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 Brzeg, Poland
Male, 25

My names Paul I am from the UK but now live in Poland and teach English here. I love cats and I'm probably one of the laziest people in the world, but when I'm not being lazy I enjoy being creative. I'm an amateur writer and in my spare time like to ...

Languages: English, German, Polish


 Lublin, Poland
Female, 13

I like books, drawing, scrapbooking and I crochet. I'm actually a fan of dream smp. And I happen to write sometimes. I love plants animals and mostly music. Kinda into Greek mythology. I like watching sunsets and stars. My favourite books are Harry P...

Languages: Polish, English


 Wroclaw, Poland
Male, 15

hi i'm Anthony but i also go by loren/lorenas, my pronouns are he/him, nice to meet you^^. i've just recently found out about this site but i've been penpaling for at least a year now. i'd say i'm interested in many things but to name a few i like dr...

Languages: English, Dutch, Polish, Japanese

 Wrocław, Poland
Female, 21

Hi there, it's Julia! An ambivert studying Mining and Geology. I love singing - I'm recording covers on YouTube, writing letters, and learning new languages. At the moment I have a goal to improve my German! I would describe myself as an understandin...

Languages: Polish, English, German


 Warsaw, Poland
Female, 34

Hi there! I'm a lawyer. I love to read, and of course, to write! I am very good at listening and I look forward to meet someone I can exchange good chats and letters with.

Languages: English, Italian, Polish


 Warsaw, Poland
Female, 14

She/her Infp-tI love reading books but in 2021 I didn't read as much as I wanted. My favourite singers are: Lana Del Rey,Conan Gray,awfultune,chloe moriondo,girl in red, flether and Ethan Jewell. In January this year I had found a film on YouTube, wh...

Languages: Polish, English


 Wyszków, Poland
Female, 17

Hi! I'm Oliwia, I'm 17 and I'm from Poland! I truly love the idea of penpals, so I wanted to try it out! I speak Polish, English, German and Russian, so I can exchange letters in these languages! Also, I'm studying Korean as well and I want to learn ...

Languages: Polish, English, Russian, German


 Szczecin, Poland
Female, 25

Hello:) I've been an active penpal for half of my life, however, as some pen friends come and go, I keep looking for new ones. I study classical singing and music is my greatest passion. I play a little piano and guitar. I also love theatre and actin...

Languages: English, Polish, German, Italian

Cultural Keepsake: Visiting the Seaside

Grumpy Bunny

 Grudziadz, Poland
Female, 33

quiet and nature-loving homebody. I like reading, drawing, playing games, sometimes even cooking, learning how to play kalimba.

Languages: Polish, English, Japanese, German


 Warszawa, Poland
Male, 35

I could describe my world as a place full of imagination and creativity. I love to draw and paint, playing instruments, making photos and reading books.

Languages: Polish, English

Cultural Keepsake: Twisted River

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I enjoying meeting people from all over the world and making friendship! We can talk many things and laugh a lot’s! Have a lovely day stay safe all! Thanks!
Female, 37, Japan
Review date: 05 May 2021
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I've found a lot of penpals on this site and I'm really grateful for that. If you want to find an easy way to connect with people all over the globe, I highly recommend using Global Penfriends!
Female, 21, Sweden
Review date: 07 Sep 2020