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 Lubliniec, Poland
Male, 19

Hi there! What can I say about me? Well, I am an ordinary teenager from Poland who loves learning other languages and travelling. Especially cycling. One can say that I am quite a serious person and that's why I prefer Snail Mail than Email. When it ...

Languages: Polish, English, Russian, German

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 Trójmiasto, Poland
Female, 20

I am a student at the university and I would love to learn about other countries. I never traveled much, but I hope it will change one day. I am a french major, although I am still learning how to speak in French. Besides that, I love to create digi...

Languages: Polish, English, French

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 near Krakow, Poland
Female, 34

Hi there! My name is Gosia and I live in the south of Poland. In my free time I enjoy reading books, listening to music, watching movies and hiking. I am also interested in geography and history.

Languages: Polish, English, German

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Mr X

 -, Poland
Male, 20

Hi! I'm 19 y.o student from Poland. I've got many various hobbies (as you can see above). I'm an open-minded, nice and chatty person who love travelling and discovering new cultures. My main aim is to improve my language skills and maybe learn some n...

Languages: English, German, Russian

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 Cracow, Poland
Female, 16

hey :) I am Sandra and I don't know what to say more haha I find myself as a talkative, optimistic and tolerant person I love animals, especially dogs and turtles although I have never had any turtle, but I have 3 amazing dogs (ily babies 💖...

Languages: Polish, English, German, French

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Banana cake

 Kielce, Poland
Female, 17

Hi everyone! I'm Sylwia and I'm a simple girl from Poland. Travelling and learning about different cultures sum up my passion pretty well and my biggest dream is to see the world. I have many interests, I could literally talk with anyone about...

Languages: Polish, English, German, Japanese

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 Warszawa, Poland
Male, 21

Hallo everyone! My name is Adrian and I come from Poland. One day I found that website cause I want improve my language skills. But now I see it's something more. I cam make some new friends and learn many interesting things about your countries and ...

Languages: English, German, Italian, Russian

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 Warszawa, Poland
Female, 46

I am a librarian. I work in a library doing research analysis and bibliographies. I like travelling, reading books and watching good films. I collect bookmarks. I am also interested in people and their cultures in the world. I would love to learn ab...

Languages: Polish, English

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 Poznań, Poland
Female, 46

I like people - I believe that they can establish unique bonds:)I enjoy travelling and visiting places , meeting strangers, observing life..

Languages: Polish, English, Spanish, Russian

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 Lublin, Poland
Female, 19

I'm an introvert. I love reading fantasy books and dark chocolate. I listen music all the time, mostly christian rock and instrumental music, but I like music in general so my playlist is very diversified. I enjoy watching TV shows, I've seen Game of...

Languages: Polish, English

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"Excellent, Have Fun and learn"
It's amazing, I got to know a lot of new people here. :) It helps me to improve my English and have fun at the same time!
Female, 19, Hungary
Review date: 25 Apr 2016
"Acquiring Global Knowledge"
Global Penfriends will help us to improve our language ability and acquire wide knowledge about world and verities of cultures, habits, history, travel etc.
Female, 40, Sri Lanka
Review date: 29 Sep 2016
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