Spain's Meaning Of Life

My Answer to the Meaning of Life!!
Life is like a path that leads to different directions. It is what we learn during the walks and how we apply it, that determines the meaning of life to me hence might be difficulty for to explain it without using its products life unfolds in ways that one never could have anticipated or imagined.

Sometimes it comes up as a confusion failure, mistake, sin and all. When that happens one moans, complain, yell, scream, throw things and dive into a fog of self pity whereas another push forward with even more determination towards prosperity.

Life itself can not give joy unless one really will it. It just gives time and space. Its up to an individual to fill it. Due to its face of cruelty at times more than its side of joy some might say, "life is not worth living" if that utterance were really believed, the world would stand on its head. Muderers would be given medals, firemen denounced, poison would be used as medicine, doctors called in when people were well. Inactual fact life is made up of light and shadow, laughter and tears. It is what you make of it though.