Penpals from canada

Clara Helena

 Toronto, Canada
Female, 51

I.M a stay at home mom.Devoted to my family.I,m a child day care teacher.I love working with children.I,m a calm person and I always love to try something new.My best interest is travelling around the world and I,'ve been in 16 countries.I like to le...

Languages: English, Dutch, Hebrew


 Calgary, Canada
Male, 70

I am a man who is patient , caring, understanding, and very respectful of others, and will not tolerate racial discrimination and any kind of social injustice that affects the freedom of men and women in the world and the cruelty committed to animal...

Languages: French, English

Ms. Goldfinch

 Aylmer, Canada
Female, 23

Hello friends! I’m a Paraguayan Mennonite currently living in Ontario Canada. Most of my days are spent going on walks, baking new recipes and drinking tereré (a common Paraguayan tea). When I’m not busy with friends or preparing meals for my hu...

Languages: English, German, Spanish

School is Out

 Montreal, Canada
Male, 54

I am an extrovert, curious, passionate, persistent, balanced, and funny (so I was told) person. I appreciate good movies, music, art, food, and interesting people. Small or long talk, anything goes: let's get to know each other.

Languages: English, Portuguese, French, Spanish

 Hamilton, Canada
Unspecified, 15

Hii, I'm mars, I use he/she/they pronouns. I love art and music (mitski, hozier, ethel cain, jeff buckley, david bowie, the smiths, radiohead, etc.) and I spend a lot of my time drawing or reading.

Languages: English, French

Cultural Keepsake: CATS!!


 charlottetown, Canada
Female, 13

HI! I'm FrankiePEI! I love to draw and dance and read awesome books! I'm lucky to be homeschooledl!!! I have a sister and we live on an island.

Languages: English


 Hanna, Canada
Male, 29

I'm from Western Canada and it is really beautiful here. I'm looking to meet postive new people and maybe even help someone feel better about themselves. I work during the days and then I like to play music and draw and do outdoor activities in my fr...

Languages: English


 Canada, Canada
Female, 36

Hello from the other side! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my profile. Hope all is well with you. In a nutshell I’m a proud yet passionate dog mother of two little twin boys whom I love dearly. I live with my mother and I’m very muc...

Languages: English, Sign


 Regina, Canada
Male, 28

Hello, My name is Michael. I enjoy telling stories from my culture, and listening to stories from other cultures; such as folk stories about the supernatural or about creatures. I enjoy talking with elders and absorbing the wisdom and knowledge they ...

Languages: English, Greek, Russian, Japanese

Angelique Robert

 Montréal, Canada
Female, 19

Hi! My name is Angélique. I am a student! I love nature, reading, tv shows, hiking, travelling and many other things.

Languages: French, English