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 Reichenbach im Kandertal, Switzerland
Female, 19

Hi I‘m a 19 year old girl from Switzerland and i want to make friends around the world. My hobbies are travelling, cooking and dancing. I love the shows Outerbanks and Never have I ever. I‘m also a big fan of Shawn Mendes. I would like to make a...

Languages: German, English, French


 Zürich, Switzerland
Female, 25

Coucou I'm a very open minded personality, interested in culture and art, travelling a lot by bike. I'm a freelance artist working with film and photography

Languages: German, English, French


 Solothurn, Switzerland
Female, 20

Hey, it is kinda weird to describe oneself :P I guess I am a kind and friendly person. I spend my time reading books and cooking. I also enjoy studying and learning new things about everything. I like playing computer games. My favorite Author is Fra...

Languages: Turkish, German, English, French


 Boenigen, Switzerland
Female, 18

I really like to write letters and get to know people all over the world! So here I am :) I am pretty open minded and generally a nice girl hahah. I like to draw and paint. I actually listen to all kind of music hahah :) And i really care about my fr...

Languages: German, English, French


 Delémont, Switzerland
Female, 44

Hi, I’m a friendly person, who likes travelling a lot. I have two children. We like to visit different countries, especially Italy. I like Italian food. Also I love reading in English, French and Russian.

Languages: Russian, French, English, German


 Baden, Switzerland
Male, 25

Hi! My name is Matteo and I live in switzerland. I'm a really caring Person and a good listener.I joke around a lot but I am always down for a meaningful deep conversation.I enjoy to be in the nature! and all kind of activities in it.I really love sp...

Languages: German, English, French

Cultural Keepsake: Ruine Stein


 Basel, Switzerland
Female, 21

Hi! Nice to meet you.My name is Shelby and and i am looking for some new friends in those lonely quarantine times!I currently doing an apprenticeship as a seamstress. I also collect stickers and have a decent collection of stationary items and stamps...

Languages: German, English


 Zurich, Switzerland
Male, 43

Happy go lucky, glass half full. Appreciative of the world around while wanting to expand horizons. My world is quite 9-5 would love to find out more from how your life differs, culture, traditions aspirations. We’re all so different.

Languages: English, German


 anywhere..., Switzerland
Female, 18

I'm a eighteen year old girl from Switzerland. I'm a little bit shy but very open to new things, other cultures, food, ... ;-) I love to travel, meet friends, read books, write storys, listen to music and I would like to communicate in English or Fre...

Languages: German, English, French


 Reichenbach im Kandertal, Switzerland
Male, 17

I'm a sixteen year old boy from Switzerland. My hobbies are; travelling, jogging and cross country skiing. I'm like to watch Netflix (Modern Family, Blacklist) and Grey's Anatomy. I'm a little bit addicted to TikTok.

Languages: German, English, French

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love Global Penfriends ! really rad people to meet and its super accessible to everyone. really easy to use :))
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