Hungary's Meaning Of Life

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To find your Task in the World
When a child is born, it has a task for his/her life. As they grow up, they must discover what this task is. They must learn a lot of things to see what they are good at and this will help them to find their task in life. Maybe they will not find this task in the beginning but they must be open for everything, other people and cultures and help people who need help. This will make them happy and help them to finally find their task in the world. To perform this task is the meaning of their life!


I met some new snail mail penpals. Meeting people from all walks of life is such a great experience. I am looking forward to building my postcard collection!!
Female, 33, Trinidad and Tobago
Review date: 25 Jun 2018
"Perfect - Global Penfriends!"
It's only few days ago I made my profile on Global Penfriends and I've already met so many nice people from all around the world. Such a nice way to communicate and learn about new cultures and people :)
Female, 27, Germany
Review date: 06 Sep 2018
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