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 Działdowo, Poland
Male, 19

Hi! I'm Nicholas. Gonna turn 20 this year. Half Kenyan half Polish. Living in Poland since birth. I'm a really outgoing person that's energetic, kind and as mad as a hatter. I'm really into music, video games, joking and doing silly things. I r...

Languages: Polish, English

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 Krotoszyn, Poland
Female, 16

I'm Kasia and I'm polish girl. I'm interesting about everything, what I find. I love reading books (Agatha Christie is my favouriete novelist!). In last time I get a sewing machine from my Grandmum and I'm learning. Sometimes I play a guitar. I love ...

Languages: Polish, German, English

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Dawid Krawczyk

 Bielsko-Biała, Poland
Male, 23

I am musican, quality engineer and student in one person. I am interested in new technology and science - especially in aviation and astrophysic. Getting new knowledge gives me a joy. I play piano and saxhorn. Sometimes I find a moment to singing. I ...

Languages: English, Polish, Dutch

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 Czestochowa, Poland
Female, 18

I'm a shy person at the beggining because I'm scared about writting a message to someone. I'm in the last class in high school. I'm intrested in Asian culture (Kpop, anime, manga) but I don't mind learning about others countries. I like reading books...

Languages: Polish, English

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 Tarnów, Poland
Female, 46

About me: I’m a talkative person with a sense of humour. I work as a science teacher in a bilingual school. Hobbies and Interests: physical geography, foreign languages, the history of Druids and Celts, travelling, the healthy way of living, films...

Languages: Polish, English, Italian

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 Warsaw, Poland
Male, 16

Hi, I'm Paul. I'm 16. I've got a lot of hobbys such as travelling, photography and aviation. I'm open-minded and i like talking with other people about their culture and tradition.

Languages: Polish, English, German

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 Cracow, Poland
Female, 27

Hi! Dzień dobry! 안녕하세요. Nice to meet You all. I am 28-years-old material artist from Poland. I do Kyudo and Kenjutsu (Katori).

Languages: Polish, English, Korean

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 Mysłowice, Poland
Female, 23

I'm a student of International Polish Studies. I'm interested in other cultures, travelling and learning new languages. I like writing stories, drawing in my sketchbook, reading all kinds of books, watching good movies etc. I'm shy, hard-working, rat...

Languages: Polish, English, German, Italian

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 23-313, Poland
Female, 24

Hello! My name's Dominika. I'm 23-years-old Master's university student. I've got a lot of hobbies: reading books, listening to music, traveling, getting to know new people, cultures and languages. But also: collecting postcard all over the world, ...

Languages: Polish, English, Russian

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 Kalisz, Poland
Female, 21

My name is Aleksandra and I come from Poland. I am a very calm person😊😊 I like to write about everyday things.. If you want to know me better please write! ❤

Languages: Polish, English, Indonesian

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"The Best i have ever seen"
I love this site coz it has helped me network as well as meet and make many friends than I had anticipated. Thank u for making this a real penpal platform
Female, 32, Uganda
Review date: 21 Feb 2018
"Best Site for friends!"
It's one of the best Website to find new friends all over the world. I am really happy to be here :)
Female, 36, Switzerland
Review date: 04 Nov 2016
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