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 Torslanda, Sweden
Male, 74

I am a retired, who is interested in most of things such as pen pals, friends, garden work, litterature, opera, pop music, travels etc., etc..

Languages: English, German, French

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Penpal from Sweden

 Stockholm, Sweden
Female, 37

Hi! I'm a 37 years old woman living in Sweden and working as an engineer. My mother tongue is Russian, but I've been using Swedish mostly in my everyday life for the past few years. I'd want to keep my English alive, hence my appearance on this site...

Languages: Russian, Swedish, English

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Miss High Jump

 Uddevalla, Sweden
Female, 15

I'm a 15 year old girl from Sweden. If you'd ask one of my friends to describe me in one world it would probably be: "Happy". On my freetime I do Track and Field. Mostly High Jump. My sport is really my life and I love it so much. I train 6 times...

Languages: Swedish, English

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 uppsala, Sweden
Male, 23

I am easy going. I like swimming, playing violin, snowboarding, ice skating, sunbathing ofcourse lol. I am also a scientist and I quit my engineer career, coz it is waste of life. but now I am only in to philosophy. I always like chocolate and I want...

Languages: English, Mandarin, Russian, German

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 Svedala, Sweden
Female, 14

I'm kind of an introvert. It might be a little bit awkward in the beginning, but I will warm up eventually :) I like to watch a little bit of anime, listening to music, sing, play some games, read, write, learn e.t.c. I'm a pretty quiet and calm girl...

Languages: Swedish, English

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 Sdra Sandby, Sweden
Male, 24

Hello girls! I am Arvid, and l am studying landscape engineer at a agriculture university. My intrests are history, nature, and travel. This summer I went to Dresden.Im not a fan of partys,and am no drinker or cigarette smoker! Of course I like girls...

Languages: Swedish, English, German

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Angie Stones

 Stockholm, Sweden
Female, 34

A curious easy going girl looking for penfriends. Technology has taken over our lives and it saddens me to see how conversations are being replaced by text messages, games and screens all over the place. I want that piece of paper with letters writte...

Languages: Bulgarian, Swedish, English

Cultural Keepsake: Christmas

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 Gothenburg, Sweden
Female, 18

18 year old student of humanities (language studies) with a great passion for traveling. Born and raised in Sweden where I live with my family. Would briefly describe myself as an ambitious, humble, openminded, independent, honest, warm and witty p...

Languages: Swedish, German, English, Italian

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 Nora, Sweden
Female, 52

I'm a swedish woman and have two children and two cats. I love to spent time with my family and friends. I like to dance, do yoga, take long walks in the nature and much more. Drink a lovely cup of coffee, having a picnic, swim in a lake - everythin...

Languages: Swedish, English, German

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 Sundsvall, Sweden
Female, 51

I am a Swedish girl and 50 years old. I am not so talkative at once but after a while and when I know the people around me. I have a boyfriend. I am a person who like to read books in different languages, write long letters and mails, and I like many...

Languages: Swedish, English, German, Spanish

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"snail mail heaven!"
Thanks to GP I have met some truly exceptional people, serious snail mailers and genuine friends :-)
Female, 36, Germany
Review date: 04 Sep 2016
"Wonderful experience!"
I have made some lifelong friends through this site. What a wonderful opportunity to learn about other people and cultures.
Female, 41, United States of America
Review date: 20 Feb 2017
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