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Tokyo Girl

 Tokyo, Japan
Female, 47

Hello! I'm married with no human children( have furbabies ), living in Tokyo Japan. I'm very quiet and enjoy my alone time.I love animals, nature, stationery (like pens, tapes, papers, stickers, cards, scissors, glues ...), movies , true crimes, read...

Languages: Japanese, English


 Kurayoshi, Japan
Male, 56

Hello guys,I'd like to find some new friends who lives in this world. I don't care if you were male or female or non-binary, if you were young or old. I work as a Japanese teacher at high school in Japan.

Languages: Japanese, English, French, Spanish


 Fuefukishi, Japan
Female, 39

I love watching baseball games so much on weekends. I usually bring my Koshu wine and snacks, sit down on the couch all day. I am a big YOKOHAMA DeNA BAYSTARS fan!!! The YOKOHAMA DeNA BAYSTARS are a professional baseball team affiliated with the Nipp...

Languages: Japanese, English, French, Russian

Cultural Keepsake: Yamataka Jindai Zakura・山高神代桜


 Kobe, Japan
Female, 25

Hi! I'm Mona from Japan. I like traveling, eating, movies, nature, European and photography. I've been to Korea, China, Hong Kong, UK, USA and Canada. Especially I enjoyed the UK Because I like Harry Potter and historical places. I'm interested in l...

Languages: Japanese, English


 Manazuru, Japan
Female, 57

I am 57 years old Japanese woman with 2 children I am a care manager for the aged living at home. I like to watch TV drama and movies at home online. I like ballet, watching at theaters as well as joining the lesson, though I am in the beginner's ...

Languages: Japanese, English


 Yokohama, Japan
Female, 39

Hello! I’m Japanese. I have 2 kids and a golden retriever!!They are so cute.I worked at a pharmacy. But I’m housewife now.In my free time I play with my dog, watching english drama,learning english. Some day I hope to visit around the world,mak...

Languages: Japanese, English


 ibaraki, Japan
Male, 56

Hello.I am Japanese male.My hobby is reading,watching movies,listening to music etc.Is there anyone out there who wants to exchange email with me?I waiting for contact from you.My personality right now is the ENTJ type.Not always so.I have been pursu...

Languages: Japanese, English, French, German


 Yotsukaido, Japan
Male, 55

I am a native Japanese in Chiba of Japan. I'm 54 year's old office worker. I have a wife and 5 year's old son, so we are family of three. I enjoy listening to music such as The beatles, watching some movies and traveling on holidays. Though I don't p...

Languages: Japanese, English

Cultural Keepsake: cherry blossom trees


 Kitami, Japan
Female, 16

I am a student in Japan and I am interested in a different culture.I like to read a manga but I read only a specific comic book work.I have studied English for 3 yeas but I can speak only a little English.I like to study the world history.In the holi...

Languages: Japanese, English


 tsuruoka, Japan
Female, 62

I'm a Japanese living in the northern part of Japan. Retired, and have plenty of time to write. I love books, music, art and films and have a good sense of humor. I like reading rather than watching TV. It'll be nice to find a penpal from English spe...

Languages: English, Japanese

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"Best decision ever"
It's super safe! I met so many amazing and lovely people on here. It might take a little while until you find Penfriends but ones you found them it's so much fun! 10/10 would recommend
Female, 21, Germany
Review date: 16 Dec 2020
"i would recommend!!! :)"
Global Penfriends is a really good website and i would totally recommend this to my friends! :) i have made some really good friends!
Female, 11, United Kingdom
Review date: 06 Aug 2021