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 Katowice, Poland
Female, 21

I'm computer science student. Besides programming, in my free time I like to draw, dance, watch some nice series or read a book. I'm rather shy person, but when I got to know someone I'm really talkative :)

Languages: Polish, English

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 Mysowice, Poland
Female, 23

I'm a student of International Polish Studies. I'm interested in other cultures, travelling and learning new languages. I like writing stories, drawing in my sketchbook, reading all kinds of books, watching good movies etc. I'm shy, hard-working, rat...

Languages: Polish, English, German, Italian

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Mr X

 -, Poland
Male, 21

Hi! I'm 19 y.o student from Poland. I've got many various hobbies (as you can see above). I'm an open-minded, nice and chatty person who love travelling and discovering new cultures. My main aim is to improve my language skills and maybe learn some n...

Languages: English, German, Russian

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 d, Poland
Male, 21

I live with my parents and I don't have any siblings. I study Sociology at University. My free time I spend reading book or playing computer games. I prefer warm seasons, bacause then I can run and ride bike. I have few friends but I really trust the...

Languages: Polish, English, Russian

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 Pozna, Poland
Female, 46

I like people - I believe that they can establish unique bonds:)I enjoy travelling and visiting places , meeting strangers, observing life..

Languages: Polish, English, Spanish, Russian

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 Bydgoszcz, Poland
Female, 15

My name's Anna. I'm from Poland. I live in a small town near Bydgoszcz. I like history, good music and sports. My hobby is watching movies. I want to make some friends and learn some languages. I have a lot of dreams and ideas, I'm quite a creative p...

Languages: Polish, English, German

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 Katowice, Poland
Male, 21

Hi everyone, I'm 21 years old and I'm very interested in knowing new people. If you would like to write me something about yourself, welcome.

Languages: English, French

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the frog

 Warsaw, Poland
Female, 22

Hi! My name is Paulina. I'm twenty two. I am here because I want to meet new people and learn languages. I am studying slavistics, so I think it could help me write Bachelor Thesis about Czech Republic. In my opinion, I am really nice, funny and open...

Languages: Polish, English, Czech

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 Warsaw, Poland
Female, 16

Hello! My name is Kasia, 17. I'm here because I want to make some new friends and practice english. I'm full of energy love dancing, singing(even if I'm horrible at it), playing volleyball and drawing. Hope that one day I become a fashion designer. ...

Languages: Polish, English

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 Godw, Poland
Female, 16

Hi! My name is Patrycja. I like listening to music and collecting a postcards. I also really like singing. In my free time i'm jogging. I'm open and kind person.

Languages: English, Polish, German

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"Met wonderful friends"
I've met wonder people and I want to continue to meet for people from across the globe. This site is the best
Female, 39, South Africa
Review date: 20 Dec 2016
"Love it!"
Fantastic way to find people with the same interests and curiosities in different cultures and just wanting to learn about the world and others!
Female, 26, United States of America
Review date: 15 Nov 2016
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