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 Okinawa, Japan
Male, 49

I am looking for postal pen pals and email pen pals.I have much interest in NZ as my name. I am very curious about your cultures ,lifestyles and way of thinking.Our world is too big to travel here and there,right? My hobbies are -marathon, -encounter...

Languages: Japanese, English

Cultural Keepsake: blue oceans of Okinawa


 Funabashi, Japan
Female, 40

I like Western music and movies, writing, stargazing, flowers. I also like to listen to the radio, collecting stationery and novelty items, going planetarium and animal cafe.I'm interested in Sengoku history.I'm studying proofreading in correspondenc...

Languages: Japanese


 Okinawa, Japan
Male, 35

Hi, Ifm from Japan. personally, Ifm not good at talking about myself because I donft have many hobbies. after getting home, just relax, looking for some interesting stuffs on the net, or doing excercise a little. sometimes going to drink with ...

Languages: Japanese, English


 Sapporo, Japan
Female, 35

Hi all! My name is Risa!I'm a friendly, open minded type of woman with a good (sometimes bad) sense of humour!I'm hoping to meet a long-term friend male or female! I don't care about age! I love animals, travel and learning languages, listening to mu...

Languages: Japanese, English, German


 Oita city, Japan
Male, 49

I'm roofer, so I tile on the roof everyday.Recently I'm learning English language at my free time. So I can understand English But my speak is like 3 years old child.

Languages: Japanese, English

Cultural Keepsake: Traditional roofs


 Saitama, Japan
Female, 16

Hi! I'm a sixteen year old living in Japan. I'm a little bit shy but I really open up to people once I get to know them. I love baking, cooking, reading, and watching movies. I thought it would be cool to have friends overseas, and knowing their cult...

Languages: English, Japanese


 Sapporo, Japan
Female, 44

Hi, I'm kiyo. I like coffee, chocolate, blue, letters, collecting postcards, travel, learning English, reading. Recently I'm into origami. I think I'm quiet and introverted.

Languages: Japanese, English


 Kure-shi, Japan
Female, 29

Hello, it's wonderful to meet you. In my spare time I like to draw, watercolor paint, and read books. I am very fortunate to live near a river, and I like to walk along the riverbank sometimes. I would like to get along with everyone, and I try my be...

Languages: English, Spanish, Japanese

Marin Toudou

 Middle, Japan
Female, 22

Nice to meet you. My hobby is fishing, playing piano and reading books.Recently, I interested in Thailand and India, because food is really good! And also I like Thai actor, actually.

Languages: Japanese, English, Thai, French


 hyogo prefecture, Japan
Unspecified, 22

reading i knew the real situation in developing countries by VICE,BBC,documentary films,books

Languages: Japanese, English

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"Met so many amazing people!"
I’ve met so many people on this platform that have the same interests as me and we became all such good friends!
Female, 18, Switzerland
Review date: 06 May 2019
"easy and fun to meet new ppl!"
This is a great site for making new friends from all around the world. Although it looks quite old fashioned, it works really well and this site is 100% safe!
Female, 13, Japan
Review date: 07 Apr 2020
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