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Down the beach

 Ferring, United Kingdom
Male, 57

Divorced for a few years, I live alone.Hard working but in my spare time, I love to watch the sun rise on a clear day from the beach... Always manages to clear the mind, and helps forget any worries. Living around 5minutes from the beach helps.I love...

Languages: English


 Hoddesdon, United Kingdom
Male, 52

I work a lot but enjoy my time off with family and friends. I enjoy the outdoors and like to sit and watch the world go by.

Languages: English


 Hull, United Kingdom
Female, 14

I am a 13 year old girl who is interested in finding a penpal. I am in a cheerleading squad and love practicing for this in my spare time, I also really enjoy gymnastics and dance. I like to read a variety of books,I love many authors. I have an ann...

Languages: English, French, German

Mathew G

 stoke-on-trent, United Kingdom
Male, 28

Hello I am Mathew, I am here because despite a really crappy year I am wanting to have penpals in my life and building strong meaningful friendships. I used to have penpals that I really enjoyed having in my life but life difficulties happened and af...

Languages: English


 Derby, United Kingdom
Male, 31

Hi,I am here to make new friends. I was born in Sri Lanka and want to know more about the country I am from. I am also open to talk to anyone from from other countries too. I would love to travel to many places and learn about different cultures.So...

Languages: English


 England, United Kingdom
Female, 15

Hi, I'm from England and my favourite hobby is horses and horse riding. I love travelling and visiting new countries. I think my friends would say that I am funny and kind.

Languages: English, French


 Cowie, United Kingdom
Female, 30

Hi!Software developer by day, all my hobbies at night. Love to crochet, read, learn languages and listen to lots of chill hop at the moment.Going travelling to Japan next year so I'm learning Japanese!Babysit my niece a lot and have a dwarf hamster c...

Languages: English, Spanish, Japanese


 London, United Kingdom
Male, 21

Hi I’m Ottimus, I was born in London, studied sport science and graduated this year. I had a pen pal since I was 14, we reconnected 4 years later during my 1st year of university, I went to visit them during my reading week, in Philippines , got to...

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Tagalog

Cultural Keepsake: You alright?


 Macclesfield, United Kingdom
Female, 22

Hi everyone! I come from a big family and have a few good friends but it would be nice to make some new friends from around the world. A few things about me, am a big animal lover, right now I have a little dog named Alfie, he’s amazing. One day I...

Languages: English


 Bexley, United Kingdom
Female, 10

Hi! I like Horse riding, astrology, astronomy and anime! I live with my mum and step-dad, not to forget my 2 dogs (Boo and Fizz) and my snake (Fluffy). I do often like to post a video on YouTube but I don’t post too much. I have lots of friends fro...

Languages: English

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"Cool site - so fun!"
I really had good friends by using Globalpenfriends. It's so fun to meet with new people ! Thank you Globals!
Female, 16, Turkey
Review date: 08 May 2020
"Really great!"
I wanted to expand my horizons and meet new people through ways I used to use in elementary school. I was able to meet new people who shared my interests and get more into writing and sharing art!
Female, 17, United States of America
Review date: 22 May 2020
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