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Love and Care
I have lived a parentless life: I was brought into this world by my parents who i never got to know better. My father died when i was hardly a year old and my mother had six children to take care of alone! She had a lot on her plate and me; I ended up at my grandparents' home.

It was a mixed feeling of love and rejection for me growing up with the people whom i was reminded over and over again by my cousins that they we not my parents.

In Uganda extended families takes the highest percentage in a family setting, take an example of our home; we had our grandfather as the head of the family, our grandmother the second in command only if her son my uncle was not around. Since time memmorial women were taught to accede to the wishes of their fathers, brothers and husbands, me my grandmother we doing exactly that.

Being snapped at by almost everyone, beaten for every mistake I did my grandparents were there to comfort me "forgive them, you are special and loved" my grandmother could say, that would give me the courage to go on, at the age of 10 my mother died, it was sad but my friends at school and my best friend (grandmother) at home helped go through it.

16 years later, my confidant, friend and love died. It was tough, but I had something within me, something she taught me about life and that was Love and care.

Looking back then and now; Life is not about riches, it is not about having parents, beauty, and education but life is about love and care. Most women, men and children in Uganda kill themselves and others, when you try to read a head teh reasons why? She killed herself and children because her husband left her, he killed his girlfriend because she had decided to leave him! It is strange and sad but leaving other factors constant, the fear to loose love and care freaks people out.

In conclusion the meaning of life is Love and Care. Politicians say " I love and care about my country and people" that wins them votes. Treason is an offence almost everywhere in the world, when you think about it those accused of treason miss two links in their lives and that is love and care.


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