Croatia's Meaning Of Life

My Answer to the Meaning of Life
The meaning of life is to discover for what reason we are created and who our creator is. Moreover primarily we should familiarize ourselves and to start loving ourselves. And we could do that if we accept the fact that we are growing, and that each day we know more, and more and more. That what I don't know or can't now, I'll can later. The failures don't matter. Actually they are part of the 'game'- And as says professor doctor Tomislav Ivancic, a founder of a hagiotherapy (or pneumatic anthropology) from Croatia - To believe to our Creator means even 100 times to be disappointed and to fall and to see that it doesn't go, but then to see yourself and remind yourself: My Creator promised me that he will do that from me and so he will do!

All in all, everyone counts, everyone is unrepeatable, and everyone has a devine inner and unique task in a life. We are created with unconditionally love, to love and to be loved, to grow constantly, to be free, creative, healthy, wise and joyful and so on...