How our Club works

Global Penfriends is for penpallers of all ages and interests. The club caters for both snail mail penpals (penpals by post) and those looking for internet or epals. To join the club you need an email address. If you don't already have an email address, you can register for a free address at

How to get started and start finding penpals

1) Create a free penpal profile
2) Await profile approval
3) Search for the right penpal OR wait for someone to contact you.

Internal Messaging System

This club is a family friendly platform from where you can meet new penpals and friends from all over the world. By family friendly, we mean that it is safe for people of all ages - from children to adults. The site makes use of an internal messaging system, so you will never have to give out you email address to prospective penpals, until you feel comfortable with your new contacts. Our members safety and security is very important to us and we will protect your personal data and contact details.

Once you have established contact and trust with pen pals through the Global Penfriends internal messaging system, you are free to discuss how you will communicate with your new friends outside of our website - whether it be by post, email, phone, Whatsapp, Viber or some other software. Many of our members are looking for a combination of both internet friends and postal penpals.

Global Penfriends administrators review each and every profile on our website. Any profiles that are found to be unsuitable for penpalling are deleted immediately. We also perform regular scans on our database to find spammers and scammers for our members protection. Any reported scammers are investigated immediately. Each time a profile is modified, it is reviewed again to ensure content is still suitable and family friendly.

Snail Mail Penpals

There is an optional field on the penpal profile where members can register a postal address. Registered postal addresses are not visible to others on our site unless they have purchased snail mail contact credits. Registering your postal address is a great way to get suprise letters by post from all over the world.

Only members that have purchased snail mail credits can build a list of penpal names and addresses by searching for penpals that have registered a postal address. Register postal address or snail mail

To start building a list of snail mail names and addresses you can either: Send a message through the internal messaging system by clicking Send message to penpal whilst viewing a profile. In this case, you would ask your potential penpal via internal message if you could get their snail mail details. If they were agreeable, they would then send their details via internal message.

The second method is also very easy and has the advantage that you do not have to wait for a reply message from your potential penpal. You simply click on the "Get Postal Address" icon Get snail mail address from the profile page, and the members snail mail address will be added to your Address Book. You can start writing to your penpal immediately.

Why Start Penpalling?



"found several nice friends"
I was hesitant at first but I'm glad that I joined. I found several nice people. GlobalPenfriends is a nice site to find friends from all around the world.
Female, 35, Turkey
Review date: 25 Jan 2021
"Expanding my horizons"
I love this site as it helps me to expand my horizon my views and my interests with other friends all around the world.sitting at the comfort of one's home reaching out to the other parts of the world is fantastic.By sharing your experiences, you're helping members make better choices. Thank you!
Female, 48, India
Review date: 21 Jan 2021