Ghana's Meaning Of Life

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Life is about risk, it comprises with so many things which involves negative and positive challenges in human life. There are classes of humans which makes life to be known. these are some of teh challenges and risks involve in human life: 1) Peace 2) Love 3) Death 4) Joy or Happiness 5) Poverty. Peace is a situation or a period of time in which there in no war or violence in a country or a society. It makes life easy for people living in that country or society. Love is the strange feeling that god has given to humans to understand the relationship between him and mankind and also express the feelings between humanknd in a society. Death is an event which causes distruction to human life, these are some of teh examples of lifes activities that can cause human death: God given time for humankind, and also some activities of man that can cause death are: car accident, war and many more. Joy and happiness: lifes driving engine depends on joy and happiness whereby mankind feels comfortable in all aspects of life. Poverty: This is the situation in life where mankind lacks most valuable things in life which makes life very uncomfortable for human beings. These all comprises different levels of age from birth to death, enjoyment, physical mental and spiritual growth in life.


"Great Idea! Seems very Safe"
So far so good! Lots of people, languages and cultures to explore and seems far safer than other interactions these days!
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"Thnks a lot for a nice site"
I like talking to a total stranger and getting to know them by writing in a different language from my main language
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