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 Sundsvall, Sweden
Female, 51

I am a Swedish girl and 50 years old. I am not so talkative at once but after a while and when I know the people around me. I have a boyfriend. I am a person who like to read books in different languages, write long letters and mails, and I like many...

Languages: Swedish, English, German, Spanish

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 Orrefors, Sweden
Female, 52

Hi! Woman soon to be 53 though still feeling 20... Strange how time passes! Poor, happy and usually carefree. Interested in anything that can make me curious. Three main interests are my dogs, nature, gardening, music, politics - whoops, that's mo...

Languages: Swedish, English, French, Russian

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 finspang, Sweden
Male, 54

Im a calm, kind and warm hearted man. I care about my friends and relatives. My hobbies ar many, like to try new things. The family is wery important for me and i love Children, they are the future!

Languages: Swedish, English

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 Trelleborg, Sweden
Female, 29

I am a calm, introvert, shy/withdrawn, honest, sincere and kind person. I've been told I'm a good listener. I spend my time with my girlfriend, our dog and cat. My main interests; afghan hounds & cats, video games, ports, crochet, travel (when money ...

Languages: Swedish, English, German, Greek

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 Malmo, Sweden
Female, 14

Hi My name is Katrine! I live in Sweden with my family. I play football twice a week. I like looking at YouTube videos, cooking, listening to music and making my own movies. I have been in many countries. Lots of my friends are boys because t...

Languages: Danish, Swedish, English, Spanish

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 Degerfors, Sweden
Female, 26

My name is Annette. I am a very positive woman . I have asperger syndrome which( to make a long story short)makes me appear very odd, shy or unsocial or maybe even rude or weird. Like to sing even though i am not good at it. I like to write, dr...

Languages: Swedish, English

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 Mariestad, Sweden
Male, 51

I am a 51 year old swedish male.I have intelectual interests,and are also interested in other cultures.I like listening to music,reading,drawing and painting,I like travelling and exploring the world.I also enjoy playing chess,collecting stamps and w...

Languages: Swedish, English

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 Stockholm, Sweden
Male, 13

Hey my name is Ismail, i'm 13 years old boy (14 in 8 may 2017) and live in Sweden, in the capital city Stockholm. I have many siblings, my parents are divorced, and i live with my mother. I'm from Somalia, Yemen, Jamaica and Ethiopia but i live and b...

Languages: Swedish, English, Spanish, Arabic

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Nana Hua

 Hedemora, Sweden
Female, 26

Hej~ I like to draw pictures and do creative things such as writing, animating, make comics and create music.

Languages: Swedish, Japanese, Mandarin, English

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 Jnkping, Sweden
Male, 24

Hello my name is Andrew, born in Sweden with Scottish parents and currently living in Vietnam. Im finding life boring here sometimes and would like to have a nice penpal to write to. I want to dream myself away to a country far away :) I love travel...

Languages: English, Swedish, German

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