Thailand's Meaning Of Life

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My Answer to the Meaning of Life
Meaning of life is one of the classic questions. The answer will change if we ask different person because each one have their own meaning of life. Some might alike but some might stand out from everyone.

For me I decide to be simple as Thai culture, my answer is happiness. Not just mine but also everyone that meaning to me and sometimes also people I saw or talked to. Thai characters are mercy and sharing as we have taught. From the past Thai people live like relative and sharing. For example, until now if we talk to seller we call them as sister, uncle, grandmom etc. Although we never know them before, we smile to each other and that is one way to make happiness.

I saw the news about natural disaster. It make me recognize that how long can I live in this world? So it makes me think that although we can answer teh question but if we can


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