About Global Penfriends

Global Penfriends (GP's) has been operating since 1995 and is a registered Australian business. Originally the club operated soley through the post and was aimed at people interested in snailmail correspondence. Today, we receive all our membership applications by internet and our members are interested in not only corresponding by post, but also, email, internet, chat and video apps. GPF has been designed to maximise quality penpal connections. We pride ourselves on maintaining a safe and family friendly penpal environment, free of scammers and spammers.

The focus of our club is to assist people in finding genuine penpals and friends from all around the world in a safe and secure environment. We realise thats its not just about finding pen-pals.. its about finding the RIGHT pen-pals. To help search for your perfect penpal - we ask all members to complete a detailed profile for other club members to view. A detailed profile ensures our members are serious about penpalling and it also ensures that each GP profile has enough information to make it unique and useful enough for others searching for pen pals.

..So what makes Global Penfriends unique?
  • Safe and Secure
  • Our internal messaging system means that you never have to give out your contact details (email or postal) to any potential penpals until you have built trust. Members can choose the age and gender of penpals they will receive messages from.
  • Family owned and operated
  • Global Penfriends is a registered club operated by family. GPF has been operating for over 25 years.
  • Quality selection of international penpals
  • Profile administrators check each profile for appropriate content to ensure our site is family friendly and safe for all visitors.
  • Postal penfriends and email penpals
  • Our site specialises in both postal penpals (snail mail) and internet penpals. We are by far the largest postal penpal site on the internet and all active profiles are visible to members.
  • Anti-Spam policy
  • We have strict anti-spam and anti-advertising policies. We realise our premium members don't want to be bothered by advertising and no members want letters from people seeking money, so our site functionality is designed to eliminate any such abuse.
  • Anti-Scam policy
  • We have anti-scammer tools that are constantly searching our member profiles to detect and block scammers and we provide the ability to easily report suspicious activty. We have zero tolerence for scammers and will ensure Global Penfriends is a safe place to meet genuine friends.
  • Member testimonials
  • We encourage our members to post feedback which is easily viewable. We have thousands of member testimonials and want all visitors to see what our members think of us. All feedback received is discussed internally and good suggestions are adopted.
  • Customer support
  • If you have any technical or functional queries - we attempt to respond to all queries within 12 hours.