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 western, Japan
Female, 53

Hi everyone, I am Japanese living in western Japan.I like to generate new ideas. For example, making a new menu, cooking, making plans to please you, sometimes coming up with some creative ideas for convenient goods. I like playing sports, having f...

Languages: Japanese, English


 Naha, Japan
Female, 26

Nice to meet you :)I'm Marina.I like Outdoor activities.I like to go camping, snorkeling, hiking and things like that.I still can't speak English well but I want foreign friends.

Languages: Japanese, English


 Osaka, Japan
Male, 51

Positive for everything. I am believer of saying there is a will, there is a way. I love meeting new friends from all over the world.I believe I am introvert. So far no one admits so.

Languages: Japanese, English, Mandarin, Thai

Freedom 6116

 Hiroshima city, Japan
Male, 26

I am interested in learning English.And western countries cultures.I want to interact with many how to think.I am also interested in philosophy and psychology.I often watch western anime, and listen to westen music, and western movie.I like the mood ...

Languages: Japanese, English

Jiro Sayama

 Yokohama, Japan
Male, 73

I work in Tokyo and lead a single lilfe. I love walking along the coast and in the park, and music, reading, movie, theater.

Languages: Spanish, English


 Chiba, Japan
Male, 26

Hobbies are playing games, reading books, cooking and taking care of my plants and dogI work as a internet engineer, Sometimes I study programming by myself I’m planning to go to Australia as a working holiday from this year

Languages: Japanese, English


 Tokyo, Japan
Male, 43

Hello,I'm Yohhei,joined here to have more occasions using English,which with not only native speakers,and have good friends as well. I'm calm and moderate Japanese,love thoughtfulness.I'd worked in NYC for a decade,and I've been to Vienna,Berlin,Hamb...

Languages: Japanese, English

Cultural Keepsake: Mt.Fuji


 Fukuoka, Japan
Female, 33

Hello! I am Japanese. I like crocheting, Japanese dance, wearing vintage kimonos, eating good food, cooking, beer, reading books, watching movies, music, and manga and anime! I have checked out most of the Japanese anime. I would like to know many th...

Languages: Japanese, English


 Osaka, Japan
Male, 27

Hi! I'm Satoshi. I'm from Osaka, Japan.I've been learning English and French. I just started Spanish too.I love football, manga, video games, and my 2 dogs.If you are intersted in Japanese, I will help you!

Languages: Japanese, English, French, Spanish


 Oita, Japan
Male, 61

I’m laWyer in Japan.Everyday I work and go to the fitness studio.I think I am kind.I keep reptiles.

Languages: Japanese, English, German

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"Awesome, great site, lovely"
Great website,and lovely people, Thank to all them I hava broken English but good friends are very honest about this in globalpenfriends
Female, 26, Turkey
Review date: 21 Nov 2021
"Great and fun site!!"
A great way to meet new people! I love sending and receiving letters, and global pen friends has made that easy!
Female, 16, United States of America
Review date: 02 Jul 2021