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Freedom 6116

 Hiroshima city, Japan
Male, 25

I am interested in learning English.And western countries cultures.I want to interact with many how to think.I am also interested in philosophy and psychology.I often watch western anime, and listen to westen music, and western movie.I like the mood ...

Languages: Japanese, English


 Funabashi, Japan
Female, 59

It's not easy to describe myself, but I'm basically open-minded, have simple but sometimes tangled thinking style. I enjoy various things and love the everyday life.

Languages: Japanese, English


 Hokusetsu, Japan
Male, 29

I am always seeking for something supernatural. And I'm always alone training to enhance that Transcendental power. In other words, It's a man who lives in the ideal. And I'm seeks for a companion who can explore and enhance that power together. And...

Languages: Japanese, English

Rita Rose

 Tokyo, Japan
Female, 48

Hi, I am a single mum of 2 adorable sons who are almost adults. ​I spend my free time reading books and house keeping. I like learning about new things. And I have much interest s in nursing and medical. I was an epilepsy nurse, currently an ...

Languages: Japanese, English, French

Cultural Keepsake: Memorial Rose


 Funabashi, Japan
Female, 41

Hello, everyone. I'm looking for email friends aged between 36 and 46 from English-speaking countries and Europe. I'd like to meet someone who guides the conversation. I like Hollywood movies, Euro-American music, flowers, animals, stationery, etc. I...

Languages: Japanese

Cultural Keepsake: Homemade Postcards


 Tokyo, Japan
Female, 23

Hello, thanks for reading my profile. I have both sides of extrovert and introvert. I like spending the time with my nice friends like talking at cafes or calling, also I enjoy going to the stationery and clothing shops myself. What I like traveling ...

Languages: Japanese, English, Mandarin


 神栖市, Japan
Female, 16

Hello.I'm a highschool student.I have been longing for travel in Europe.So I'd like to learn English and european culture.Let's talk about everyday things through the letter!However,I don't speak English velly well.

Languages: Japanese, English

Tokyo Vermilion

 TOKYO, Japan
Male, 42

I live in a residential suburban city of Tokyo.I treasure analog activities.I like travelling and taking photos.Do you have any cultural keepsakes in your place?I would like to learn about different places.I own the vegetable garden which is not smal...

Languages: Japanese, English

Cultural Keepsake: Tokyo Sky Deck


 Fuefukishi, Japan
Female, 39

I love watching baseball games so much on weekends. I usually bring my Koshu wine and snacks, sit down on the couch all day. I am a big YOKOHAMA DeNA BAYSTARS fan!!! The YOKOHAMA DeNA BAYSTARS are a professional baseball team affiliated with the Nipp...

Languages: Japanese, English, French, Russian

Cultural Keepsake: Yamataka Jindai Zakura・山高神代桜


 Kakegawa, Japan
Female, 37

Hello there. I’m a female living at a country town in Japan. I’m an introvert preferring meaningful conversations and cozy time with my loved ones. I like to cook&bake, read, knit&crochet, go for a walk, travel, photography and much more.

Languages: Japanese, English

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"I'm loving it so far!"
I have found some amazing people here with who I would love to stay friends with for years to come!!
Female, 20, Serbia
Review date: 06 Jul 2021
"Best pen-pal service ever!"
I have been using this site for over a year now and I have made friends from all over the globe. We have formed a bond that would make us look like we have been friends for more than a decade. I am grateful for the platform and would recommend it to others as well.
Female, 23, Ethiopia
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