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Cultural Keepsakes

Cultural keepsakes give an insight into your culture so that other penpals can learn more about your way of life or where you come from. The keepsake could be a simple thing you do, like going for a walk around a particular park, it could be a religious event, a family celebration or a traditional event celebrated by the whole country. If a keepsake is approved - a link will be added to your penpal profile for other to see.

Keepsakes are invaluable to our understanding of the world,. Many of the things you do are completely foreign to someone from another country and culture. Help others understand and share your insights.

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Australia Walks around the lake shyNquiet
United States of America Time Spent in Lacy Park Endless Rainbows
India Diwali 2021 Namu456
United States of America Autumn Evening Walks ella_the_wildflower
Canada British Columbia hockeyboyie
Australia Koala walks Kate she
United States of America Hiking/Going for walks Britt
Australia Going clubbing with friends Ghoulgirl
United States of America Urban Exploration Tsumi
Germany DSV98 swimclub Astrid170267




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