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 Osaka, Japan
Female, 36

Hi, I am a teacher of a high school in Japan, Osaka.I'm interested in languages, English and French. I teach my students both language in my school now. I have already married and have lovely girls(3 years and 5 years). So also interested in foreign ...

Languages: Japanese, English, French

Yuta san

 Osaka, Japan
Male, 30

I like to travel and learn languages.Before corona pandemic I visited many countries.Now I work as a web engineer.So I'm interested in IT technology as well

Languages: Japanese, English, Spanish, Russian

Kobu Kobu

 Sagamihara, Japan
Female, 23

I love to meet new people and exchange ideas, learn other cultures, traditions, trends in the local area etc.

Languages: Japanese, English

Cultural Keepsake: Walking in the Park

Awi hollyhock

 takashima-city, Japan
Female, 34

Hi!I'm from Shiga-prefecture in japan.I used to be married. I live with my little son in parents house.I'm 5ft 2in tall. Favorite:drawing,singing,walk on the mountain road,cats,movies(Cosmic, SF, suspense),other,,,I am fighting for a brain illness. T...

Languages: Japanese, English


 Nagoya, Japan
Female, 41

I like music, travelling abroad, walking (especially the coast path),sewing. I like British comedy TV such as Taskmaster, Ranganation etc My favourite radio shows are Xposure by John Kennedy,Elis James and John Robins I'm on instagram,travel and sewi...

Languages: Japanese, English


 Osaka, Japan
Female, 45

Since the pandemic prevents me from traveling, I thought I would be nice to meet new friends. Besides traveling, I like reading, eating good food, skiing, movies. I still collect coins and stamps.I am not very much a social person. I get tired easily...

Languages: Japanese, English, Italian


 Tokyo, Japan
Female, 14

Hi! I'm Cordelia. I’m a curious girl who love to challenge myself to new things. I have a rescue dog called Sumire. Sumire means "violet" in Japanese. I am aiming to be a ballerina. I love oldies like 70's and 80's music.I'm interested in social pr...

Languages: Japanese, English, Russian

Sweet candy

 Himeji, Japan
Female, 48

Hello. I am from Japan and very interested in foreign countries.I would love to visit Europe, Australia, and north America.I have started English lessons on line since June, 2020.

Languages: Japanese, English


 Sapporo, Japan
Female, 36

Hi all!I'm a friendly, open minded type of woman with a good (sometimes bad) sense of humour!I'm hoping to meet a long-term friend male or female! I love animals, travel, small business, listening to music, going to the movies, spending time with fam...

Languages: Japanese, English, German


 osaka, Japan
Female, 15

Hello! I am Natsu. I am a 15-year-old female.I live in Osaka, Japan. I always wanted to make pen pals. I also want to improve my English.I play percussion in the school brass band. I like USA and UK pop music and shrine. I prefer writing a ...

Languages: Japanese, English

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