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 konosu, Japan
Female, 57

Hello! I am a Japanese female living next to Tokyo.I don't know why but I have been fascinated by German language and am interested in cultures of German speaking countries.Do you have any idea why I always feel I need to learn a certain language for...

Languages: Japanese, English, German


 Ichikawa, Japan
Male, 23

An introvert working in the IT Industry. My time is spent more on hobbies, which are: reading books (mainly in English or Japanese), writing, drawing, walking, attending recitals, and visiting museums.

Languages: English, Tagalog, Japanese


 Kobe, Japan
Female, 27

I’m from Japan and really interested in other countries. So I’d like to know them. I’ve studying studying English and German at my university. I love traveling and photography.If you are interested in me, feel free to send me a message!! ;)

Languages: Japanese, English, German

Sakura GM

 Chiyoda-Ku, Japan
Female, 29

Hi! I'm Sakura :)I’m here to find a long term friendship. Also, I’d love to practice English, and in the future, French too. If you’re learning Japanese I’d be happy to help!When I’m free I enjoy belly dancing, kick-boxing, karate, and read...

Languages: Japanese, English, French


 Osaka, Japan
Female, 27

Hello, there! I'm 27-year-old Japanese lady. I love interacting with people from various contries, and that's why I decided to use this site. My family and friends say I'm gentle and caring. Hopefully I can make some genuine friends here. By the way,...

Languages: Japanese, English

Black tabby

 Miyagi, Japan
Male, 31

Hello guys! I’m here from Japan, I’m Japanese, 31 years old now. My name is Shigeru. I like listening to wide variety of music very much! I like cycling, watching Downhill races of MTB. I like nature. I have 2 cats, a tabby and a black female, bo...

Languages: Japanese, English


 Ibaraki, Japan
Female, 21

Hi! My name is chiaki. I'm japanese university student.I'm learning about culture, history and tourism.I like book,movie,travel,photography,food,incense and I like talk to many people.I'm interested in world heritage sites and ruins.I'm a sociable an...

Languages: Japanese, English, German


 Saitama city, Japan
Female, 17

My name is Kotone. I'm seventeen years old. I'm senior in high school and I mainly study English in my school. I come from Saitama where is next to Tokyo.I live with my parents, sister and dog. I'm interested in learning Russian. I am interested in E...

Languages: Japanese, English, Russian, French


 Tokyo, Japan
Female, 58

Hello, I’m from Japan. Nice to meet you. I live with my husband and a daughter. I like nature, walking, hiking, reading books, and musicals. When I was a university student, I learned English. I would like to know other cultures :)

Languages: Japanese, English


 Nagano, Japan
Female, 44

Hi there! I’m 44 years old working mum. I have a girl (13 years old). I like to do Yoga(Now I'm enjoying boxing exercise at the gym), walking in the nature, drink coffee or tea in the quiet place, book,listen music,baking, cooking and watch drama ...

Languages: Japanese, English, Italian

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"Best Website!!! It works"
I really enjoy using this website, everyone i met so far are is super nice and amazing. Before i used to have a hard time finding penpal friends but since i joined here, not anymore! This website is the best!!!
Female, 16, Switzerland
Review date: 19 Feb 2020
"nicely done"
Site is easy to navigate. I appreciate the opportunity to correspond with people from other countries.
Female, 58, United States of America
Review date: 14 Apr 2019
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