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 Tokyo, Japan
Female, 33

Hello, everyone :-) I'm a 33 year old woman living in Japan. I'm passionate about studying new languages and writing letters. I hope to make some international friends via this website and learn about other countries and their cultures. I love spend ...

Languages: Japanese, English, Russian

kms & wnc

 Tokyo, Japan
Female, 22

Thank you for reading my profile. Both my Japanese and foreign friends say I’m honest, optimistic, and saying my opinion very clearly. My interests are; music, musical instruments, languages, travel (I’m a solo traveler both in Japan and other co...

Languages: English, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean

Jiro Sayama

 Yokohama, Japan
Male, 72

I work in Tokyo and lead a single lilfe. I love walking along the coast and in the park, and music, reading, movie, theater.

Languages: Spanish, English


 kitakyushu city, Japan
Female, 70

Greetings from Japan I'm 68 years old. I'm a Japanese woman. I started to learn English recently,so I always wanted to make pen pals, and I decided to take part in this pen pal club.I'd like to make pen pals.I like cooking, trekking and playing with ...

Languages: Japanese, English

Tokyo Vermilion

 TOKYO, Japan
Male, 41

I live in a residential suburban city of Tokyo.I treasure analog activities.I like travelling and taking photos.Do you have any cultural keepsakes in your place?I would like to learn about different places and also like to exchange photos,postcards,s...

Languages: Japanese, English


 Kyoto, Japan
Male, 16

Hello. I’m in the second year of senior high school. I’d like to make friends and improve my English and other languages. I like math and number. So, I’m a little good at solving the calculation problems.

Languages: Japanese, English


 Osaka, Japan
Male, 49

Positive for everything. I am believer of saying there is a will, there is a way. I love meeting new friends from all over the world.

Languages: Japanese, English, Mandarin, Thai


 Tokyo, Japan
Male, 41

I am a teacher but not a public school teacher. I run a very small private school and there are only about 10 students. Many students have learning disabilities, and their mothers hire me. The job is like a tutor.Probably my hobby is hiking. I someti...

Languages: Japanese, English

Kozo Francisco

 Hamamatsu city, Japan
Male, 52

My name is Francisco. I am Japanese. I am a historian who works in a museum. I'm also a civil servant because my museum is run by the city I live in. I like music, reading, and playing PC games. I also like writing novels and traveling as a hobby. Bu...

Languages: Japanese, English

Cultural Keepsake: This beautiful Nature by Ukiyoe artists!!

stars in night sky

 yokohama, Japan
Male, 52

Hello,I want to have some penfriends.I can not sjpeak english very well.but I like english.I am a Japanese.Please say each other about Japanese culture,music,science, and so more.I ever make some best penfriends in this site!I am Japanese male.I want...

Languages: Japanese, English

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"I love global penfriends!"
Its so fun! Its easy to use and I overall love it :D I have only gotten one penfriend so far but thats something ;)
Female, 11, United States of America
Review date: 03 Sep 2019
"Safe and easy to use"
Incredible to find new friends from all over the world. It feels safe and secure, just all we can ask for for a penpal website.
Female, 21, France
Review date: 22 Aug 2020
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