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Useful things for us and others.
Every Person starts thinking over the meaning of life soon or later. Sometimes that happens through the early age when we are full of dreams and ideas what to become and achieve in our lives. But someone of us realises it when they are too old for setting up a new career. According to me, everyone should put his own sign on Earth after himself. This could be our generation-children, grandchildren, who we hope will become better than us. Other people's signs are either material or immaterial achievements. For example, art, science and architecture projects. Creators insert a little part of themselves into their works and in that way they contribute to the development of the world.

I think, we have to do useful as for ourselves and also for the others around us, to be there a satisfaction of the life. In this way, we would be remembered with good and the life will have meaning, too. People have to believe in the future and their ability to change the world. Thats the only way our life to gain a meaning and achieve our dreams.


"Fun and exciting"
I've found real and sincere, genuine penpals. Some stopped the contact but the honest and open-minded are still writing and it's a pleasure to share a worthful contact through snail-mail. Hardly any fakes here, and if, the support is taking it seriously and they guarantee a spam free and family friendly area to find true and real people around the globe.. This not only a promise, it's true! I can recommend it to everybody who like contacting people from other countries to make friends or to share snail-mail. I never get bothered by a rush of mails neither do I get bored by too less. And there are no advertising mails in my mailbox which is relaxing. Thumbs up!
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Review date: 08 Jun 2018
"Nice opportunity"
Got a few nice contacts here. I enjoy this page and hope to make a lot of new friends allover the world.
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Review date: 02 Apr 2018
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