Slovakia's Meaning Of Life

What is the Meaning of Life?
Looking for the nice in people, what we have in common and what connects us...

Looking for the answer, what is the meaning of life? seems so difficult and in one breath so simply. We are born with this question and then we try to shape our answers according to the circumstances in which we contact in each moments of our life...

If I think about it and seek in my life, it seems that something works outside the us. It may be serious to understand the fact, that our thoughts could be change not only our life, but the life of other people and it depends on the strong power of imagination. What we long for from the depth of the subconscious.

All our life if about finding - I am sure, thus we have some special mission in this world - even I feel sometimes, that I have to do something in my life - as we have always some possibilities to select.. the wealth, love, friends, good job, recognition.. I think - listen to your intuition, feelings - sometimes they rise so the conscious and we wonder- what is it? where are they coming from?

For me now - it means "Go and visit your friends", when they call and need me, love and enjoy your family, do not wait for tomorrow or, sometimes ...

I knew it when i lost my father and my best friends. I like to discover something new every day, although there are only odds and ends because they could bring into my life the huge experience to see the things from another point of view - to find in all people, all events - so nice.


"Place to meet craft lovers"
It's the perfect place to meet fellow stationary enthusiasts and craft lovers. Most of the people here will reply very fast and are very friendly. I've made some awsome new friends and the experience is truly one of a kind.
Female, 22, Slovenia
Review date: 13 Mar 2021
"Almost to good to be true"
This website is the best! I have made some awesome pen pals here! definitely think you need an app though. Thank you GPP!
Female, 13, Australia
Review date: 26 Jul 2021