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 Dunfermline, United Kingdom
Male, 35

I am listening to a lot of Volbeat and Iron Maiden currently... other favourites include Bruce Springsteen, Liam Gallagher, Bon Jovi. I am a self-published comic book writer and letterer and like reading mostly DC Comics. I'm an on/off wrestling fan....

Languages: English, German


 Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
Female, 16

I’m a Lithuanian girl living in England here are some facts about me ...I like to read a lot and play guitar .I really like rock and music in general and I like some kpop but mainly rock and some Japanese rock bands.:)I like to read lots of differe...

Languages: English, Lithuanian, Japanese, French


 Cornwall, United Kingdom
Female, 55

I am married with 3 grown up children and 3 grandsons. I am not working at present so I have lots of time to write letters to new friends from around the world. I have lots of hobbies (crafts, knitting, hiking, reading, writing letters) and love to s...

Languages: English, French


 Belfast, United Kingdom
Male, 62

I believe I’m a kind, friendly and outgoing person. I’m well educated (BA Hon’s) but I prefer to work as a Carpenter. I enjoy being active – walking, running, swimming & cycling, but I also like reading, crafts, history and genealogy. I work ...

Languages: English


 Bristol, United Kingdom
Female, 15

Hello! It's nice to meet you! I'm Annie! :)) I like reading, writing, scrapbooking, acting, listening to music, rollerskating and playing with my cat. :) In my free time, I like to volunteer and I love making arts and crafts for others. :) I would de...

Languages: English, French, Sign


 Reading, United Kingdom
Male, 30

I enjoy watching anime, playing video games and learning about Japanese culture. I also enjoy listening to music, mainly rock and pop music, both Japanese and western. I’m happy to discuss these topics with people who have the same interests, so pl...

Languages: English, Japanese


 UK, United Kingdom
Female, 12

Hi I am Brooke :) - I have a dog, 2 fish and a lizard. One younger sister but I'm really close with my cousins so they're basically siblings. I love drawing and animals but I suck at drawing animals.I would love to meet someone and become really clos...

Languages: English, Spanish


 Glasgow, United Kingdom
Female, 27

Hello! I'm an introvert and love my time alone but I really enjoy having meaningful conversations with people too. I am interested in singing and music, films and television and slowly getting into podcasts! I enjoy baking and eating and I roller ska...

Languages: English


 Bingley, United Kingdom
Male, 37

Hello! I’m looking to meet new people to correspond with by snail Mail. I’m an Introvert by nature but trying to be more open and confident. I enjoy reading, especially thrillers and mystery books and I also love music. I play the violin and viol...

Languages: English, French

Sienna Marie

 London, United Kingdom
Female, 14

Hello! I live in the UK near London. I'm an introverted INTJ but can be extroverted around people I know. In my free time, I love to paint and read mystery books. At school, my favourite subject is French.

Languages: English, Swedish, French

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"The Best penpal site"
Global PenFriends has much more committed users than any others I've tried. It's very safe too. Great job! :-)
Female, 40, Canada
Review date: 14 Oct 2020
"wonderful people"
I’ve met some amazing people from around the world ,they’ve helped me improve on new languages .they have also helped me come out of my shell
Female, 14, United States of America
Review date: 21 May 2021