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 Warsaw, Poland
Female, 50

My name is Anna. I am married and I have one son. I work full time as a clerk in an administration. I really like my job:). I am a quiet, loyal and friendly person. In my spare time I like spending time with my family, writing letters, reading books...

Languages: Polish, English, Russian

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 Poznań, Poland
Female, 46

I like people - I believe that they can establish unique bonds:)I enjoy travelling and visiting places , meeting strangers, observing life..

Languages: Polish, English, Spanish, Russian

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 near Krakow, Poland
Female, 34

Hi there! My name is Gosia and I live in the south of Poland. In my free time I enjoy reading books, listening to music, watching movies and hiking. I am also interested in geography and history.

Languages: Polish, English, German

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 Nowy Kamień 11, Poland
Female, 16

Well, it's great to see that you are reading this. I'd like to try learning English, as well as meeting new people and learning about your culture. It'd be pleasure if you messaged me. :)

Languages: Polish, English

Cultural Keepsake: Rzeszow, Poland

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 Cracow, Poland
Female, 16

hey :) I'm looking for friends all around the world, feel free to write me :) at the beginning I'm little shy and don't talk much, but after some time I get really talkative, I am sooo optimistic and funny person, I just love meeting new ppl, I am a ...

Languages: Polish, English, German, French

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 Kraków, Poland
Female, 22

Hey there! I'm just an ordinary college student. I'm a pretty shy, often sarcastic and hopefully funny person. I like to read books, write stories, watch TV series. Can't imagine my life without animals. I'm also open minded and like to learn stuff a...

Languages: Polish, English, Japanese

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 Lublin, Poland
Male, 15

Hay, I'm from Poland. I am simply, crazy and open for big world 😂. Unfortunately I can to make mistakes in English... Well sorry for it!

Languages: Polish, English, German

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 Warsaw, Poland
Male, 16

Hi, I'm Paul. I'm 16. I've got a lot of hobbys such as travelling, photography and aviation. I'm open-minded and i like talking with other people about their culture and tradition.

Languages: Polish, English, German

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 Kraków, Poland
Female, 17

Hi I'm Kamila. Music, books and series. My english isnt perfect, but i'm trying :) My life is just a little bit boring so i want to know someone nwe. The place where i live is too small for me. I want to see the whole World.

Languages: English, Polish, French

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 -, Poland
Female, 17

Hello, I'm Ola - a Polish girl who loves learning languages. I also play piano and guitar, read many books and write stories. I like travels, because I can learn many interesting things about another cultures. To be honest, I like learning every...

Languages: Polish, English, German, Italian

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