as possible. I joined this website because of quarantine boredom. Also i wouldn't mind to learn some German. My hobbies, interests are listening to music, w...

Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German


 Fabriano, Italy
Male, 31

Always been the clown of my group, not sure if this is a good thing though haha. Jokes aside I am a pretty fun guy, I enjoy traveling and try new stuff, also kind of a nerdy guy XD

Languages: Italian, Spanish, English

Valentina D.

 Montevarchi, Italy
Female, 51

Hi! My name is Valentina. I live in Tuscany, Italy with my husband and my sons. I'm a down to earth person, a little shy but with a good sense of humor! I love literature, movies, travel, writing and receiving letters, cooking and more, more other!

Languages: Italian, English


 Urbino, Italy
Male, 39

Hi!My name is Andrea I'm 38 years old and I live in Central Italy.I like reading, running and doing sports in general.I love Nature!I'm looking for new friends all around the world

Languages: Italian, English

My Lin

 Sesto al Reghena, Italy
Female, 71

I'm interested in social issues, justice, animals and the environment. Even politics.I have 4 cats . I live in the countryside, do ultra organic jams, ceramist by chance, love reding of all, sometimes in French, listening to music programs. I love S...

Languages: Italian, French, Italian


 Potenza, Italy
Male, 28

Hey there! :) I am studying Japanese at university and I am keen on language! I am fond of history, gaming, movies, manga/anime and running as well. As a personal wish and objective, I'd love to travel to any continent on Earth :D

Languages: Italian, Japanese, English


 Rome, Italy
Male, 29

I'm an italian boy and I have a great interest towards IT, sports, literature, science, videogames and chilling conversations. I'm a little introverted and I would exploit this tool to improve my social skills, along with my English. During my spare ...

Languages: Italian, English, French