Trinidad and Tobago's Meaning Of Life

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My Answer to the Meaning of Life
For centuries gone by unto our present time, this age old question was and is still being asked, andam sure that hundreds of answers were given, all depending of course on their particular views, well let me discuss this small word which has a great meaning and see what unfolds.

Life to me is the very essence of the body, and existing with in is our spirit and soul and with out them we would be on the same level as the animals, now with that observation let me get to the meat of the matter. We were placed on this planet to occupy it, meaning we must use our gift and abilities, given to us by God wisely and productively, to make living a joy, but thats not all, thats just half of it, because the main purpose of us living on Earth is that we would offer ourselves to him, and there in he would abide in us and we would in turn glorify and exalt him. God created us as a spiritual being so for those who would willingly give themselves wholly to his service, would be fulfilling the Meaning of Life.


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