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 Grythyttan, Sweden
Female, 42

Hello! Im a snowed in, married mother of 3, like to cook, paint, read, watch tv series, walk in the woods, swim in the lake, laugh, recieve and write letters, I like yoga. Winter in Sweden now, ice cold and a lot of snow! I cry when watching romantik...

Languages: English, Swedish

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 Gothenburg, Sweden
Female, 52

I like open minded , humorous people with a depth. Always loved to be surrounded with people from different cultures, food, religions... Interested in sharing thoughts about life and cultures.

Languages: English, Swedish, German, Polish

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 Eskilstuna, Sweden
Female, 52

Hello! Im a friendly, funloving, warmhearted person. Curious of other people. Other cultures. I have two woderful boys and three dogs. Love nature and animals. Dancing, culture, writing, photo etc. Im interested in many things. I would love to hav...

Languages: Swedish, English, Spanish, French

Cultural Keepsake: Walking in the snow

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 Lund, Sweden
Female, 16

Hello! My name is Lina and I'm 15 years old. I live in Sweden with my family. I'm studying in High School. In the future I want to be a pilot. I love meeting friends, cooking, learning new things, reading, playing piano and much more. I'm friendly, ...

Languages: Swedish, English, Spanish

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 Sundsvall, Sweden
Female, 52

I am a Swedish girl and 50 years old. I am not so talkative at once but after a while and when I know the people around me. I have a boyfriend. I am a person who like to read books in different languages, write long letters and mails, and I like many...

Languages: Swedish, English, German, Spanish

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 Sdra Sandby, Sweden
Male, 24

Hello, everyone! I am Arvid. Maybe you wonder why my nickname is "Lwenzahn". Thats because my favourite flower actually is dandelion. Dandelion is in german Lwenzahn. My favourite country is Germany and therefore I primaliry want to be pen-pal wit...

Languages: Swedish, English, German

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 uppsala, Sweden
Male, 23

I am easy going. I like swimming, playing violin, snowboarding, ice skating, sunbathing ofcourse lol. I am also a scientist and I quit my engineer career, coz it is waste of life. but now I am only in to philosophy. I always like chocolate and I want...

Languages: English, Mandarin, Russian, German

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 Ldse, Sweden
Female, 30

My name is Sofia and I live together with my daughter. I'm a diabetic. I'm a demi vegetarian, I only eat fish and chicken. I've got social phobia so it's difficult for me to talk to people I don't know, irl anyway. I have no problems writing wit...

Languages: Swedish, English, Greek

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 In the near of Stockholm, Sweden
Female, 16

Hello Everybody! I'm a girl from Sweden who loves to socialize, especially in writing. My English is good, I suppose? But far from perfect. New friends, knowledge, new opportunities and most of all experiences is what I am searching for in life. May...

Languages: Swedish, English, Czech, German

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 Konga, Sweden
Female, 48

I'm a reflecting person; quiet if I don't have anything to say, but can be witty and enjoy talking to people on the same wave-length. Studied abroad. I live in southern Sweden, have Finn roots, so I take sauna and swim; one of my favorite spare time ...

Languages: Swedish, German, English, Icelandic

Cultural Keepsake: Picking berries and mushrooms

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"Connect Safely"
I wanted to connect with people around the world in a safe way and this site helped me do that! Thanks!
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Review date: 12 Nov 2016
"Awesome website :)"
I have already found great friends from all around the world. I am so grateful for finding them here.
Female, 18, Latvia
Review date: 20 Jan 2017
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