Slovenia's Meaning Of Life

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by Blaz
To Enjoy and to Learn
The meaning of life for me is to enjoy and learn. I am happy. I like to live in Slovenia. Ok, My wishes are:

- To play different sports and games with friends.

- To enjoy time with my mum and dad.

- To learn something new about life and about me.

I enjoy listening to music, playing guitar as well as playing computer games. Pizza and ice-cream are my favourite meals, whenever I could eat them. Yes, thats true. In addition I am full of life, because I am motivated to take risk. You know, I am competitive and stubborn with great wish to improve myself. Thats why I am a fast runner. On the other hand sometimes I am impatient, tarts why at home and in school I have to learn to be more sensitive towards others.


"Good site"
Greatvway to meet wonderful, intersting people from all over the worl. Have always had good experiences her.
Female, 53, Portugal
Review date: 17 Mar 2019
"Travelling on the sofa"
This is the best website ever! I found lots of special people here and one of my best friends, too! Thank you so much!
Female, 16, Italy
Review date: 06 Feb 2019
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