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by Moua
Meaning of Life
The holy bible says in Genesis Chapter 1 Verses 27 that God created man in his own image: it means life has been given by god. Then what is its meaning?

Life: time between birth and death. Life has a meaning when you can: feed yourself on time, have access to medicines, have a good education, have a good job, have freedom to express your opinions regarding the political, economic and social life, have access to a real democracy.

But, when its the contrary and we see situations where : People fight against diseases like aids, malaria and others, people don't have access to freedom and real democracy, some governments are against basic legal rights, some armies killed people because of their political situation and position, people are out of work and terminally ill with contempt for the human being, life has no meaning at all.

The real answer to the meaning of life will vary regarding how everybody is living. But i hope its time to tackle new developments for a better life.


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