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 Sundsvall, Sweden
Female, 50

I am a Swedish girl and 50 years old. I am not so talkative at once but after a while and when I know the people around me. I have a boyfriend. I am a person who like to read books in different languages, write long letters and mails, and I like many...

Languages: Swedish, English, German, Spanish

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 Mariestad, Sweden
Male, 51

I am a 51 year old swedish male.I have intelectual interests,and are also interested in other cultures.I like listening to music,reading,drawing and painting,I like travelling and exploring the world.I also enjoy playing chess,collecting stamps and w...

Languages: Swedish, English

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 Kristianstad, Sweden
Male, 47

Hello!! I am an openminded person that loves to discuss any topic!! Especially the meaning of life, and how to get a good life!! I am interested in many things, you may say curious. So I am interested in new friends, to share stories and lif...

Languages: Swedish, English

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 Gteborg, Sweden
Female, 14

Hi my name is Wilma, I'm 14 years old. And I'm from Sweden. I like training and watch movies. I really like to write, And make new friends from other countries. Especially England, Germany, Ireland and Italy !

Languages: Swedish, English, Dutch, French

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Alva Sjberg

 Kinnahult, Sweden
Female, 12

Hi! I am Alva from Sweden and I am 12 years Old. I live in a village called Kinnahult with my 2 sisters and my Mom and dad.I have 5 rabbits. I love singing and playing guitar , I also love animals , dancing , shopping and I love to travel ! I'm l...

Languages: Swedish, English, French

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 Gothenburg, Sweden
Male, 28

I'm a Swedish guy who wants to write with people and it would be fun to get some new friends here.

Languages: Swedish, English

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 Stockholm, Sweden
Male, 59

Iam open to new friends for connecting with them and write anytime day or night.Iam a gayperson..only for inform you about my self! iam Always Reading messages on does not matter if in sweden or abroad...its exciting and travels!

Languages: English, German, Finnish, Spanish

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 Herrljunga, Sweden
Female, 36

Hello, I'm a married mother of two living in the countryside in Sweden. People usually say that I'm warmhearted, my students say that I'm funny and make them laugh. I teach French and English, which I really enjoy. I miss travelling as much as I use...

Languages: Swedish, English, French, German

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Mikaela Mya

 Gteborg, Sweden
Female, 16

I am Mizore and i am 16 years old! i live in Sweden, Gothenburgish. I am a kittengirl (BDSM) who likes to talk to new people. I spend my days by watching Anime, draw, read, meet with friends and listen to musik. The music i listen to is mostly Voca...

Languages: English, Swedish, Dutch

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 Konga, Sweden
Female, 46

I'm a reflecting person who likes to be quiet if I don't have anything to say, but like to talk to people on the same wave-length. I live in southern Sweden where there are many beautiful lakes to go swim in; one of my favorite spare time things to d...

Languages: Swedish, German, English, Icelandic

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"Very thankful to Globals"
I'm very thankful for the existance of Global Penfriends. I've found a few very close friends from each corner of the world and I can unconditionally recommend this website! :)
Female, 24, Germany
Review date: 13 Feb 2016
"Nice and interesting site"
A good site if you are looking for friends from different parts of the world. It's easy to navigate, safe and interesting. Would reccommend it to anyone who wants to find a penfriend.
Female, 44, Slovenia
Review date: 30 Apr 2016
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