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 Nomi, Japan
Female, 18

Hi, I’m from Japan and in Japan(my home is not city but countryside). I’ve dreamed of studying abroad because I really like interacting people from other countries. But I can’t even go abroad due to Corona virus.I welcome whoever is kind, pos...

Languages: Japanese, English


 Nishinomiya, Japan
Male, 24

Hello, everyone. I am Japanese and I just came back from my study abroad in the UK. I can speak English, Japanese and French. I would like to talk, exchange postcards, or letters and each culture. Nice to meet you.I like watching movies, listening to...

Languages: English, Japanese, French, German


 hokkadio, Japan
Male, 25

moin moin mein name ist ryoichi kato! well i havent been speaking german for 4 years and almost forget words... i was able to speak german much better than english but i cant speak german fluently now. i dont have any international friends though...

Languages: Japanese, English, German


 city, Japan
Female, 28

Hi, everyone :) Please call me Marille. I decided to register GLOBAL PENFRIENDS. COM, because I wanted real friends especially from the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, and Austria. I like the sounds of English and German ♪ If y...

Languages: Japanese, English, German


 Tokyo, Japan
Male, 42

Moi,Hello,I'm Yohei,pure Japanese. I'm interested in world's cultures,hope to have many friends in all over the world.If you're interested in Japanese culture and language,it's helpful to make topics on our conversation.I have been to…USA - All of ...

Languages: Japanese, English, Finnish


 Tokyo, Japan
Female, 23

Hi everyone. My interests are food,art,music(almost all kinds),fashion and suspense series.It's difficult to describe myself but I can just say I don't like smelly(stinky) things,insects and being with crowds:)

Languages: Japanese, English, Swedish, Italian


 Tsukuba City, Japan
Male, 74

I am semi-retired person lives in Tsukuba 1hr away from Tokyo. I love tennis and sports. Volunteer activity to help foreigner. Occasionally a student of movie class in local college. Look forward anyone who seek friendship.

Languages: Japanese, English


 Kobe, Japan
Male, 34

I like cooking reading traveling learning foreign languages and animals.Currently I'm teaching myself English and Chinese.

Languages: Japanese, English, Mandarin


 Tokyo, Japan
Female, 17

Hi! I’m Lisa and I’m looking to make new friends around my age! I’m in my second year of high school, and my favorite subjects are English,P.E, music, art, Japanese, and maybe geography. I’d like to think that I’m friendly and passionate ab...

Languages: English, Japanese


 Tokyo, Japan
Male, 50

Londoner in Tokyo. I am a musician/writer staying Tokyo, but playing gigs all over Japan. Looking forward to meeting a kind, helpful person to practise Japanese-English with.

Languages: English

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"wonderful Global Penfriends"
love making new friends from the world over and sharing our lives! Exciting to look forward to the post.each day and what it may bring!
Female, 76, United States of America
Review date: 29 Sep 2020
"Global Penfriend's Review!"
I am super glad I found this site. I've made so many new penfriends, and new friendships, and the site is really safe as well. A definite recommendation! :)
Female, 12, Australia
Review date: 05 Dec 2020