Jamaica's Meaning Of Life

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Life: What it means to me
Life for me is a temporary assignment stamped with purpose. How well I live and what i do will determine how well I did on life assignment. To make my life assignment hang on the wall of fame I have to live with purpose. A life with purpose is an assignment well done. It's not all about indulging in the pleasure of this world but living for a higher purpose. Making my life counts that at the end of my assignment I'll be able to collect my reward of eternal life.


"Great site! Safe!"
Great site for meeting penpals in a fantastic and safe way! I have many new friends since I discovered Global Penfriends!
Female, 45, Sweden
Review date: 15 Mar 2019
"learning languages"
Gives me a motivation to learn language, people & culture. I got hints to how to associate with people. I appreciate this site.
Female, 58, Japan
Review date: 19 Jan 2018
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