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 Koszalin, Poland
Male, 16

Hello everyone.I am 16 years old boy living in Poland. I am a bit shy, so it helps me when someone starts conversation. I really enjoy sports.

Languages: Polish, English, German

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 x, Poland
Female, 18

Hello, my name is Katarzyna. I love painting, drawing, listening to music (post-punk, new wave, dreampop), reading books, taking long walks and observing universe. I collect postcards, old notebooks and daydream a lot. I spend a lot of time looking a...

Languages: Polish, English, French, Russian

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 Zgorzelec, Poland
Female, 16

My name is Daria. I'm a bit shy person, so when I met somebody for the first time I'm more like a listener, but when I get to know someone a bit better, I'm more open and talkative. I like drawing, but lately I don't draw very often because I have la...

Languages: Polish, English

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 Wroclaw, Poland
Female, 33

Hi! I'm a Ania from Poland, married, have three beautiful cats. I love to walk on the mountains and on the clouds (I'm a partly meteorologist too). I like analogue and vintage things and love to write snail letters :) I'm a little bit crazy too! I li...

Languages: Polish, English

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 Warsaw, Poland
Female, 31

I'm 29 yers old lawyer. I love to travel and meet new people. I' m a real book wormer. I love classic music.

Languages: English, Italian, Polish

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 Warsaw, Poland
Female, 31

Hello World! My name is Milka, I'm from Poland and I work as a Customer Service Specialist. I love reading books, especially crime stories and thrillers, but the moral novels, romances and historical novels are also a pleasure to me. I review books o...

Languages: Polish, English, Russian

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 Łódź, Poland
Female, 21

Well, I'm just an ordinary girl, living in our quite weird world. Always and forever self-confessed chocolate addict! I'm a typical introvert so I might seem a little reserved at the beginning but with time it gets better :D I believe in kindness and...

Languages: English, German, Italian, French

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 Thorn, Poland
Female, 18

hi! I'm 19 years and life in Poland. I really like travellig and eet new person and culture. I.m new in snail maile world so I hope that somebody will want talk :D

Languages: Polish, English, French, Italian

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 Warsaw, Poland
Male, 24

Hi, my name is Konrad. I'm 24 year old. I am studying and working in Warsaw. I'm here to meet interesting people and hope to improve my English. Unfortunately I don't travel as much as I want. I love sport (play and support). I spend my free time wit...

Languages: Polish, English, German

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 Swidwin, Poland
Female, 14

Hi Guys! My name is Julia. I'm thirteen and I come from Poland. I choose this website because I'm keen on learning foreign languages and I want to meet new friends from different countries - I think that I'm sociable. I'm interested in biology, spo...

Languages: Polish, English, German

Cultural Keepsake: Making dumplings

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"Awesome! GPF is a great site"
This is a good website! Thank you so much! I've got so many friends, lessons, cultures, and so much that i can't said one by one ?
Female, 19, Indonesia
Review date: 25 Apr 2018
"True friendship starts at GPF"
I've met my penpal 4 months ago and we've became true friend even if he lives far away. It's unbelievable and it's really working actually !
Female, 19, France
Review date: 30 May 2018
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