Israel's Meaning Of Life

The Gift of Life
As human beings we were given the gift of life, A gift we share with all that surrounds us in nature. However, contrary to nature, as human beings we were also given awareness of our mortality. This awareness is what gives us the very phrase 'the meaning of life'. With the knowledge that our days numbered comes the understanding that we must give meaning to our time on earth, that we must use it well. But how?

I believe the answer is to seek an understanding of time, for each and every one of us to learn how to feel time. Feeling time is using it in a conscious way - making decisions about how to use it. Once we choose how to use each moment we have given it meaning, we won't feel it has 'slipped away' or been wasted.

I truly believe that if we use our time well, live, laugh, love ourselves and others, have fun and strive to make the world better because we are here, when our time comes, our hearts will be full and content, knowing that we tried our best and our presence on this earth had meaning.