Bangladesh's Meaning Of Life

The Meaning of Life as I Feel it.
To me, life means everything. Life is getting up early or late in the morning, listening or even not listening to the songs of birds. Life is going to my school, studying, playing and sometimes fighting with my friends. Life is my parents, the way they love me, the way they teach me new things.

One day I had a look at a dead man. He was not breathing. I know he was not feeling anything. His death taught me how dear our life can be. Short and therefor so dear! Life is love, love for myself, my parents, my teachers, my country, and my world.

I sometimes go to countryside along with my dad. He and I see so many natural things over there. The clear water river, birds flying and singing, green green trees. And to me life is this river, these birds, these green trees.

I also think life is loving and respecting other lives on this planet. I hate people cutting trees, catching birds to sell, and hunting beautiful deer, life is to love them all, life is to let them live along with us.


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