Barbados's Meaning Of Life

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. My perception of the meaning of life first and foremost being happy. I think happy is the magic word. Everyone in life wants to be happy, not rich but happy. And if you rich sometimes that does not even matter but the emphasis is on happiness.

my meaning to life and happiness is to get married and have kids and travel or cruise the world over. But happinesss is also haveing god in your lifefor if you don,t have himyou cannot experience the true happiness.

Personally the real experience to the meaning of life is liveing a christian life, getting married and haveing kids and travelling and cruising the world over.

I think the meaning of life is also looing at it through the eyes of a child, a child does not exactlyknow what is going onsi it,s usually a happy person. They like gifts, attending parties, playing etc things which makes them happy.


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