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Meaning of Life
History and Bible tell us that life began after creation of the heaven and earth by God.

I understand that life is the having being of anything that is on earth, air or the sea. Life is precious and no one would want to take any chances.

I tend to understand that life must continue no matter how the situation is. I.e. hunger, war, times of sorrow, happiness disappears i.e. the tsunami but life must continue.

Life is full of courageous that people have hope that thought one is a problem today tomorrow things will be fine. Most people believe that bad days are always the past and probably the present but the future will be fine days to remember.

If it were not of hope and automationand maybe courage, most people would wish to die.

I personally fill that life is ones choice, hard work and probably by the grace of our Lord. By saying this i mean to say that there are people living happy life, some struggling.

I conclude that life is what or how one lives no matter what the situation is, life must continue.


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