The following tips will help ensure that your letters arrive safely and securely at their intended destination.

  • Check the Name and Address
  • Check that you have written the name and address of your penpal correctly onto the envelope. Be careful not to throw away the envelope of letters you receive from your penpals too quickly. Sometimes the envelope will be your only source of Address when you wish to reply. Keeping this in mind - if sending letter by post.. always try to include the Postal Address at the top of your first letter. Always include the Post code and Country. These two items are the most crucial pieces of information in making your letter arrive in good time and at the right destination. Some countries will not process letters with missing postcodes. If you cannot understand the address that someone has sent to you - please take the original envelope you received to the post office and ask them to decipher it for you. The post office workers are normally very good at deciphering hand writing and are familiar with international addresses.

    If you are not sure whether the self adhesive is going to hold on the envelope - Don't risk it! Use some sticky tape.

    Your post office will be able to give you some airmail stickers to add to your overseas postal letters. Alternatively you can print an airmail logo on your envelopes if you use a printer to print out your envelopes. You can also just write Airmail on your letters if you don't use a printer and cannot find the appropriate sticker at your post office. Sending letters internationally by sea mail, usually takes a good 3 months.

    When sending letters internationally, you must pay by weight. If your letter is more than a couple of sheets of normal paper, it is always a good idea to weigh the letter at your post office. The post office will then tell you how much you should pay in postage to send the letter to the country of your choice. The post office should be able to provide you with a listing of prices and weights to different countries or regions.

  • BE AWARE OF SOME POSTAL SYSTEMS When sending letters internationally, you should keep in mind that some postal systems are better than others. Countries where our members have reported problems are: Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Arabia, Russia and Seychelles. Letters sent to and from these countries may never reach their destination unless they are registered. I myself have sent many postcards from both Morocco and Egypt.. only to find that no-one received any cards I had sent. I have been told that some vendors which have stores just nearby the postboxes in these countries are in the practise of reselling used stamps.

    Sometimes mail is interfered with at a persons personal mailbox. If you are concerned that your private mailbox is being tampered with or not secure.. you should look into getting a post office box. These normally rent out for a nominal amount per month or year. Enquire at your local post office. This system also ensure your privacy and security because your penpals cannot find out where you live.