Penpals from Japan


 Otsu, Japan
Female, 15

Hello:)I'm a girl in Japan,I belong to art club and volunteer club in school. I love drawing, doing calligraphy.I also enjoy reading manga,bullet journal, learning other languages and watching anime!I want to know various countries. I want to go coun...

Languages: Japanese, English, Mandarin


 Mitoyo, Japan
Male, 12

Hello everybody! I'm from Japan. I have a particular taste. I hope you don't mind it. In my country Japan, there is a set of popular TV series produced over generations featuring groups of warriors in outfits of various colors. Those series are ...

Languages: Japanese, English

Shoe Bee Bean

 Uji, Japan
Male, 12

Hello ! I'm here to make new friends from all over the world! I like talking about cultures and languages. I am interested in learning about the world around us. I thought it would be cool to make friends from around the world. I would be happy to me...

Languages: Japanese, English, French, Spanish


 Aomori, Japan
Male, 67

I have a national qualification as a travel advisor. If you are interested in Japan, please contact me. My hobby is traveling and make a song. I have ever been more than 30 cities in the world so far. I listen to music and go to the gym for physical ...

Languages: Japanese, English

Turn Right at Orion

 Minato, Japan
Male, 46

Introverted and sarcastic, but friendlier than I look. I spend most of my work days translating, interspersed with bouts of skateboarding (which means I'm in a semi-permanent state of injury). I love reading cosmic horror, sci-fi, etc. I would fight ...

Languages: English, Japanese


 Sanda city, Japan
Male, 48

A coffeholic, chocolateholic, and bookaholic. Hating prejudice and discrimination. I love everyone if she or he hopes to be honest, sincere and diligent. In my university days, I studied the Japanese language and literature, especially Natsume Soseki...

Languages: Japanese, English

Cultural Keepsake: Kobe city at night


 osaka, Japan
Male, 19

Hi.Im Japanese man I have a rabbit.if you have pet please show me.I like play game especially nintendo switch games.or smartphone games.anime also like.recent favorite anime is attack on titan and detective conan.sometimes do draw.but not good.

Languages: Japanese, English


Female, 29

Hi! I live in Hiroshima, Japan.I registered on this site because I wanted to learn culture and language by interacting with people from overseas.It is also interesting to see how people of the same generation live their daily lives overseas.My favori...

Languages: Japanese, English, Korean


 Fuji, Japan
Female, 44

Nice to meet you. I’m living in Japan. I’m a mother of two little boys. I like traveling abroad to visit world heritage.I like music and playing the piano. I also like learning languages, and I would like to be able to speak English more fluently...

Languages: Japanese, English, German, Spanish


 osaka, Japan
Female, 20

Hi :) looking for someone to be my pen pal. I love music (especially black metal, dsbm, death metal, gore grind) and movies/TV series.I'm also interested in human body and human instinct, psychology, law of attraction/assumption, nihilism, crystals, ...

Languages: Japanese, English, Norwegian