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Meaning of life
There are at least two ways of looking at the meaning of life. One is that we give meaning to our life by the choices we make, the actions we take, the beliefs, attitudes, assumptions, and expectations we bring to life. The second type of meaning is founded on the idea of a Creator, a God who gives meaning to life because of its origin. Our negative experiences are just as meaningful as our positive because our experiences tell us how we're doing in our own spiritual growth.

I believe that both of these are true. I believe that we can make our life more meaningful by what we choose to do with it. All of us have various pieces of baggage from our childhood. Nevertheless, as adults we can choose how we will perceive life and how we peceive our own life

And it is our perception of our life that can largely determine the quality of life we experience. The fact is, the meaning of our lives and the quality of our lives are greatly determined by our own choices as well as our attitude towards life. The most signiificant part of a human being is leading a meaningful life.


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