Penpals from Italy


 Cusano Milanino, Italy
Male, 18

Hello, I'm Alex! I am a very simple and straightforward guy, I enjoy watching Anime and working on computers. I also love books and listening to music, I love all sorts of genres!I work with a couple friends on software development and distribution, ...

Languages: Russian, Italian, Spanish, English


 Novara, Italy
Female, 20

Helloo nice to meet you! My name is Giorgia and since I'm Italian I really like cooking and eating good food ahah I'm really into sports even if I don't practice them that much. I like running, walking outside, traveling and meeting new people. I'm a...

Languages: Italian, English, German, Spanish


 Laives, Italy
Female, 40

I am a kind and honest person. I like singing, cooking and gardening. I love my family, animals and nature. And I love learning foreign languages!

Languages: Italian, English, German


 Verona, Italy
Female, 36

Hello! I live in Northern Italy, I am creative, open minded, mother of three, I use a lot of self-irony, I'm not that good in small talk, but I love deep conversations about things I already know and things I don't. I love nature, quiet places (unles...

Languages: Italian, English, French


 Veneto Region, Italy
Female, 69

I thank those who sent me smiles but am not in Premium to reply,pls include yr email.Am Asian mix in my sixties. N Italy is my home for many decades now. My multi ethnic background makes me eclectic in tastes...appreciate all cultures, ranging from m...

Languages: English, Italian


 Milan, Italy
Female, 54

I am the happy mother of three, with whom I spend my free time. We have many passions, including military aeronautics, the sea and traveling. I work as a legal assistant too many hours, but I love my job and I don't get tired. I love to joke, laugh a...

Languages: English, Italian, German


 Verona, Italy
Female, 16

hi everyone! I’m Giulia and i’m a 16 years old girl who loves learning languages, in fact i go to a language school in my city where i also study some subjects in the economic field. I’m fluent in three languages: italian because it’s my moth...

Languages: Italian, English, German, Spanish


 Castelfranco Emilia, Italy
Male, 14

Hi, I'm Riccardo. I'm Italian. I like playing tennis, reading books and writing. I'm also a super Harry Potter fan. I really like writing poems. I also like studying, in particulary Literature and History. My favourite singer is Ultimo. I like listen...

Languages: Italian, English, French

Pizza lover444

 Rome, Italy
Female, 10

Hey!I am Italian,but I live in England from 1 year old and my parents do not speak Italian to me.You can talk to me about what ever you want to.

Languages: English, Macedonian


 Milan, Italy
Male, 30

Hi everybody! I'm Andrea, an Italian guy that is looking for someone to speak with.I need to improve my English so if anybody can help me then write me!I really love traveling, watching tv, film and sports and going to the gym.

Languages: Italian, English