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Make a difference
Meaning of life is to make it meaningful. Be proactive, give your best in whatever you choose to do. Life is organic and complex. It keeps getting destroyed, diseased, challenged, grow and evolve. Meaning of life is to play with younger sister, enjoy with friends and live with parents.

It is to interact with others, to socialise, to communicate, to differ, to win, to lose, to adapt, to make mistakes, to overcome challenges, to learn and to improve. It is to travel and experience different cultures. It is to learn to cook a new dish or to play a new games. It is both study hard for exams or run away from all the painful and difficult things. It is not in perfection. It is both in getting up early doing skating or sleeping till late. It is even in getting lost in all the absurd dreams we dream. It is in our heartbeat, a smile or the air we breath.

At the end of it meaning of life is to make a difference that you existed at all, to try to be true to your self at least in some ways to make an impression.


"Easy to make friendships"
This site is very good, I made friends and every day I learn a little more about new cultures and how people from other countries think. Esse site é muito bom, fiz amizades e a cada dia aprendo um pouco mais sobre novas culturas e como as pessoas de outros países pensam.
Female, 34, Brazil
Review date: 26 Feb 2019
"Awesome place!!"
I love all the amazing pen friends I have had the opportunity to share letters with. I love this place!!!
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Review date: 04 Feb 2018
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