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Enjoy Being, Do What You Should and Dream Big!
The meaning of life to me is to remember (and possibly do!) three things.

First, valuing what we have, such as waking up, moving our arms and legs. Preparing breakfast. Lifting the face up to the sun or wind. Hearing the rain on the window sill. Entering a cafe to buy a cup of coffee and feeling its aroma. Good mood, when it is good. These things, as well as other simple things we do, are gifts. They are generous enough not to be taken for granted.

The second one is doing our duty. To ourselves and our loved ones, at home or in ones job. Life often happens to be hard work, and completing those daily tasks provides the relief of having done what should and the best you could.

And the third is dreaming, making your dreams come true and not giving them up, no matter how daring they are or how many times you fall. It is this that adds extra colour to our lives and beautifies daily existence.

So, enjoy being, do what you should and dream big!

The Meaning of Life By Stephanie Thapa Dala
The meaning of life is to reach compassion for all living beings, humans, animals, plants, anything that is alive. It is not about love as it is easy to love people. Compassion is a wider feeling as it reaches not only our family or friends but anyone in this world no matter his skin colour, sex or how much wrong he's done in his life. Its surely not easy and life is here to show us that hate, jealousy, the run for power and other negative feelings lead nowhere. Feeling compassion means that you refuse to judge others and accept them as they are, with their education, their belief, their dreams, their joys and their pains. We are human beings with a consciousness and a heart, and we should use life to open our heart not only to a few people we care about but to the entire world. Once we will die, there will be nothing left of our body, nothing left of all teh materialistic things we attacked ourselves to, but all the compassion that will have been spread around will remain like a seed ready to grow, ready to spread life.


"Safe. So many great people!"
There are so many opportunities to meet new people and learn about other cultures. definitely worth putting in the time and effort!
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"True friendship starts at GPF"
I've met my penpal 4 months ago and we've became true friend even if he lives far away. It's unbelievable and it's really working actually !
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