Poland's Meaning Of Life

Love as the aim of my life.
No matter if we are small or big, young or old, man or woman, no matter where we come from and how old are we as the Beatles wrote.. All you need is love. In my whole life all the most beautiful moments were only those when i had someone close to my heart.

If you have all the money of this world, all the beautiful clothes, you go there, you go further, no matter what you say, see and will or would see the point is to share it with someone you love and who loves you too.

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"great place to find penpal"
Love the site..most of my closest penpal I know from GPF..highly recommended..would be much better if they have an app for this
Female, 36, Singapore
Review date: 07 Oct 2021
"Excellent Global Penfriends"
This website is amazing, Anyway, love the snail mail things, love the thought of talking to people from across the entire world, and the upgrade stuff is cool. I met some really nice people too. Oh, and also this website can be very easy to use, but the mobile version needs to be upgraded. Love this GPF! If you are a child - As long as you have your parent help you preview the profile before making friends, you'll be safer.
Female, 11, United States of America
Review date: 04 Jun 2021